Asante Samuel urges Wes Welker to “chase the money”

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When Asante Samuel left the Patriots to sign with the Eagles in 2008, Patriots receiver Wes Welker said, “He chose money over championships.” Now Welker is the one who’s a free agent and may sign elsewhere, and Samuel has some advice for him.

Samuel said on FOX Sports Radio that he believes players should earn whatever amount of money they can, and Welker would be wise to leave the Patriots if some other team makes him a better offer than the Patriots are willing to make.

“He made the comment when I left, I chased the money and not the championship. So here’s my advice to you, Welker: You better chase the money, brother,” Samuel said.

It’s no sure thing that some other team will offer Welker more money than the Patriots are willing to offer: Welker may be a better fit in New England’s offense than he is anywhere else, and therefore he may prove to be more valuable to New England than he is to anyone else. But if Welker can make more money by leaving, Samuel is telling him to say goodbye.

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  1. Why does this guy try to get involved in every Patriots free agent situation? First he told Wilfork “Pats don’t care about you.” Then the Pats gave Wilfork a huge contract. Now he’s trying to tell Welker what to do. It’s been 5 years dude, it’s probably time to get over it and move on.

  2. They’re both right. Different perspectives and priorities; neither one is wrong, though Samuel had the benefit of youth on his side when he made his decision.

  3. Welker is 31 years old…might as well try to cash in while he still can. Sign a 3-4 year contract then retire. I doubt the Patriots will pay him top dollar, anyone not named Brady is replaceable on that team.

  4. I am hoping that the Patriots do the right thing and pay the man. He’s got plenty of gas left in the tank. That’s just my honest opinion.
    I can’t stand the thought of him playing for anyone else.

  5. Samuel would have been paid in New England if he had have caught the ball that went right through his hand in the 2007-8 Super Bowl that would have sealed the victory.

    Wes would have been paid if he had made that catch in the 2011-12 Super Bowl.

    It’s as simple as that. Samuel has played well, but that is the one play that still haunts his career. No amount of money will get rid of that.

  6. Asante Samuel is a joke cornerback who can’t tackle.

    Not sure how many teams are going to pay $12 for a 32 year old slot receiver, no matter how good he is.

  7. The only reason I can see Welker staying in New England is if he is thinking of the HOF. I think he would continue to be a focus if he remains with 100 catch seasons and another 2 to 4 I think makes a good case for him to be enshirned. If he moves on I don’t see the same production happening and he becomes just another player with an extra million dollars.

    I hope he stays but I wouldn’t be shocked to see him move on.

  8. Asante won 2 Super Bowls with NE and along the way proved he was a top CB in the NFL. He won the rings and was in line to cash in.

    He went to a Philly team that went to the NFC Championship in his 1st year.

    The man was smart to “chase” the money. Life line in the NFL is short. Now with an ATL team, he has the opportunity to win another ring.

    He made the smart life move.

  9. I could see folks piling on Ass’ante if the Pat’s went on to win maybe 1 more championship, but that didn’t and won’t happen.

    He made the right choice because he knew he wasn’t going to get paid to stay. And since he left the Pat’s have had crappy secondaries and no rings to show.

    edit: I shouldn’t say “won’t happen” in regards to another championship. Word on the street is BB has invested in a couple boxes of GoPro’s for next season.

  10. Wes Welker comes off like a guy who’d rather win the Super Bowl rather than sign a lucrative deal.

    As a New York Giants fan, I remember how he responded when they lost, he looked down-right depressed.

    He could go to a bottom-tier team and receive a large payday while losing a lot of games or take slightly less and play for a winning organization. It all depends what Welker values more.

    Asante Samuel makes a valid point, you need to get the money and as much of it as you can. Welker is one big hit away from his career ending.

    Who knows what will come of this for Welker, but, he should take a look at the retired players with medical issues. Best of luck to you Mr. Welker, you have a tough choice ahead of you.

  11. Wow, all these jamokes boldly predicting N.E. won’t win another Super Bowl with (or without) Welker.
    1 winner and 31 losers every season; courageous.

  12. Can’t blame players for chasing the money, but why does it have to be every last nickel? As a way to keep score or measure repect? Sometimes better situations(like Welker in NE) a better chance at winning, not having to uproot a family has to count for some kind of hometown discount. Would he rather make 25 mil for a bad team with little chance of winning or a mediocre QB or 21 mil to play for NE? How much is enough? His first contract with the Pats was for about 18 mil. Then he made 9.5 last year. The diff of what the Pats or another team gives him in guaranteed money(the only important number in his upcoming contract) prob wouldn’t be that much.

  13. Welkers problem will be that he doesn’t hold the same value to any other team that he does for the Pats and they know it.

    Just look at the reception totals, He’s #3 last year…of the top 12 you wouldn’t dream of letting 11 of them go. Welker? Maybe.

    I say he finds the market for the greatest slot receiver ever a little thin and returns back to the Pats with a deal good for both sides. 100+ receptions for 3 more years and walks off with Brady and Belichick sending the Pats back to irrelevance.

  14. If Welker puts it out there that the Patriots are offering him a hefty chunk of change to stay, the Broncos or Colts will surely make a run at him with more money to weaken New England while giving their quarterback a new weapon. The NFC South also has 4 teams that could use Welker’s talent to put them over the top. He can have his cake and eat it too.

  15. I hate the Patriots, not as much as the Cowboys but close.

    With that being said, if the money is somewhat close, within a few million over 4 years, if I was Welker, I’d stay in New England and finish my career out. Too many of these guys leave their home for a few extra bucks and it doesn’t always work out too well.

    Far too much emphasis is placed on getting the maximum amount of money.

  16. Welker should take the money and run. Bill Belichek will not hesitate to trade or cut him if he thinks he has either slipped or can get more for Welker in a trade. I wouldn’t blame Bill either. Bottom line this is a business and the only group that doesn’t realize this ( at least when it comes to the players exercising their leverage) are the fans.

  17. hookem6903 says:
    Feb 20, 2013 11:13 AM
    Why does this guy try to get involved in every Patriots free agent situation? First he told Wilfork “Pats don’t care about you.” Then the Pats gave Wilfork a huge contract. Now he’s trying to tell Welker what to do. It’s been 5 years dude, it’s probably time to get over it and move on.
    Aint’ that the truth. Sounds like Asante’s a little bitter. Weird. He’s sniped at Reid as well. I guess money isn’t the be all and end all.

    Look I love WW and always will, and have never had much use for Asante’s style of play or “swagger” (ugh) but WW was wrong to talk that way when AS left. Yes he was chasing money, I don’t blame guys who do. I just don’t like when they are dishonest about it. But I love the guys who stay in great situations and eschew just a bit of the money, I hope WW does that or he will look like a hypocrite on this one.

    Asante’s worst play in SB 42 wasn’t the drop, drops happen. It was the freelancing in coverage that led to the helmet catch miracle. I wish he would cop to that publicly. I’d gain a tiny bit of respect for him.

  18. I am an objective Patriots fan and many people miss this fact; players that have established themselves in NE, although they usually wash out elsewhere, they don’t end up in precarious financial situations of their own sole doing.

    In NE, the players are given a crash course on a daily basis, as bodies move in and out of the facility, that this thing is a business and you have to look out for yourself. Yes, the Pats will reward you financially, but not on the same level as a lesser organization because there is value attached to the playoff runs and potential for championships. There is value derived from the team building, the journey and unforgettable memories that come with it; more value comes with free agency as teams look to stock their rosters with playoff experienced players.

    Asante did the right thing by going for the money; he was a 4th round pick that overachieved on his draft status and the Pats were not willing to pay him commensurate with his peers. He was a free agent and earned the right to shop his wares; it matters not whether he dropped a ball or has tackling liabilities. The same can be said about Wes in big moments recently…it happens. But the key is both established their value and earned the right to name their price. Get that money Wes. Every good player that has proven themselves deserves their big payday before the curtains close.

  19. n2thaizzo says:

    Wes has come much closer to a championship than Samuel has (Although, I guess Samuel has gotten a lot more money).


    Haven’t seen too many “I was close to winning a Super Bowl” rings. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Take the money. If Welker goes down or sucks it up, he’ll be replaced or cut before he can blink.

  20. krispc says:

    Would love to have Wes Walker in the slot for Dallas.
    He’d be less inclined to worry about crucial drops in the playoffs, that’s certain. OTOH, he’d have to work on his tackling skills for when Romo forgets who he’s supposed to be throwing to.

  21. I would take Wes Welker as my starting slot Receiver. He is almost always sure handed, works his ass off and has proven to be a great teammate. He’s worth around 6-7 million a year.

  22. Love all you people who act like Welker getting over 9 mil last year wasn’t “getting paid’.

    Please. The guy made more money in one year than a person making a decent 50k a year income makes in 180 years of work.

    And you think he wasn’t “paid” ??? Really ???

  23. Sometimes sport fans crack me up with the things they say. That ball wasn’t catchable, he was at the height of his jump and it still hit his finger tips. How do I know? I’m replaying it right now in HD. It didn’t go “through” his hands, it went off his finger the apex of his jump.

    Huge difference. Doubt he would of had the momentum to keep his feet in anyways.

  24. Wes, consider the source of that advice. Follow your own set of values. Let’s face it, that guy isn’t the classiest, smartest, or most respected guy in the business.

  25. Perhaps Welker should listen to someone clearly has perspective, not a chip on his shoulder and a primadonna attitude about his own importance to the game. Rather than listen to the cornerback who could have been the difference for the Patriot’s D over the past few years (for a price that would have prevented them from affording other players like Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork), why doesn’t he listen to a fellow receiver who chased the money and ran to a team that couldn’t figure out how to make the most of his talents. Why doesn’t he talk to Deion Branch? How good would Branch’s career stats have looked if he’d spent his prime playing for the only team where he ever looked like a star? How happy would he have been as a star in one of the top offenses in the league rather than as the over-paid #3 WR on a team without a QB? I don’t know, but I suspect he would be a better councilor to Welker than Asante Samuel…

  26. This just shows the change in culture in our country. “Forget loyalty! Chase Money!” Sometimes you can be happier making less because the fact is money DOES NOT make you happier. Money makes life’s day to day SOMETIMES easier by allowing you to not worry about living check to check. However no matter if he gets less, the income for NFL’ers makes that an irrelevant point.

    Playing where you are happy, with a great system, an elite QB, head coach and owner makes leaving money on the table worth it.

    As a financial advisor, with WHATEVER he gets from the Pats, with a sound plan he doesn’t need that extra 3-5 million if he is happy where he is cause he will be just fine. Money isn’t everything, it is where you are and who you are with that truly make you happy in life.

  27. Asante Samuels left the Patriots to sign a six year, $57,000,000 contract with the Eagles (with $20,000,000 of it guaranteed). At the time he said, “I just want a chance to be able to win and get back to the Super Bowl. That’s why I picked the Eagles.”
    In retrospect, do you think the Eagles got their monies worth? Was he worth the money they spent?
    I think not, as they quickly learned what the Patriots already knew – his inability or unwillingness to tackle and that he was not a cover corner. He also increasingly became injury prone.
    That’s why they went out and acquired Asomgha and Dominique-Cromatie. Sheil Kapadia, who covered the Eagles said, “He couldn’t play the slot (as the Eagles had hoped) because playing inside meant covering skills, ability to provide run support and blitz ability.”
    When Andy Reid finally traded him to the Falcons for a SEVENTH ROUND draft choice he couldn’t play bump-and-run (no kidding, why didn’t you as BB) said “he didn’t fit our system.”
    In the four years since his departure the Patriots made the playoffs in three of those years, only losing out in a tie-breaker in the first year to the Dolphins with Matt Cassell at quarterback. He made the playoffs once with the Eagles and, of course, last year with the Falcons. Although he did play on the “Dream Team.”
    Now, Asante, take your money and go away. When you had an opportunity to win that Super Bowl you dropped an interception that would arguably have won you that Super Bowl you claim you so badly want to win!

  28. Samuel chose money over championships and by doing so got neither. People forget he was ripped by his own coach in Philadelphia because of his undisciplined play. Samuel is in no position to criticize anyone but himself. He should have stashed his ego and worked with the team and he’d have gotten a good deal; instead he sulked off thinking he was above the team.

  29. Thanks for nothing, Asante. Pats did the right thing to send you packing and set their pay limit where it needed to be. Hopefully they’ll stretch just a little bit for Welker, but not more than that. I’d like to see Wes stick around, but not for 10MM a year. No way.

  30. I’m just wondering if Welker remembers when the Pats tried to phase him out for Julian Edelman? Just saying the pats wanted to show they didn’t need him and look where that went.

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