Ryan Clady says he’d sign tender “eventually” but “not right now”

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Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady is about to get the franchise tag, and he says that if he has to, he can play the 2013 season on the $9.6 million franchise tender. But he’s not planning to sign that tender any time soon.

Clady said on ESPN Radio in Denver that he wouldn’t sign the tender right away, and he indicated that it would be at least a few months before he would be willing to sign it.

“Not right now,” Clady said. “I’d try to get done something by this summer, and if not, eventually, yes, I will sign. But as of right now? No.”

Clady said he doesn’t necessarily need to be the highest-paid offensive tackle in the NFL, but he wants to be in the same neighborhood as the top-paid players at his position. And if the Broncos aren’t offering him that kind of long-term deal, he might not be there at the start of training camp.

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  1. They will pay him, he’s gonna get at least 8 mill a year, probably closer to 10. I know there are a lot of tackles in free agency and the draft but Peyton isn’t getting younger and clady is proven. For a team in the win now mode, it isn’t worth risking your most important blocker to save a few bucks. I’m guessing 5 years 45-55 million with like 25 guaranteed.

  2. A shoulder surgery couldn’t have come at a worse time for Ryan Clady. Either way, you can NOT let this man go.

  3. Given the rough nature of the sport, I am normally on the side of the players, with regard to them getting as much money as they can during their short careers. For the punishment they take and the risk of their career being cut short in a heartbeat, I can’t fault them.

    That being said, the lower-middle-class mid-westerner in me just can’t imagine being in a position to ever say “Yeah, MAYBE I’ll take a guaranteed $9.6 million. I dunno. I’ll see if something better comes along first”. Just blows my mind to think on it too long.

  4. So if the tag pays him $9.6 for a year, doesn’t that mean the average of the top 5 ol is $9.6 million? So wasn’t 5 years for $50 million right at the top? C’mon Ryan, don’t be like revis.

  5. Did you hear that crash and scream? That was Clady’s leverage breaking through the window and falling out of the building to it’s eventual crash and burn on the street below…

  6. I don’t understand what’s so “professional” about going to the media with your contract status.

  7. Clady is handling the situation in a classy way. Objectively, he has been a Top 5 OT for the past several years and therefore he should be paid as such as that is the going rate, even if people here think it’s a lot of money and think for some reason he should be paid below his value. He has been playing at a relative discount on his rookie contract up until now and there aren’t many people in the world who can do his job. No, I don’t have sympathy for people who make $10m/year, but if I were in his position I’d be asking for Denver to pay me what I am worth so that it’s fair to both parties.

  8. People crack me up complaining about things like this. Its a business decision, a smart one at that. There’s no reason to sign a franchise tag right now. Absolutely none. If you know you’re worth 50 mil over 5 years, there’s no reason to sign a 1 year 9.6 mil contract and jeopardize your long term security by getting injured in mini camps, or in other team workouts.

    Hes not asking for sympathy. He’s making a good decision based on his market value. Everybody does that, whether you make 45k or 10mil.

  9. There’s no reason for Clady to sign the tender until the week before the opening Sunday of the regular season. Absolutely none. He’s experienced and good enough to miss camp.
    And remember, he’s not under contract so this isn’t holding out.

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