Colts made no offer to Freeney


So what did the Colts offer linebacker Dwight Freeney before deciding to part ways with the 11-year veteran.

Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

Freeney told Wednesday’s PFT Live that the Colts made no offer at all before he received a call from owner Jim Irsay, G.M. Ryan Grigson, and coach Chuck Pagano advising the 2002 first-round pick that the Colts are going in a different direction.

Freeney realizes that, ultimately, it’s a business decision.  In our view, it’s possible that the Colts knew Freeney wouldn’t accept the offer the Colts would have made, and that they didn’t want to offend him with a lowball number.

Or maybe the Colts simply want to move on, going younger in the second season of a 3-4 defense.

Freeney made clear that, moving forward, he prefers the 4-3.  So if you’re a team that runs a 4-3, get ready to sprint to the phones on March 9, when the three-day legal tampering period begins.

Because there surely will be no illegal tampering regarding Freeney this weekend in Indianapolis.


16 responses to “Colts made no offer to Freeney

  1. Remember though — this is the same organization that cut Peyton Manning. Luck has worked out pretty well for them.

    Like Reggie Wayne said though, this team reloads not rebuilds. There are tons of pass rushers in this years draft, and Freeney has been on the decline. No surprise he hasn’t been offered a contract extension.

  2. When will people learn that football is a business?

    There is no loyalty to players, especially when the Colts would have to pay for past instead of future production.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind my team signing Freeney.

  3. Supposedly Peyton had been recruiting Freeney to come to Denver. Once Denver cuts DJ Williams and his 7 mil contract, they will have even more room to sign Freeney.

  4. Well, not all 4-3 DEs can make a successful transition to 3-4 OLB. A team that wants a situational guy and lets him put his hand in the dirt can probably find some value here.

  5. Good for Freeney he can cherry pick who is going to overpay him for a couple of years before he retires. Who said its a cruel league.

  6. I think he may end up in Atlanta or NYG. Seattle may have some interest too, from what I read. If Manning couldn’t pry Reggie to Denver, he won’t get Dwight to venture over.

  7. What were they supposed to offer him? a gold watch? 2 tickets to Vegas and a Miley Cyrus show?

    They were done with him – what is the big deal?

  8. @randyschwimmer7…I’d rather have DJ Williams restructure his contract. I’m no Denver fan, but I’d rather have DJ and his 100 tackle a season capability when not suspended over a declining Freeney who now only makes the occasional sack or tackle. Really, Freeney is not a fit at all in Denver. You have Von Miller, Dumervil, Wolfe, Ayers, Hunter, Woodyard, and Mays. If you want to replace 37 yr old Keith Brooking, you already have rookies on the bench that could use reps and you have an upcoming draft that is deep. My money says Elway doesn’t sign Freeney, but earmarks the Denver coffers for secondary help.

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