Report: Mike Wallace is the Dolphins top target


With the Steelers not planning to use the franchise tag on receiver Mike Wallace or any other player, Wallace will go to the highest bidder.

With the Steelers not inclined or able to be the highest bidder for any player, Wallace will go somewhere other than Pittsburgh.

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports something that has been obvious to us for weeks:  Wallace will be the top free-agent target for the Dolphins.

Wallace perfectly fits Miami’s needs, both from a football and a business standpoint.  As to the former (and as we’ve been saying), a field-stretching receiver (something Greg Jennings isn’t) opens up the rest of the offense for everyone else.  By drawing attention deep, the slot receiver and the tight ends can find plenty of room to operate, and quarterback Ryan Tannehill will have an even better opportunity to develop.

As to the latter, landing a player like Wallace can generate excitement in the fan base, take attention away from that basketball team in Miami (if only for a day), and maybe help sell some tickets and jerseys and hats and other stuff bearing the soon-to-be-unveiled new logo.

Of course, Wallace and his agent will know that, allowing them to apply a thumb or two (or other appendages) to the scale.  Dolphins owner Stephen Ross may not care.  He has both the cash and the cap space to overpay Wallace, and after failing in high-profile fashion to land guys like Jim Harbaugh in 2011 and both Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning last year, we’ve got a feeling Ross will be ready to hand Wallace a blank check.

That said, there’s a chance that, yet again, Ross will end up providing the leverage for the deal that the target gets done elsewhere.

73 responses to “Report: Mike Wallace is the Dolphins top target

  1. They really should be looking to sign Jennings first. Tannehill doesn’t throw the long ball well. Jennings is a solid route runner and receiver and he can keep the chains moving. Wallace is going to be a hit or miss guy every game.

  2. I like Wallace but he’s another Brandon Marshall waiting to happen. I hate Ireland. Wallace even admitted that if he doesn’t get the ball often in the beginning of games that he looses interest.

  3. “take attention away from that basketball team in Miami (if only for a day)”

    Miami is a football town. People watch the Heat when the Finals start; otherwise, meh.

  4. Dolphins are welcome to him. Not sure why any fan would be excited to add him, after seeing how disinterested and lazy he can be.

    His breakout year was like 3 years ago.

  5. His desire to be paid elite wr money will cost him going to a contender. He is in the upper middle class for now but I see him possibly developing into an elite guy, would be a shame to see him waste away like Fitzgerald.

  6. I agree that the Dolphins should go after Mike Wallace for all the aforementioned reasons. However if the General Manager was capable of identifying field stretching talent in this years draft. The Dolphins could get the WR talent needed and not overpay Wallace. NFL teams that overpay for talent do not get to the Super Bowl.

  7. i would sign both wallace and jennings….they have the cap money to do it….plus they need major help at wr position and need weapons for tannehill…also think they need to re-sign starks and smith….again, enough cap space to do so….

    then i would use the 5 picks in the first 3 rounds for help on the OL, TE, CB and pass rusher…

  8. Wallace will head south or west. I promise he won’t stay in a cold weather state to play. Not his thing. Those who said the Browns would get him do not know Mike Wallace.

  9. Wallace had a terrible year in 2012 and is about to parlay that into a small fortune.

    No doubt he can stretch the field, just don’t expect him to catch the ball or give much effort.

  10. I wish the Ravens had a guy like Wallace to stretch the field. Oh wait they do and he comes at a cheaper price, no diva attitude and is a special teams stud. Jacoby Jones > Mike Wallace

  11. Tannehill has great potential…but Wallace just is not the number one guy the Dolphins need for him to connect with. Wallace would be a great number two or slot, but he will want and expect number one money. I’d look elsewhere myself.

  12. If Wallace is smart, he sign with a team where the QB has a sweet deep ball. It would be fun, see RG3 or Vick sling there 70 yard deep ball to Wallace 🙂

  13. Wallace is not that good. He runs straight and drops the ball half the time. I do think this will hurt steelers. Because brown is not a number 1 guy and the 1 thing Wallace does is open stuff underneath for others

  14. Mike Wallace will get very rich and NEVER see a Superbowl…BECAUSE….the really good teams who are superbowl contenders don’t go after the Mario Williams…Albert Haynesworths…or Julius Peppers of the NFL.

    Just look at the history of these dudes that get the huge deals and win nothing.

  15. Miami needs a guy that can take the top off the defense but Wallace has shown signs that he would be one of those guys that disappear after getting paid. Tough gamble.

  16. Just because someone is fast it doesn’t mean they can run option routes and catch the ball well. He can get deep, but that’s about it. If he wasn’t a complete fool he might be a nice addition to a team, but he is a fool.

  17. Teams in the NFL are not too bright. Unless you have a QB with good ball placement you don’t want to go anywhere near Mike Wallace. Big Ben made him look better than he really is.

  18. Lots of “not that good,” “all he has is speed” comments, I see. He’s been the Steelers top receiver for the past three years and in two of those years put up 1,200 yards and 10 and eight touchdowns respectively. Of his 196 catches over the last three years, 21 have been for 40+ yards. So 10% of his catches have been of the kind of yardage that you’d get from a deep ball. Yet he’s one dimensional? Just look at his game log from last year. He was a possession receiver in Todd Haley’s dink and dunk offense; his catches were on par with his career totals, but his yardage and YPC went down. He still found paydirt eight times.

    The Dolphins haven’t had a receiver that can stretch the field deep since probably Chris Chambers in 2002-03. Is Wallace the best all-around receiver in the league? No, far from it. Will he get a ton of cash and will there be some inherit risk? Yep and yep. But I fail to see how he’s any more of a risk than someone like Greg Jennings, who is two years older with more mileage and coming off an injury. At some point, you’ve got to open things up, take a chance, and address your needs.

  19. Mike Wallace is only 26 and not comming off any Injury’s plus draft Cordarrelle Patterson with Bess and Hartline it would be night and day from last season.

  20. What will Wallace have in common with Nate Washington, Antwan Rande El, Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes?

    He’ll leave a team with a QB that makes plays, many unchoreographed, that over value the receiver’s ability and he’ll end languishing with one who can’t make those plays.

    There’s a reason he dropped to the third round. His speed won’t always be there and he drops balls, takes plays off and runs bad routes.

  21. Gee, Wallace, if you’d put in a little effort last season I might have been willing to help you pack. But as it is, I’ll just sit here and wave bye-bye. Good luck with that, Miami.

  22. I’m no Steelers fan, but people who are knocking Wallace’s hands just don’t watch a lot of football. Yes, Wallace had a bad year in 2012, but in 2011 his catchrate was 63.2%. 3 guys in the league had a better catchrate and more YPR.

  23. When Tannehill was at his best, he looked terrific.

    Meanwhile he had two games that acounted for 6 of his INT’s (Tenn, Houston) and he looked abysmal…however the entire team looked horrible as well.

    Take away those two games and he was extremely efficient.

  24. I had hoped before this past season that the steelers would find a way to resign him but his attitude was horrible all season and he is not elite. He is fast. The moment he loses even a step he loses all of his value. He kinda reminds me of willie parker in that regard. Willie had a couple of good seasons but was done when he slowed down just a little. Good luck to him but i can’t say at this point that i am sad to see him go. I am sure pittsburgh can find someone else to run straight down the field.

  25. Those stats and the one trick pony are worth a max, and i mean MAX 8 mil a year. I’m glad my team will not be signing him.

  26. free agent WR’s are risky. they are often divas. if you are going to take the risk, it should be on a big physical guy who catches jump balls in traffic. not on a speedster. speedsters get neutralized when it matters.

  27. Throwing exorbitant amounts of money at over rated players just because you can is the kind of thing that gets teams like the Dolphins in trouble in the first place.

  28. Don’t get me wrong, my point was only that he has good hands. He’s going to ask for Megatron/Fitz money by all accounts and that’s insane–he’s not in their league. Given the current pay scale for WRs, I’m not even sure if he’s worth $8 million, but the WR UFAs in 2013 are pretty thin. It’s basically Welker and Wallace (and Bowe in distant 3rd). Someone’s going to overpay for both those guys.

  29. I still wouldn’t mind bringing Wallace back for the right price but that obviously isn’t going to happen. If he goes to Miami he’s obviously just playing for the money.

  30. As a dolphin fan I don’t care how much you pay him because its not coming out of my pay. If its going to make our offense better then heck yeah sign him.

  31. florio is wetting his pants with excitement that the fins will swing and miss on wallace – then he can add that name to his list of failures for miami/ross.

    chances are, the fins are targeting someone else (ie – jennings). omar kelly is a toolbag who is NEVER right.

  32. “This is coming from Omar Kelly which means the Dolphins aren’t even interested in Wallace.”

    lol agreed… Omar Kelly is such an arrogant douche and is opinions on how the team should get better are almost always wrong

  33. He is really just a one trick pony. The steelers had wrs step up and win Super Bowls and earn MVPs in Ward and Holmes, but when Wallace had the chance he had no idea what route to run. That last drive vs Packers could have been another last drive game ending td but he was lost and confused

  34. I don’t think he is a well-rounded WR. His routes do not seem good. How many of his big plays were in “playground mode” after the plays broke down and big Ben scrambled for several seconds? He can fill a need but I think the red flags outweigh the potential gains.

  35. Don’t know why so much hating… Wallace is pretty dope.. He catches the ball a lot better then people think, and he has big play ability on any down.. He’s solid and fast as hell!! He is over priced I won’t argue that… I wish the NINERS could grab him.. Way better addition since loosing moss.. This dude is way faster.. But he’s to expensive

  36. funny how people don’t think Wallace is a good fit because Tannehill can’t throw the deep ball…. halfway through the season he led the league in completion percentage (57%) for passes over 20 yrds and finished the season one of the top passers of down field throws. considering he didn’t have a downfield threat, Wallace would fit very nice in this system.

  37. Tannehill better throw him the ball every other down or he’ll “lose his focus” & not be able to catch the ball, just like he did here last season. Please, let this 1 trick pony be someone else’s stone-handed headache. Good riddents. One less cancer in the lockerroom.

  38. Sure the guy has talent, but not worth the money he is looking for.

    Sign Jennings instead. Then draft Patterson. The kid is a playmaker, with very good speed, size, and a ton of upside.

  39. Steel fan nailed it…

    He wants out of the North, due to the cold, and physicality.

    I rather have a little slower receiver who can catch the ball, and take a hit.

    See ya…

  40. wallace is nothing but a greedy person. He held out the entire preseason and what did that accomplish. So whoever gets him he won’t be worth it.

  41. Lots of bitter Steelers fans posting here. Wallace doesn’t need to be a #1 receiver in Miami, the WCO doesn’t require a #1 guy. He just needs to run vertical routes and catch slant patterns and wideout screens.

    If Miami gets Wallace, a 2nd or 3rd round wideout and a seam TE threat, Tannehill will be a fantasy monster next year.

  42. Regardless of speed, Jennings gets himself open. Period. Give him a route and he’ll get separation.

    Wallace is only going to get open if he gets to run a fly route. And even then there better not be a Safety nearby or the alligator arms will come out.

  43. miami like last year will throw cash at him and another team will counter that offer and the freeagent says ‘thanks miami for raising the bid’

  44. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, if their actual target was Greg Jennings and this Wallace story is just a negotiation strategy.

  45. Calling Mike Wallace “Ted Ginn 2.0” is pretty stupid. Ginn was in Miami for 3 years and I only remember him having 3 defining moments, and 2 of those were kick returns for touchdowns he made against the Jets in the same game.

    The same people that suggest we sign Greg Jennings undermine the fact that he’s going to be 30 years old by Week 3 of the season, has been injury prone for the last 2 years (MCL sprain in 2011, groin injury in 2012), and has spent his entire career catching passes from 2 of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks (Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers).

    Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s talented and have seen him save some badly thrown passes from both of those previously mentioned QBs, but I personally think his stock is a bit inflated as a free agent.

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