Report: Fred Davis ahead of schedule in Achilles rehab


The Redskins said that they want to wait until later in the spring before getting a read on the health of tight end Fred Davis after last year’s season-ending Achilles injury and, presumably, a read on their own interest in re-signing the impending free agent.

The only potential snag with that approach would be that another team decides not to play the waiting game and scoops Davis up from under the Redskins’ noses. The chances of that happening would obviously increase if Davis’ rehab progresses quickly enough that he convinces teams he’ll be ready to get right to work.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post spoke to a source who told him that Davis is indeed ahead of schedule in his rehab, although it’s hard to know how much stock to place in that report without knowing just who the source might be. If it is Davis’ agent trying to drum up interest ahead of the start of free agency, you’d have to take it with a bigger grain of salt than if it were someone without a vested interest in seeing Davis land a nice new contract.

If Davis is healthy, he’ll be a help to whatever offense he plays for in 2013. Despite Wednesday’s report, it is still a big if.

7 responses to “Report: Fred Davis ahead of schedule in Achilles rehab

  1. Agent fluff. 1 joint away from a 1 yr suspension and coming off a major injury. Sleepy Davis needs as much agent fluff as he can get.

  2. bigjd says: Feb 20, 2013 3:41 PM

    Sooner or later you have to judge a player on what they have done and not on potential.
    Not totally sure where you’re going with this, but Davis averaged 13.6 yards per reception last year, 36th in the league among players with 20+ receptions (while that doesn’t sound in impressive, there are about 200 players in the league with 20+ receptions, so having a guy in the top 20% is by no means a bad thing). Additionally, 13.6 ranks Davis 3rd in yards per catch among tight ends with 20+ catches.

    The season before, with Rex F. Grossman throwing to him, he averaged 13.5 yards/reception (39th in the league, 6th among TE’s) and hauled in 796 yards (40th in the league), despite missing 4 games.

    Davis needs to prove he can stay on the field, but clearly, he has more than proven himself as one of the more productive receiving tight ends in the league.

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