Roddy White wants Dwight Freeney as a teammate

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn’t the only one courting Dwight Freeney ahead of the start of free agency.

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to let it be known that he would like to share a locker room with Freeney next season.

“I would love to see Dwight Freeney in a falcon uniform next year I hope that’s not tampering,” White wrote.

It isn’t tampering and it isn’t a bad idea for a Falcons team that, unlike Denver with the Elvis Dumervil/Von Miller duo, has had a hard time generating pass rush outside of defensive end John Abraham. The Falcons run a 4-3 scheme, which would allow Freeney to move back to defensive end, and they would be able to use him as a situational pass rusher to avoid his issues stopping the run.

For his part, though, Freeney said on Sirius XM Radio that playing for the Giants would be a dream come true after rooting for the team as a child. With a good chunk of time to go before Freeney’s eligible to sign with another team, there figure to be other names added to the list of potential suitors for his services as well.

6 responses to “Roddy White wants Dwight Freeney as a teammate

  1. Yes! C’mon Giants. Sign Freeney and let Tuck go. Unless Tuck is hurt and not telling anyone, his better days are in the past.

  2. “Unless Tuck is hurt and not telling anyone, his better days are in the past.”

    So are Freeney’s. Besides, NY just got rid of Osi, another pass rusher who is absolutely useless against the run. NY needs a guy who can actually contain the edge.

  3. @Nirvana504- I can see you’re a saints fan but c’mon man! They were 10 yards about from the superbowl THIS YEAR with the 24th overall ranked defense and 29th ranked rushing offense. To say they will never make it to the superbowl is just silly .

  4. Freeney would fit well in ATL. and with a year under Nolan’s belt that Defense will play better. Falcons may be an early favorite to go all the way. Good luck Dwight.

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