Terrell Thomas thinks Coughlin has one year left

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In 2006, then-recently retired Steelers running back Jerome Bettis firmly believed coach Bill Cowher would leave after the season.  And Bettis was right.

Seven years later, a lesser-known member of the Giants thinks his head coach will be calling it quits after the coming season.

Appearing earlier today on NFL Network, Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas said he believes Coughlin has one year left, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.

I think he has one more in him,” Thomas said.  “We have a great nucleus of guys, and I don’t think he wants to give that up.  That passion is still burning within him.  He’s in that facility all day every day; he’s going crazy not being able to coach and watch film.  He lives and breathes football.  He has everybody in there all day, every day, in the offseason.”

Coughlin, who turns 67 in August, has wisely avoided talking about his plans.  Lame-duck coaches have a hard time creating full accountability in the locker room, since the players know that they’ll be answering to someone else next year.  And so the departure needs to come suddenly, perhaps with a Bettis-style walk into the sunset.

“I think he wants to go out on top,” Thomas said of Coughlin.  “Hopefully, we can get it right, and bring a Super Bowl home in Giants Stadium.”

It would be a fitting ending to a career that has featured a late run at Canton.  Still, even without a Super Bowl win this year, the clock is ticking on Coughlin’s career.

And when he calls it quits, that’s when Cowher could re-emerge.  Bettis also has said that Cowher is waiting for the Giants job to come open.

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  1. Not happening. Coughlin will have to be carried off the sideline. If he wasn’t retiring off into the sunset after the second SB win, he’s going nowhere.

    Secondly, I don’t want Cowher anywhere near this team. He’s as overrated as they come and hasn’t been on a sideline in 7 years. If and when the day ever comes when TC hangs em’ up, Goodell will have likely turned the NFL into glorified 7 on 7…in which case I’d take an established arena league coach over Cowher.

  2. Maybe the Giants should put him on the hot seat – that’s been what has sent the Giants on a run to the Super Bowl.

    Wouldn’t that be a cool ending to his career though? Winning a third Super Bowl in his home stadium – wouldn’t get much better than that.

  3. I am sixty-two and retiring from forty years of teaching next year. I have NO idea how coach C., at sixty-seven, continues to keep such energy and focus in such a GRINDING, GRUELING position as a head coach in the NFL. He must be made of scrap iron and junk yard dog. I admire him greatly. Best of luck, coach.

  4. Maybe so. He is getting old, and unfortunately his team can’t blow it all year and still win the superbowl EVERY time…

  5. Someone else posted this first but Coughlin would be a tough act for Cowher to follow.

    Anything less than two Super Bowl wins in the first five years or so would be a failure.

  6. Coughlin is a very good coach, no doubt. Top 5 in the NFL.

    But this Canton talk is ridiculous. His teams are too wildly inconsistent year to year. One year he overachieves, one year he completely underachieves.

    The greatest NFL coaches consistently demand greatness from their players. They win and make the playoffs year in and year out… Noll, Lombardi, Belichick, Walsh, etc. Coughlin’s team have just been too inconsistent to be heralded as one of the best ever. And unless we’ve suddenly changed the requirements for the Hall of Fame, I thought’s that what it was for – for the best ever.

  7. Coughlin is out of touch and everyone knows it. At least the Giants’ season will be something to laugh at.

  8. thats weird to say unless coughlin told the team that. no matter what coughlin, or eli for that matter do in the next 2-5 years they always got a spot cemented in NY and a lifetime pass that they earned.. maybe times fans (me to) called for there heads before the first sb run.. since then they earned the respect of NYG football fans and some of other football world and didnt just come in being crowned. no better way to do it than earn it IMO

  9. If TC does leave his replacement has to b a disciplinarian type coach others wise, may the circus begin!! But he is getting up there in age and is fully into those games on the sidelines screaming & running around. Might be time for him to layback soon…..NYG “All In”

  10. no shredded knee comments about Terrell Thomas. Got it. You guys are all so touchy. You bloggeres on this site are like dealing with 14 yr old girls.

  11. TC as a talent evaluator?! Outside of a few top ten hits, like Boselli & Fred Taylor, TC as a GM had horrible drafts. Go back and look. I’ve studied his drafts and he stunk it up.

    His draft failures led to always getting expensive free agents, which led to our cap implosion in 2001, which led to his firing in 2002.

    As a coach, he could be a HOF’er. As a GM/scout, he consistently drafted a bunch of busts.

  12. benroethlisberger7 says:Feb 19, 2013 11:59 AM

    Coughlin is out of touch and everyone knows it. At least the Giants’ season will be something to laugh at.

    You should be more worried about your steelers than what the giants and their coach are doing – i don’t think they were very good either last year……

  13. Scenario for BenRoethlisberger7:

    If Manning goes to San Diego in the year he was drafted, Leaf would have been taken by Pitt and Roethlisberger goes to NY. This leaves Pitt with 2 less SB win, either way Pitt still sucked last year, and the year to come.

  14. Bill Cowher? It’s funny how your legacy grows bigger when you are behind a desk… ONE Superbowl win in 15 years. The Mara’s don’t have that kind of patience… How many times was Coughlin on the hot seat?

  15. @jaxbeachjagfan

    Kevin Hardy , Tony Brackens , Renaldo Wynn, James Stewart , Aaron Beasley, Donovan Darius, Marcus Stroud, Jimmy Henderson, Akin Ayodele , David Garrard are some others that were notable .

    He also picked up guys like Brunell , McCardell and Jimmy Smith that nobody wanted and turned into stars .

    He built an expansion team into a contender in two years . I think he was pretty good at building that team . His fault in Jacksonville that he learned later with the G-Men was to change his approach with the players .

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