Gamble grateful for chance to head home to Philly

The process of the Eagles hiring Tom Gamble as their vice president of player personnel took longer than he hoped, but the former 49ers personnel man said the time was right this year.

Gamble said there were several reasons why he wasn’t able to join the Eagles a year ago, but that his rare mid-offseason jump made sense this time. He interviewed with general manager Howie Roseman about the job formerly held by Colts GM Ryan Grigson last year, but was able to talk his way out of the 49ers for what amounted to a lateral move.

The timing wasn’t right [last year] for a lot of different reasons, some professional, some family,” Gamble said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. “Then this whole thing came up again. I have enough relationship with Howie, enough dialogue. Living out in Pac 12 country, I’ve got a lot of respect for Chip Kelly … I’ve been in and out of his [Oregon] building, he’s been in and out of [the 49ers’] building, I think he’s a hell of a football coach.”

“We chatted again, and you know what, it was time. I was real excited about it. Again, I wasn’t looking to go anywhere; I was in a great situation with some great people … as good as it gets in this business.”

The primary lure for Gamble was a return home. His father Harry was the Eagles president in the 1980s when the son got into the family business.

“It’s Philadelphia. That means something,” Gamble said. “It’s a little bit different, this thing. There’s not a lot of movement, not a lot of opportunity. I didn’t know when it would come up again, and I was ecstatic to come back.”

Gamble indicated that the 49ers were hesitant to let him leave a year ago, but agreed that if the opportunity presented itself again, they’d give him a chance.

Gamble interviewed for other GM jobs, but even though he lacks that title in Philadelphia, he’ll have significant input. Roseman doesn’t have the classic personnel evaluation background, and with Kelly having no NFL experience, getting Gamble on board is a solid move for the organization.

12 responses to “Gamble grateful for chance to head home to Philly

  1. This idiot declined the interview for the GM position in Jax to concentrate on the Jets GM position. Looks like the “Gamble” didnt pay off since he took a lateral move….

  2. My first choice for the jets gm job..for whatever reason it didn’t work out..good football guy..good luck in phillie

  3. Well if he is able to fill the Eagles roster in anyway shape or form similar to that of the 49ers, then this guy is much needed in Philly.
    Glad the Eagles have him here BEFORE free agency and the draft. Now he can at least have some impact.
    Hopefully this guy can pick out a QB like CK in this draft that nobody realizes. Because I am tired of Vick, and Dixon is not the answer..

  4. I still don’t understand why he left San Francisco for a non-GM position in Phila. Tell me his salary was doubled so it makes sense.

  5. Eagles fans have recently become fond of debating who’s to blame for the Eagles’ recent troubles.

    Is it Andy, or Howie?

    While the reasonable answer is probably “a little from column A and a little from column B,” the early evidence suggests that Andy may have been more of a problem than the folks who love to whine that “Howie is a lawyer who’s playing fantasy football with our franchise” would care to admit.

    Reid drafted Watkins and Jaquain Jarrett, but Howie is responsible for Cox, Kendricks, and Boykin, guys who can clearly play in this league.

    And now it looks as though once they cleared Reid off the decks, Gamble considered coming on board in a more serious way than he had previously.

  6. In other words I didn’t want to waste my time working with Andy, so me and Howie decided to wait until he crashed and burned before I moved back east. There that sounds better.

  7. scrp2 says: Feb 20, 2013 12:25 PM

    I still don’t understand why he left San Francisco for a non-GM position in Phila. Tell me his salary was doubled so it makes sense.

    He grew up in Jersey and Philly. He wanted to go home.

    The 49ers did the same thing a couple of years ago for o-line coach Chris Foerster. His family didn’t re-locate with him to the Bay Area and stayed in Baltimore. When the Skins o-line coach position came open, the 49ers allowed a lateral move so he could be with his family.

  8. Greatest vice president of player personnel in NFL history. That’s how the Dream Team rolls.

    According to you if he was the greatest VP of player personnel in nfl history he would be a member of the Redskins….. LOL

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