Darrelle Revis: Richard Sherman runs his mouth like a girl

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In the five months since Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis suffered a torn ACL, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has made the case — both with his words and with his play — that he has surpassed Revis as the best cornerback in the NFL.

But Revis doesn’t buy it.

Revis took to Twitter on Wednesday and took a couple of shots at Sherman, saying, “I never seen a man before run his mouth so much like a girl,” that Sherman is “putting my name in his mouth to get notoriety” and telling Sherman, “Sit down, young pup, and wait your turn.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/Revis24/status/304344424824070146%5D

It’s not clear exactly what set Revis off today, but Sherman has said in several media appearances that he considers himself to be the game’s premier shutdown corner, and he also posted an image on Twitter contrasting his own stats with Revis’s, implying that he has been the superior player.

And when Sherman saw Revis’s tweets today, he couldn’t help but respond, saying on Twitter, “My season stats looking like Revis career stats.”

Maybe Sherman’s comments will provide Revis with a little extra push while he rehabs his knee injury and attempts to return in 2013 to his perch as the top cornerback in the league.

120 responses to “Darrelle Revis: Richard Sherman runs his mouth like a girl

  1. As a Lions fan, I’ve seen Revis hold Megatron to 1 catch for 9 yards. On the other hand, I’ve seen Richard Sherman get burnt for 2 TDs trying to cover Titus Young. Take what you will from that.

  2. Sherman was a beast this year, no doubt about that. But then again, Derek Anderson had a Pro Bowl season once.

    Can Sherman be the next great thing? Sure he can. But until he proves his worth year in and year out, it’s Revis.

  3. He was nick named Revis ISLAND for a reason. He shuts down half the damn field and he doesn’t have 2 all pro safety’s behind him like Sherman. Sherman is good but I don’t recall Revis getting burned for a touchdown in a playoff game.

    Also, it’s pretty weak to call yourself better than somebody when he just missed 75% of the season due to injury.

    This is coming from a Bills fan, but I respect Revis who’s been the best in the game for 4 years and hasn’t needed to run his mouth for people to recognize it.

  4. Nice! There’s nothing like a trash talking between the best two CB while we are in the offseason. Hope this pushes them to play better next season

  5. No one throws at Revis- soon teams won’t throw at Sherman. They are the two best why does one have to be better than the other. I’d take Revis but that’s just my opinion.

  6. I’m no fan of what Trent Williams did, but I’m starting to understand.

    Next tweet you’ll see will be from Courtland Finnegan claiming Sherman is trying to take his spot as the most annoying CB in the league.

    Atleast Finnegan turns it off when the game is over.

    This clown has no off button.

  7. Not saying Sherman is the best in the league but id rather have him then Revis. Revis doesn’t have anything to back up his case . The past year and a half before the injury he wasn’t the same player he was when the jets made two straight afc championships. Revis isn’t even the best corner in the afc anymore, not sure if he’s top 3.

  8. I’m all for a little thrash talk and bravado, but this Sherman guy is going waaaay too far. Calling out guys who’s been performing at an elite level for years (r. White, Brady, Revis). After ONE good year.

    Come on.

    He is setting himself up for some real mockery. Pride comes before the fall. And when playing CB, he will get burned (see Roddy White in the playoff) and everyone will take notice.

  9. I think Sherman is one of many CB’s better than Revis and furthermore Revis shouldn’t be the one crying about people talking when he had his 1 good year his coach was over hyping his play every second back when everyone thought all that nonsense was cool

  10. Sherman has one solid season and you’d think he was the next Deion sanders. He does run his mouth way too much lets see how he acts when he goes through a rough patch

  11. I like both Sherman and Revis, but they BOTH need to keep their mouths shut when it comes to talking about other players and organizations period.

  12. If Revis ends up in San Francisco all hell is gonna break loose in the west. Then again if Percy Harvin ended up there all hell would break loose anyway. C’mon Baalke I know it’s not your style but bring one of them in.. You have a legitimate need at both positions

  13. Let’s try this again:

    Dear Mr. Sherman,

    If you are piling up stats as a CB, it only means that no one is afraid to throw at you yet.

    You know you’ve made it as an NFL cornerback when the opposing team refuses to give the opportunity to pile up stats.

    You’re not there yet.

  14. Richard Sherman plays as well as he does making $465,000 a year. Revis does it making $4.5 million. In terms of who’s better based on value, there is no argument.

  15. This, comimg from a guy that’s talked his way into being a “premiere cornerback”, more than he’s played his way intp being one. Revis Island, gimme a friggin break. #overrated

  16. I hate the Jets, but Revis is an awesome player and deserves the respect he gets. As ironic as it is that a Jet is complaining about someone else talking too much….he is right. Sherman has a big mouth. Last week, he was taking shots at Roddy White.

    Revis has done his thing consistently for 4 years now. Lets make Sherman prove it a little longer before we start buying into his BS.

  17. Sherman’s a nobody obscure 5th rounder who benefits from playing in a fantastic secondary. Hey rook, this is how it works. You’re only in the conversation when OTHER people put you in it, not when you verbally challenge the top dog. Dressing like a clown on NFL network and your interviews in New Orleans only prove you’re desperate for attention. I don’t think Revis is worried.

  18. hyzers says:
    Feb 20, 2013 5:30 PM
    As a Lions fan, I’ve seen Revis hold Megatron to 1 catch for 9 yards. On the other hand, I’ve seen Richard Sherman get burnt for 2 TDs trying to cover Titus Young. Take what you will from that.


    I would to see this video because Titus Young I remember young beating Browner inside and Chancellor on a busted coverage but hey don’t let facts get in the way.

  19. There is no way Sherman is the best corner in the league. Qbs don’t even throw to Revis’s side of the field, while in Shermans case, qbs throw right at him. How many times did Sherman get burnt in the Falcons game? Plus in my eyes, both Sherman and Browner are the two dirtest cbs on the league. It’s easy to stop a reciever when you hold onto him 10-15 yds down the field. Not to mention, Revis never failed a drug test, neither Seahawk cbs can say that.

  20. If your putting up a bunch of stats such as tackles that just means QB’s aren’t afraid of throwing the ball your way, so when you have 20 tackles and zero interceptions then your a shut down corner

  21. They are both good,Sherman is healthier and younger.. one season id take revis,starting a franchise id take Sherman.

  22. This is the best article in the history of PFT. Literally spat out my drink when I read the headline. Revis needs to come to San Francisco and play for multiple rings watching Sherman and the Hawks come up short every year!

  23. “Sherman got torched against Steve Johnson this season.”

    You mean the 50-17 beating? How do you “torch” someone when you lose by 33 points?

  24. OK, that’s fine and dandy but you forget the most important thing:

    Sherman plays almost exclusively LCB in the Seahawks scheme, regardless of where the opposing teams #1 WR is. Revis does not, he covers every part of the field and occasionally helps in the run game.

    Revis is unlike anyone we’ve seen in a long, long time. Sherman is good, but he’s not Revis-good. Revis can shut down anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sherman cannot.

  25. Also, i find it pretty funny that anyone from the jets organization would ever complain about ANYONE “talking too much” – that’s pretty funny coming from the the team that wins the offseason championship every year – but has not won anything worth talking about since before most readers of this site were even born!!!!

  26. Revis is a little bit better than Sherman, but give him another year or two, then we’ll see an improved version of Revis ala Sherman.

  27. Funny that Sherman compared stats

    A lot of ints doesn’t = great corner (ask deangelo hall)

    Revis doesn’t have the same stats because he’s so good that qbs don’t even throw to his side of the field

  28. I don’t remember revis ever failing a drug test for ped’s. and then get off with a legal loophole like Ryan Braun. When Sherman does it without cheating maybe we can look at the stats.

  29. Get your facts straight Jet fans…from 08-11 Revis got thrown at an average of 84.3 times…last year, Sherman got thrown at 87 times. Not much of a difference. Oh, and Sherman is the first player ever to have 5 plus int’s, 3 forced fumbles, 2 td’s, and a sack in the same season…Sheman continent is better than Revis Island at this point in time.

  30. Because I am a total nerd I compared Richard Shermans first two years of quarterbacks faced vs Darrelle Revis.

    2007 2011
    *Tom Brady Alex Smith
    Kyle Boller *Ben Roethlisberger
    Trent Green Kevin Kolb
    Trent Edwards Matt Ryan
    Eli Manning *Eli Manning
    Donovan McNabb Colt McCoy
    Carson Palmer Andy Dalton
    JP Losman Tony Romo
    Jason Campbell Joe Flacco
    *Ben Roethlisberger Sam Bradford
    *Tony Romo Rex Grossman
    John Beck Vince Young
    *Derek Anderson Caleb Hanie
    Vince Young John Skelton
    Brodie Croyle
    2008 2012
    Chad Pennington John Skelton
    Matt Cassel Kevin Kolb
    Philip Rivers Tony Romo
    *Kurt Warner *Aaron Rodgers
    Ryan Fitzpatrick Sam Bradford
    JaMarcus Russell Cam Newton
    Tyler Thigpen Tom Brady
    Marc Bulger Alex Smith
    *Kerry Collins Matthew Stafford
    *Jay Cutler Christian Ponder
    Shaun Hill Mark Sanchez
    Seneca Wallace Tim Tebow
    Ryan Tannehill
    Jay Cutler
    Ryan Lindley
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Tyler Thigpen
    Colin Kaepernick

    * – QB made pro bowl for that year.
    **Based on regular season only.

    This means Revis faced four prowl bowl qb’s to Shermans two in comparing their first year and
    Revis faced three prowl bowl players to Shermans one in comparing the two players second years.

  31. I wish Revis was a “shut up corner”.

    I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be a “shut down corner”.

    Both are chumps, but both can play.

    Revis’s problem is he’s not worth what he thinks he’s worth, no matter how good he is.

    You can’t have more than 10% of your salary cap in a cornerback.

  32. Revis time as an Jets is coming 2 an end. And u guys can bash and call Sharman all kind of names you wants,but the boy talk trash and back it up. Period. And Revis cant tell him nothing….. To me,its fifty-fifty

  33. I like Sherman a lot as a player but he’s becoming increasingly difficult to like off the field.

  34. Sherman put up very comparable stats in far fewer games, and with nearly exactly the same number of targets every year.

    From 2008 to 2011 (4 seasons), Revis averaged 84.3 targets per season. Sherman had 87 in 2012. Targets does not explain the differences.

    Revis has played 6 seasons and has career totals of: 3 FF, 19 INT, and 98 Passes Defensed. Sherman has played 1.5: 4 FF, 12 INT, 41 PD

    From @hawkblogger

    That said I think Revis is really really good. I mean hell his 2009 season was pretty godly. But what Sherman said was fair, Revis didn’t play last year. And he wasn’t all that good the year before.

    I don’t think Sherman is in the Champ Bailey shutdown status yet. He’s had some games where he wasn’t great. He’s had some games where he has straight balled. He’s played corner for 4 years, only 2 years in the NFL, and 1.5 starting. That’s all. He’s still growing as a player. I think he will be in that class somewhat soon. I do think he’s the best corner in the league right now though. Not sure it’s all that arguable at this point.

  35. All these athletes with their tweets make 5 year olds look mature. Just ridiculous. Looking forward to hearing a few years after their retirements about how the IRS wants to speak with them. Let them tweet then.

  36. Revis has less tackles and INTs because QBs don’t throw at him….when Asomugha was in Oakland he had a season when he only had 1 pick, but QBs only threw 28 passes at him all year. Not sure that Sherman is at Revis’s level yet

  37. All of you saying nobody throws at Revis, his last season he actually made it through, he was targeted 85 times, Sherman was targeted 87 and had more picks, forced fumbles and a lower QB comp % against, in a tougher conference. Try again.

  38. Revis made 22X the salary of Sherman last year. Not only that but the brittle island played all of two games and his team is one of the worst in the league. Meanwhile the Seahawks are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl next season. The stats don’t lie either. Sherman has nearly as many picks, TDs allowed and FF in two seasons as Revis has had in the last FOUR!

    Plus…Revis is a complainer who RUINS teams with his constant demands for more money.

    Ask yourself this…Would you rather have Sherman for 500k or Revis for TWO games for 13.5 MILLION.

    Every few years there is a passing of the torch unless your last name is Bailey and you’re a Champ.

  39. Rumor has it the Niners may be interested in Revis. Alex and Rogers.

    Hmmm…bcould be interesting…

  40. When I see everyone praising Revis, I can’t help but think of old man Randy Moss toasting him 2 years ago.. Then Revis held his leg like he was hurt as Moss was running across the goaline..

  41. I don’t understand how people are annoyed with Sherman.

    Good smack talk makes the sports world go ’round.

    Have a sense of humor, people.

  42. Sherman is up and uprising young star, revis is an injured old man that has 5ints in 2 years.. WHack.. So to those that say they dont throw that much his way.. you are telling me that in 2 years they threw LESS at Revis then they did at sherman in one year? my ass.

  43. Sherman is still pretty new to the defensive side of the ball. He played receiver the majority of his time at Stanford, and converted to corner in his JR year.

    Sherman’s upside is scary.

  44. Sherman will be above average once the NFL cracks down on his illegal play. Dude talks a lot of trash to someone who doesn’t break the rules to cover his man.

  45. For all the people stating that Sherman gets those stats because he is thrown at a lot more, Sherman was thrown at 2 times more in 2012 than Revis was in 2011. TWO. That’s a fact. People on this site really have low football knowledge.

  46. Sherman says “my season stats look like Revis’ career stats”? It’s not about stats when you’re a corner smart guy. If you have no stats IT MEANS THEY’RE NOT THROWING IN YOUR DIRECTION! That tells me qb’s aren’t too afraid of “Optimus Prime”.

  47. The competition will continue but at a jacked up scale when Revis ends up playing with Sherman this coming year after being traded for Flynn………

  48. In the NFL, if you have to *tell* everyone how great you are, then you aren’t that great. People who earn respect get it, those like Sherman who cry about it wonder why it never comes.

    Keep wondering Sherman.

  49. “Going against Bills and Dilphins receivers is tough”. Really? Don’t forget about NE…they’re not bad and kinda like to throw the ball. How about the WRs of the Rams or the QB situation in Arizona? Not exactly leading the league

  50. Revis and Champ Bailey are two of the most overrated CB’s ever! Revis got toasted by Ted Ginn for crying out loud and Bailey gets toasted on regular basis, he got toasted by the Raiders on Monday night for 3 td’s when he was in his prime not to mention the Ravens this past playoff! But I digress, Sherman had a monster year is BETTER Than REVIS!! Say what you want……. Sherman talks the talk and definately walks the walk!!!

  51. Sherman wasn’t crying about not getting a phone call. Revis should go to Idzig’s office, blasting Carley Rae Jepsen on his Boom-Box & lip-sing “Here’s my number, so call me maybe.”

  52. I’m not a Revis fan but the dude is pretty good. I don’t like his seemingly never ending contract drama but when he’s on the field and healthy the opposing team has to pay attention to where he is at all times.

    Sherman, is good but he gets away with mauling and tackling and bullying so I look forward to the day one of the better tougher receivers gives him a good schooling.

    He’s a 2nd year going on 3 player for crying out loud and he did throw Revis’s name around in order elevate his own stature so he’s getting a reprival why should he be surprised or upset, he did do it.

    Next thing you know he’ll be saying he’s better than Deion Sanders.

    I’m all for a player having confidence in themselves but Sherman seems to adore himself and the spotlight too much.

    I look forward to the day someone burns his azz all day long on Sunday.

  53. Sherman’s a good player, but I have to agree with Revis on this one. Sherman can cite stats, but he has a better supporting cast than Revis. If I’m Chris Clemons, Brandon Mebane, Bruce Irving, or Earl Thomas, I’m thinking this guy needs to shut up and know his place. Without them, Sherman’s pulling up his stats just to explain why he’s better than his back-up.

  54. UM, maybe Sherman got the notoriety because he actually played in the post-season. Revis, quit crying like a girl.

  55. I’ve never seen ANYONE cover the way REvis does. It’s like he’s accessing the same muscle impulses and nervous system as the guy he’s on.

  56. Hard for Revis to get picks when QB’s are afraid to throw at him. Can’t measure a corner by his INTs.

  57. Sherman is hilarious. If you don’t see what he does as someone who is just livin it up and having fun, you need to quit taking life so serious. The you tube video was hilarious. He even laughed along with people talking trash about him. Maybe some of you stingy commenters should have that kind of humility.

  58. Whoever says it’s not about stats is a damn lie you can’t have it both ways. There stats are not even close thus far. Yess Shermans sample size is much smaller but so is his experience. Hes only played cb for 4 years and 1.5 starting in the league already he’s one of the best and he hasn’t perfected the craft yet.

    These guys are both premier CB’s but Revis is being a little snatch Sherman was asked who his top 5 CB’s were he listed. He was asked about Revis and he said he could be in it if he’d played the whole season. He didn’t and he knows he’s good from his pedigree but as of now he’s not in Shermans top 5. His words not mine.

    THERE is NOO story in that because it’s true if you don’t play you don’t get the top spot simple as that.

    Question: Was P manning in the discussion for MVP the year he didn’t play? Noooooo. Don’t let logic defy your ignorance and hatred Sherman did nothing wrong but responded to another man talk trash and calling him a girl?

    Sounds like Revis is an emotional wreck first he calls himself the best jets player despite degrading his own teammates and whines about contact then he picks a fight with a cb who just had one of the best seasons any CB has ever had statically speaking.

    JS make some sense people please!!

  59. Sherman had a great year no doubt. But its only a matter of time before a chink in the armor is discovered, its inevitable. Revis has close to 0 flaws in his game, the worst thing that I can say about the guy is that he gets away with a little too much hand checking. However, he is so good at disguising it due to his strength it can be viewed as a trait.

    Sherman knows dbacks don’t get much noteriety unless they make picks or game changing plays which are hard to come by when offenses are scared to go after you. I’m excited to see what Sherman does in year 2. Revis is still the premiere corner in the league imo, even on one good knee.

  60. I’m tired of bills fans saying Johnson owns revis. In 4 games Johnson is 19 for 262 and 2 touchdowns. Averaged out it’s about 5 for 65 and less then a touchdown per game. That’s not owning anybody. But I guess it’s good for a bills receiver. And if that’s the best anyone can do against revis, he is the best hands down.

  61. Sherman sure loves directing attention at himself, but he should be careful what he wishes for. He may be one of the best corners in the league right now, but as soon as he isn’t, people are going to get on him hard. Just look at the Patriots.

  62. Cooklyn drivels:

    At least Richard Sherman played more than 2 games this year.

    If I had my pick, I would take Sherman.

    Congrats! One of the most nonsensical replies ever!

    2011 Adrian Peterson missed some games, any running back who appeared in more games is better?
    They walk among us.

  63. MasMacho says: Feb 20, 2013 6:50 PM

    “Sherman got torched against Steve Johnson this season.”

    You mean the 50-17 beating? How do you “torch” someone when you lose by 33 points?

    8 catches for 115 yards and 1 TD.

    Since its obvious you didn’t watch the game let me break it down for you:

    1) Steve Johnson burned big bad Sherman on a double move for a touchdown. Sherman bit so hard that he ended up staggering over his own feet, Steve meanwhile was able to wait for the ball to get to him in the endzone.

    2) On one catch Sherman tried to aggressively jam Steve Johnson. SJ13 rolled with the jam and beat Sherman on the slant.

    3) When Sherman played off, Steve broke him off on comeback routes.

    4) When Sherman played tight, Steve juke stepped him to death.

  64. Bah. Sherman continues trying to get attention. Either insecurity or simply trying to promote himself, but he oughtta just let his play do the talking and let everyone else decide how good he is. One of two results will come of this ~ Sherman will go on in the future to prove he’s the best CB, or he’ll be made to look like a fool. The more he runs his trap, the more I’ll be rooting for the latter.

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