Tarvaris Jackson deal has base value of $2.25 million


When the Bills announced that quarterback Tarvaris Jackson had signed a one-year deal to return to the team that traded for him last year, no financial details were disclosed or reported.

And all that that implies.

Typically, when the numbers don’t make it to the media within 24 hours after the deal is signed, the thinking is that there’s nothing about the numbers that justifies bragging.

That’s exactly what happened with Bills quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  Per a source with knowledge of the contract, he has received a base salary of $1.25 million and a roster bonus of $450,000.  The roster bonus gets paid out only if he’s on the roster for the first game.

Jackson also has received a $500,000 signing bonus, and he’s eligible for a $50,000 roster bonus.

And with an “open competition” declared at the quarterback position, Jackson can earn a total of $2.25 million in play-time incentives, if he takes 65 percent of the snaps on offense.  If he takes at least 60 percent, he gets $1.25 million.  Fifty percent of the snaps will earn $500,000 in incentives.

UPDATE 6:56 p.m. ET:  The original version of this post was based on official numbers that, as recorded, omitted the signing bonus and the incentives.

17 responses to “Tarvaris Jackson deal has base value of $2.25 million

  1. Tarvaris will be on the Bills’ roster for 2013, and Ryan Fitzpatrick will definitely not be. Jackson will fit with Marrone’s offense, and if history is any indication, the Eagles will be the landing spot for Ryan. (don’t they scoop up Buffalo’s cast off Tackles and QBs?) Sorry Trent!

  2. It’s a shame my knee got hurt in my junior yr of HS because I kid you not, even I’m a better QB than Jackson. Sad to see such a mediocre player get so much money.

  3. I am hoping that Jackson does well and beats out Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick at times can be a very good QB, but he is not consistent enough to continue as a starter. As a back-up, he would be able to loan out his knowledge during games, giving the starter an edge. Fitzpatrick does a great job in reading the defense. So holding a clipboard, using his brain, he could be a vital part of making the team successful. If an injury arises, he would be able to come right in and supplant the starter with no problem. The only thing that would possibly get him cut is his salary. If he were to restructure his contract and take a pay cut, I’m sure the Bills would keep him for a quality back-up. As for Jackson, he needs to rid himself of his bad decision making under pressure. What he really needs is to have some confidence installed into him. A good coach will be able to do this. I’m not saying he is a definite Franchise QB, but he has a shot to make a new name for himself. For future insurance for Buffalo, they should spend a second or third round pick on a young QB, like Nassib,(good connection to the coaching staff) Glennon or Manuel. Having a QB in the works isn’t a bad idea at all.
    I have confidence in Buddy Nix. As I’m sure many Bills Fans do. Go Bills!!!! #Billsmafia

  4. logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 19, 2013 6:27 PM
    It’s a shame my knee got hurt in my junior yr of HS because I kid you not, even I’m a better QB than Jackson.
    Don’t worry about the knee. It’s the ongoing concussion issues you should be concerned with.

  5. @logicalvoicesays
    You got that right. That’s why Pete shipped his ass out. Went with a rookie and the rest is history. Hawks and Russell second only to 49ers in the West

  6. I use to think the Vikings were the dumbest franchise in the NFL for not only drafting Jackson but actually starting him.

    Now I see the light, Buffalo is dumber than dumb. Is it a coincidence that both teams are 0-4 in Superbowls or does this sort of stupidity contribute to their futility?

  7. Our o-line was really struggling in Seattle the years he was here. He got beat up his last year but played through a bad injury and won a few games. Guys keep saying he’s the worst don’t really know how bad the bottom half is in the league. He is a better stop gap QB for quarter the money vs Fitz.

  8. TJax really isn’t that bad of a qb. What keeps him from being a better than average qb is that he freezes under pressure. If that can ever be cured, he’d be a decent starter.

  9. Jackson is a very solid QB. The last 4 games of the 2008 season, Jackson replaced Frerotte, and Jackson had the best QB rating for that month of December of all QBs in the league with the exception of Peyton Manning, who had 120 rating while Jackson had 118. Jackson won 3 out of 4 games in Dec play and got the Vikes into the playoffs. If not for AP fumbling 3 times against ATL, they would have won all 4 games Jackson played in Dec. For SEA, Jackson played with a severe pectoral injury and still had a few 300 yard passing games(something he never did in Minn, because Brad Childress was a run first team). Jackson had a great run in 2011 with that injury beating very good defenses, but then he faultered near the end of the season losing 2 out of 3, so that is SEA drafted a very talented Russell Wilson. Jackson needs a new start. Example: Phil Simms in the late 80’s, when Bill Parcells(one of the greatest coaches and psychological guys with QBs) told Phil that he would not replace Phil if he would go out and take chances and try to win. That took pressure off Phil, and Phil had his greatest season not looking over his shoulder. Jackson needs a coach who will understand that Jackson needs the confidence of his coach.

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