Source: Cap will be north of $122 million

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Though the salary cap won’t be spiking this year (and, despite the looming impact of the new TV deals, in any year), this year’s smoothing will be a little less smooth that previously believed.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the team-by-team spending limit will exceed $122 million in 2013.

While a move to $122 million represents an increase of only $1.4 million per team, every dollar helps, given the number of teams in cap trouble.

An increase in the unadjusted cap also increases the per-team minimum spending requirement, which commences this year.  On a four-year rolling average, teams must spend in cash 89 percent of the annual unadjusted cap.

Last year, the teams and the league had to borrow against future years’ cap space to ensure that the spending limit would not decrease.  It’s unknown whether any similar robbing-Peter-to-pay-Paul will occur in 2013.

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  1. I’m seriously confused over the Ravens’ cap issue for 2013. PFT, Adam Shefter, and other NFL insiders keep saying the Ravens are around $5 million over the cap right now. However, has a breakdown of every team’s 2013 cap situation, and they project the Ravens are about $12 million UNDER the cap. Whose info is wrong here? How does a discrepancy like this happen?

  2. The Ravens are technically under the cap now but need to resign Flacco and several others. Assuming Flacco resigns at around $16-17M, the Ravens would be over the cap. They’d be over if they put the franchise tag on him too.

  3. is the 1.4 mill still from dallas and
    washington?did goodell get clearance
    from mara? if the nfl can reinstate
    williams, why cant the nfl lift the cap
    penalties?. after all the giants still choked even after robbing two teams in there divsion..

  4. The CBA was a piece of crap. Better enjoy next year since there probably wont be won in 2014. They need to raise the cap a significant amount AND players need to stop asking for enough money that it barely fits under the cap.

  5. kash71 says:Feb 19, 2013 5:10 PM

    The NFLPA got steamrolled on this CBA.

    Well, the NFLPA has an impeddy dimp idiot for an Executive Director. He sold out the players so he could purchase more hats.

  6. macwomack says:

    What will Mara do to rob his rivals of this meager increase in cap space?
    The same thing he did the last time–whisper in the ear of The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person.

    Not that it worked the way he intended the last time. Mara and Goodell will have to work a way around that pesky detail called “winning the games”.

  7. It must suck for Mara to hand out $20M+ in cap penalties to two of his biggest rivals only to watch his team go 2-2 against those divisional foes. Must hurt even worse to sit at home and watch one of those teams make the playoffs. What a tool!

  8. What a bizarre situation. So the cap goes up only a mil plus, but now there is low cap minimum that must be spent by 80 plus percent of the cap. So now the cheap skates will have to over pay scrubs to reach the minimum. The good teams have to cut good players to be under the cap. All I hear is competitive balance, but all I see is the lowball teams getting all the breaks and perks. On top of that the richer teams have to share there revenue with the little guys. Must be nice. Teams only have to get to 80% of the cap number. Save a couple of million and get a percent of the richer teams cash. Wow, what a great deal. Were is the breaks for we the fans?

  9. Either way the Eagles will be $50 million under the salary cap. Then to celebrate that they will sell tickets to a fan appreciation night!

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