Ravens to raise ticket prices by 10 percent

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If there’s ever a palatable time for an NFL team to raise ticket prices, the Ravens have found it.

Fresh off a Super Bowl title with a free agent quarterback to pay, the Ravens are raising ticket prices by an average of 10 percent, according to Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun.

“We are thoughtful and detailed in our study of our ticket prices,” Ravens senior vice president for public and community relations Kevin Byrne said. “We did a lot of research plus comparisons to other NFL teams, other events, and also most importantly, our budget. This is not related to the Super Bowl. It has been planned. It was planned last year when we didn’t increase when we thought we would.”

It’s the first price hike in four years for the Ravens, and just the sixth since they opened their new stadium in 1998.

But it also puts the Ravens in the top third of ticket prices in the NFL, in the 27th-largest TV market in the country.

While that difference presents a pinch to Baltimore’s season ticket holders, they’ve at least gotten something for their money.

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  1. Just wait in a couple of years the ticket prices are going to cost as much as buying a house. All kidding aside this is why people would much rather buy a 50+ inch television and watch it at home it’s way cheaper and you’re probably better in the comfort of your own home.

  2. Definitely the best NFL venue to watch a game but these days I just watch on TV at home. Or go tailgate and walk over to the bars, an advantage Bmore fans have with a downtown stadium. For season tix, most people can’t justify paying $3-4k+ PSL just to get your foot in the door and pay $1000+ more for the tix. I’d rather buy a 90 inch LED I can use more than 8 times a year (preseason’s a joke). Go Purp! SB Champs!

  3. Rightfully so. Best home crowd in the NFL, or at least neck-and-neck with Seattle. The Bank will sell out and stay rocking regardless, and name me a Super Bowl Champion team that has not done the same.

  4. I really don’t care if ticket prices go up because I will happily pay whatever price is necessary to be there on September 5 for that gigantic party downtown at the Inner Harbor to kick off the 2013 season.


  5. and we still have sold out every Ravens game ever played in baltimore

    99% of the stadium is season ticket holders (could be higher, but team keeps 1% for various reasons)

  6. A more important statistic than the 27th largest TV market is the fact that Maryland has the highest median income in the nation. Personally, I watch the games from home for the price of free.99. But there’s a reason prices are so high yet the Ravens always sell out, and had so many vocal fans in the stands at the Super Bowl. The Ravens have enough fans that can afford it.

  7. In addition to the HD and sound system in your home, beer is also a fraction of the price. You can get 6-pack of some really good beer for the same it would cost for a plastic cup of watered-down Coors Lite.

  8. “It’s the first price hike in four years for the Ravens, and just the sixth since they opened their new stadium in 1998.”

    You make it sound like it seldom happens that prices are raised. My math says that is 14 years so that means they essentially raise prices evr 2 years.

  9. It’s never enough for these billionaires. Always, always, squeeze as much as you can when you can.

    The day’s coming when the NFL will be charging to watch games on TV, too. You can be sure they have a plan for that down the line. Pay for view is in the cards one of these days.

  10. logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 19, 2013 1:40 PM
    Best team in Maryland wears Burgundy and Gold and beat the Ravens with a backup QB.

    — Redskins don’t usually beat the Ravens, but when they do – Ravens end up winning the Superbowl (Redskins won twice, in 2000 and 2012).
    Ravens understand that when they loose to such an inferior opponent, big changes need to be made immediately (i.e. changing starting QB in 2000, changing OC in 2012).

  11. Why was TV market brought it up on an article about attending a game? Sure doesn’t appear that the Ravens are losing any fans or viewers considering they are 27th market. If anything they realized how crazy people are about the team and can make more money. Simple business.

  12. No place like the Bank and if you love your team you have to see them play live; in their home stadium. Me and 71,000 other folks will gladly pay the 10% increase come Sept. 5th!

  13. I’ve never bought the “I’ll watch it at home for free on my flatscreen HD TV” talk. There’s absolutely nothing like being there, and it doesn’t get any more HD than live and in living color. That’s especially true for Ravens games. Personally, I’ve always found that to be the excuse of people who seem to be jealous that they can’t go, for whatever reason.

    They can raise my prices. The Ravens run a business, and if you buy into the business and its success, you understand this could happen from time to time. At least they’re not the Redskins and try and sell us a winner 3 times in 20 years.

  14. logicalvoicesays,

    Best team in MD won the Super Bowl, while your team was knocked-out with punch. I bet that best team you are talking about don’t make it to the playoffs again in another 5-6years.

  15. Season ticket holder since 96, won’t be the same with Ray not coming out of tunnel. Still best value in DMV in relation to winning organization, downtown stadium with great gameday experience and well run business. not to mention WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!

    BTW, Ceasars Casino is opening up a block from the bank so I may inclined to sell a game or two and watch from next store!

  16. As long as the owner of the Ravens and arguably the best owner in the league, Mr. Bisciotti, continues to put the premium quality product on the field that we have become accustomed to in Baltimore, I will be glad to pay the price to see my Ravens.

  17. “It’s the first price hike in four years”.

    No kidding. How would they possibly sell a price hike to their fans when their hopes rested on General Joe. That would be one helluva marketing campaign. I wish I could think of a 4th & 29 checkdown slogan.

  18. Hey logicalvoicesez

    1. How does a team calling itself the WASHINGTON Redskins, practice in Va and play in MD?

    2. If I remember correctly, you all fell out of the playoffs after your 1st time being back in after nearly 5 or 6 years!

    3. The best team? Wow, last time you guys were in a Super Bowl gas was around $1.10 a gallon!

  19. logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 19, 2013 1:40 PM
    Best team in Maryland wears Burgundy and Gold and beat the Ravens with a backup QB.

    Yep and Steeler fans claim their 3rd string QB beat the Ravens at home but surprisingly, amazingly, against those odds the Ravens still won the Super Bowl. The game that really matters.

  20. Baltimore sports really are special.

    I love going to Oriole games, maybe even more than Raven games because baseball season is mainly in summer, and go to 20+ games a year since as long as I was old enough to go on my own. I’m sure their prices will rise (think they did last season) as the are now fielding a great young team but I’ll keep paying.

    Whatever Mr. Bisciotti wants to charge, people will pay (obviously within reason…). Maryland loves their sports in and Bisciotti is a Marylander who loves sports too.

  21. Cmon people, u wont gladly pay the extra 10 %, you’re glad we got that lombardi so you’ll agree to pay it but gladly, seriously? I backed away from mine this year after 5 seasons because its just not worth it. 300+ for 2 people minimum if you’re looking to enjoy yourself and tailgate without relying on public transportation. The experience of attending a home game at m and t is amazing but I don’t see myself hitting more than 1 or 2 next year. Cheapest ticket in the house is already 60 bucks face value, some teams have $40 tickets, granted they suck but still.

  22. Unless your an existing psl and season ticket holder why would you care about the increase. 10 percent a ticket is the cost of a beer and a hot dog. If you aren’t a ticket holder in bmore you have no right to post so shut your pie holes. If you are a holder and a fan, you like me will gladly pay to watch our beloved ravens no matter what the price. 100 percent sell out since 1996.

  23. Baltimore had the state of Maryland build both Camden Yards and M&T Bank everybody seems to forget that, and the reason the Redskins don’t play in d.c., is because you can’t just make room for a stadium in a city that is actually productive, I’m sure it was really easy to find space in that hell hole called Baltimore, but I’m happy for Baltimore if they didn’t have the Ravens Bandwagon to jump on they would literally have nothing except, STDS and unemployment. By the way before you bash D.C. look at 95 north every weekday heading to Baltimore, all you bottom feeders sure love bashing the d.c. area but don’t mind taking your paycheck from it, and yeah you guys have had a great run since 1996, but at least I can say I have been a redskins fan my entire life.

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