Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson sees himself as a first-round pick


Not many people have Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson going in the first round of the NFL draft. But Wilson says that’s where he should go.

Asked by USA Today if he’s first-round worthy, Wilson said he is.

I feel that way,” Wilson said. “I know where I stack up and a number of things I can bring an NFL team. I think I’m worthy.”

Wilson has a first-round arm, but the arm isn’t everything, and Wilson is generally viewed as a middle-round pick. Wilson is not among Mike Mayock’s Top 5 quarterbacks; he has Geno Smith of West Virginia, Matt Barkley of USC, Mike Glennon of North Carolina State, Ryan Nassib of Syracuse and Landry Jones of Oklahoma all ahead of Wilson.

But Wilson thinks his arm is going to impress NFL teams at the Scouting Combine.

“I’m spinning the heck out of the football,” Wilson said. “My natural ability to throw the ball has always been my signature. But it’s also my ability to move around a little bit and buy myself some time to make throws other guys wouldn’t make because I’m tough and will hang in there a little longer, and I can make throws while I’m being pressured.”

Wilson may well impress this week in Indianapolis. But probably not enough to get himself into the first round.

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  1. Honestly he’s not too far off from Geno Smith, but I don’t know that any QB is worthy of a high or mid 1st in this draft. As far as who goes #1 (as far as QBs go) I think it will depend on the preference of the team drafting. Smith, Wilson, Barkley, Nassib, Manuel – it’s the kind of year where any one of those guys could be the 1st QB taken.

  2. Wait- someone asked him if he thinks he’s good? And they asked him specifically to compare himself to others? And he answered??
    Son, you just got Flacco’d.

  3. I don’t think he’s first-round material but I think he is somewhat underrated. A lot of that is because his senior season wasn’t that great, but it’s hard to ask a college kid to do well when he gets a concussion and loses his head coach.

  4. How long will it take for scouts to stop rating USC QB’s so high. Not one of these guys in recent years has been anywhere near above average in the NFL. Carson Palmer was the closest and he’s mediocre at best.

  5. I like the kid a lot and I really hope that my Cardinals take him in the 2nd round. I don’t think there is a sure first round qb in this years draft like most of the people on here but I’m sure a team will pick one or two…

  6. Put him in Arians system that relies on a strong arm in Arizona with Fitz and Floyd to throw to down the field and he’ll be the best QB out of this draft.

  7. I’d like Buffalo to take Alec Ogletree in the 1st and Wilson with the 8th pick in the second. I think he’ll be there

  8. 1. It is clear that Mr. Wilson, along with the others, will have to wait until the best QB in this draft (Yo Gabba Gabbert) is taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    2. That said, all these quarterbacks are better than the football-like substance currently throwing the ball 15 yards past Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona.

  9. Watching Tyler the last few years , I truly believe he is the best quarterback in this years draft . Geno Smith will be a bust and cannot handle the big game pressure.

  10. Based on what I saw in the Senior Bowl, I wouldn’t take any of these kids. What a terrible showing that was. Geno Smith probably increased his draft status just by not showing up to that game.

    EJ Manuel was the only one that looked promising and he’s not talked about at all in regards to top 5 QB’s coming up in the draft.

  11. This current quarterback class isn’t looking too valuable but lets not be too quick to point out that all of these quarterback will be failures.

    I remember the draft class that included Matt Leinart, Vince Young, and Jay Cutler. That was a no-brainer according to experts, and we all see how that turned out.

    For all players that are potential first-round picks, you want that signing bonus and additional monies that come with being a first-round pick. But, it’s not always the best to be the top pick.

    I’d rather be a second round pick to a team that doesn’t need me to come in right away while I am able to learn from the sidelines and learn the offense.

    These quarterbacks have a chip on their shoulder and would not surprise me to see them succeed because everyone else believes they’ll fail.

  12. He’s already talked to the Browns, who will choose him, then do a draft day trade to Baltimore for Flacco.

  13. Man I wish Aaron Murray declared for the draft this year. He would be the best QB immediately in this draft class. He has good footwork and an arm and has the confidence to throw the deep ball.

    Majority of the QB’s in this draft have bad footwork to begin with. Bad footwork is the death of QB’s , you can’t plant your foot correctly then you won’t make good throws. Out of all the QB’s in this draft only 2 stood out. Tyler Wilson and Mike Glennon. Both have solid footwork. However, they don’t make the deep throw , a lot of check downs. But that’s enough to be the 2 best QB’s in this draft.

  14. Murray definitely should’ve declared this year. Next year looks like it might be a good QB class if only because of Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Football, among others, if I have my math right. Murray would’ve been a 1st/2nd rounder. He probably will be that next year but he is better than anyone I’ve seen coming out this year.

    QBs tend to creep up people’s boards on draft day (such as Tebow, Clausen, Ponder and Gabbert) so I wouldn’t be surprised if a good showing moved him up to the 1st round. GMs cant help but try for the home run by getting a franchise QB. Nobody gets credit for smartly drafting an offensive tackle.

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