Shocker: Titus Young sails through waivers unclaimed

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In a piece of news that will surprise exactly no one, no one claimed troubled wide receiver Titus Young off waivers yesterday according to multiple reports.

Actually, troubled is the wrong adjective to use in connection with Young, because it implies that there might be fault created by someone other than the subject of that sentence.

Young’s issues in Detroit, which included sucker-punching a teammate and intentionally lining up in the wrong place, are the kind of team-killing actions that most teams won’t soil their hands with.

Most, not all.

Because known coddler of bad boys Jeff Fisher took a chance on him, and in a week, the Rams realized they had seen enough, waiving him before he set foot on a field for them. But the Rams were the only team to put in a claim when the Lions cut him, taking a free look at someone whose talents are obvious.

So for now, Young remains unemployed. And until he can convince someone he’s changed, matured or contrite, he’s probably going to stay that way for some time.

40 responses to “Shocker: Titus Young sails through waivers unclaimed

  1. We’ll see him in a few years like when Mike Williams went to Seattle after washing out in Detroit. In the meantime, Titus Young Sr. should have plenty of time to spend with Titus Young Jr.

  2. This is too good for him. He still made a lot of money to standard people. He gets to sit home and do nothing for a yr or 2. Dude has all the talent but he’s got such a bad ego. He needs help.

  3. Another example of a guy who has a big mouth and has done nothing. I am so tired of hearing him called “talented”. He is not more talented than almost all of the other receivers. He is fast, like a ton of widouts. So what? He is dumb, runs bad patterns, does not have great hands at all, is not clutch, shows no leadership, very immature, selfish. Talented?
    Stop writing this factoid. In this league, he is just another guy. Problem is, he let that alligator mouth outweight that canary as*.

  4. I give it until the middle of the season when a team loses their #1 or #2 receiver due to injury. They’ll probably sign Titus as the #3-4 receiver, although his chances are playing will be slim.

  5. Remember this combine notes: Paraphrased, but something about his “Has some off-the-field and on-field behavioral issues that must be checked out.”

    Detroit makes another lousy pick on a bad character who besides being fairly fast, is really not NFL material. Weak, gets pushed around, not much here.

    See ya in the CFL Titus. If you can get humble.

  6. Being cut after 5 days with the Rams when no one else tried to claim you anyway is as bad as it gets. He’s obviously a waste of everyone’s time at this point. It’s sad to see a guy who can’t be saved from himself.

  7. you people need to understand football. if a team claims him…they get his old contract. pick him up as free agent..they redo the deal. he WILL get signed and I GUARANTEE by a playoff team (probably after the draft).

  8. Young was a Schwartz pick. Fisher claimed Young and cut him about a week later to help Schwartz’s reputation, proving that Young has mental issues. This was a favor to his friend Schwartz. Book it.

  9. keep a video of this young man. To show rookies how not ruin your career, before it gets started. what a waste….

  10. I wonder if the new NFL aptitude test would have been able to pick up these kinds of problems in time.

    Or would it have made a difference, with coaches thinking, “No one else could, but I’m sure I can handle this guy.” After all, wasn’t he interviewed before being drafted?

  11. If purposely sabotaging a play in a close game against a division rival because you are not getting the ball is not enough to get you blacklisted from every NFL team I don’t know what is.

  12. This guy needs some serious image rehab. Hopefully this humbling experience pulls his head out of the clouds. He is a pretty decent WR. From the few games I’ve watched of him I’d say nobody in the NFL runs the slant route better.

    People say he’s done but I doubt it. Teams probably want to see what they can do in the draft and free agency first. But when the smoke clears there will be at least a few teams out there that didn’t get what they hoped they could in the WR position and they’ll be forced to bring him in.

  13. Bengals have been the place to get people changed nowadays… Pacman, Tank Johnson, Burfict if he comes here he better be ready to change or we will JEFF FISHER his A– guaranteed…..Thing is he is a slot receiver and I rank Sanu and Hawkins way better than him because both are good guys and trending up… We will pass but if Mike does take a chance on him… It’s a Monk lifestyle in Cincy or the CFL will be next……

  14. between Titus Young, Charles Rogers, Mike Williams and Roy Williams, the Lions could field a full team of washouts….and I’m probably leaving out many more….good riddance Titus…enjoy mediocrity!

  15. Young will end up broke and miserable if he doesn’t get his head straightened fairly soon. I wouldn’t say he is talented, athletic yes, talented no. In order to be considered talented, he would have to be doing good in all categories, not just one or two. He is fast, has decent hands, decent vision after the catch. The things that continue to plaque him, poor route running, slow off of his breaks, loses attention if he’s not always involved, has me issues(Which plays on the negative side of teamwork)and No respect for others. If he ever wants to be more than a 3-4th receiver, he needs to correct his wrongs. Now.

  16. I posted this before about this kid. If somebody doesn’t reach him. Titus Young is going to end up in prison or dead. It’s that simple. This kid as no direction in life. I really think this is going to have a sad ending

  17. Me being a human being makes me feel sorry for him but my love for the Lions make me laugh @ him all he had to do was work hard shut up & play ball do u knw wat we could’ve done with that 2nd round pick u jerk smh!!

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back with the Lions. I look at it like he will be sitting on the couch when the season starts and start realizing that no one actually wants him… and eat some humble pie real quick… then throw himself at the mercy of the team.

    keep an eye out for this outcome especially if the lions can’t solve the receiver position in the draft or free agency.

  19. Teams are getting tired of head ached players, they are a distraction to the organization. You cannot coach em, you can’t play with em and you can’t win with em, can’t do it. Guys like young is just so stupid, all this talent and you’re acting like an idiot. This guy could be making millions by year four with a new contract if he’d just stop being immature, now he’ll never see that big contract thanks to his attitude. Unless he makes a dramatic change, no team is gonna Risk signing him to a long term deal

  20. Classic case of a guy thinking he is above the team. He thought he would act like a child and force the ball to him. On one hand I think he got what he deserves and serves as a real life lesson for him. On the other hand if he takes time to get his act together maybe he can come back, but I doubt it.

  21. Titus is a young man that has some real big problems. In his small mind he thinks he’s the best wide receiver in the NFL, except he drops to many passes and doesn’t get thrown to because he can’t ever get open. If you ask Titus why he can never get open he will look at you and say fool I’m open every time I go down the field. In his mind it’s 30 seconds but in reality he never was open enough to throw to. It’s the quarterback that couldn’t play and see he was open, but the only place Titus is open is in his own mind. Titus will play football in the NFL this year too, in his own mind.

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