Lattimore overwhelmed by support of NFL stars

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A healthy Marcus Lattimore might have been the top running back in this year’s draft.

But while the South Carolina running back’s not healthy, he’s at least one of the most supported among this year’s rookie class.

In a detailed look at his comeback from back-to-back season-ending knee injuries, Lattimore told USA Today’s Robert Klemko he’s been overwhelmed by the calls offering encouragement from NFL players who have gone through similar rehabs.

Former college teammate Chris Culliver arranged a phone call from 49ers running back Frank Gore. Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady, who shares an agent with Lattimore, had teammate Willis McGahee give him a call.

Lattimore said he’s gotten around 15 calls from NFL players who have gone through similar injuries.

“That’s something that I’ll cherish,” Lattimore said.

Lattimore’s also working out alongside Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III at the facility of Dr. James Andrews, the knee doctor to the stars. Andrews said Lattimore’s work ethic compared to former patient Adrian Peterson, who had a nice comeback of his own last year.

“He’s twice as far along as we ever expected him to be. He’s so self motivated,” Andrews said. “This weight he’s put on has been all muscle, which is absolutely impossible in most cases. It remains to be seen if he can play this season.

“We’ve had to slow him down in certain activities because he’d get ahead of us. He’s one of the finest young men I’ve ever had the opportunity to help take care of.”

But Lattimore’s injury history makes him different from Peterson, and one of the more interesting players to watch in this year’s draft.

12 responses to “Lattimore overwhelmed by support of NFL stars

  1. Nothing sucks worse than rehab. He should reach out to Thomas Davis of my Panthers. Guy has done it 3 times.

  2. Funny though when I saw the headline first two names that came to mind were Gore and McGahee.

    Some team is going to get Lattimore as an absolute steal in a far later round than his talent level is. And even round 2 I’d consider far later.

  3. I seriously don’t know how he is even walking, it looked like his leg was nearly ripped off. Definitely impressive coming back though. Still with two knee injuries in two seasons, I don’t know if many NFL teams will take a chance on him. The RB to watch in this years draft is going to be Gio Bernard out of UNC. I’ve watched this you his entire college career, and he is a monster. He’s a Ray Rice mixed with MJD. Wish he would have stayed at UNC for another year, but whatever team takes him will get one of the best backs coming out in the last few years. He’s definitely better then Richardson, a lot faster then Richardson and just as strong.

  4. of course dr. andrews says all those nice things. have you EVER heard a dr. say surgery didn’t go well? this was covered at pro basketball talk after rondo’s surgery

  5. Before he got hurt he was running like AD. I remember watching him as a Sooner, that’s what I thought of when I watched Lattimore. Hope he comes strong. Franchise HB’s are just as exciting as QBs.

  6. Every True Football fan, regardless of their affiliation, is rooting for Lattimore to make it all the way back.

    After seeing that injury, I cannot believe that he is just a few weeks away from being able to jog again.

    Truly incredible.

    Whoever ends up getting him via the draft or FA is going to have a player that has a motivation that even at this level, is uncommon.

    We will all be keeping an eye on him I am sure.

  7. Just curious, who flips the bill for his rehab with Andrews? Is it the school, or is he going to have to pay for this if/when he gets drafted?

  8. pickensclause says: Feb 20, 2013 12:47 PM

    Just curious, who flips the bill for his rehab with Andrews? Is it the school, or is he going to have to pay for this if/when he gets drafted?
    Money flows in college football. You should at least consider agents in your multiple choice question.

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