Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker rapidly losing weight, down to 339

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Not many people can say they’ve lost a lot of weight to get down to 339 pounds, but not many people have the build of former Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker.

Fluker was among the first players to get weighed and measured as the Scouting Combine kicked off in Indianapolis today, and according to Daniel Jeremiah of, Fluker weighed in at 339 pounds.

That sounds like a lot until you remember that just a month ago Fluker weighed in at 355 pounds at the Senior Bowl. Losing 16 pounds in a month isn’t physically possible for a lot of people and probably isn’t healthy even for most overweight people, but if NFL coaches and scouts were telling Fluker at the Senior Bowl that they’d like him to slim down, they have to be impressed that he took that advice to heart.

In addition to his weight, Fluker’s arm length got him noticed at the Senior Bowl. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said this week that coaches will look at Fluker and think he has the body to develop into one of the top run-blocking tackles in football.

“Fluker has the longest arms in the draft or one of the longest pair of arms in the draft. He’s huge. I’m anxious to see him in some of the drills. He wasn’t able to participate in the Senior Bowl, but he’s a solid, first round, right tackle to me,” Mayock said.

At 355 or 339, Fluker looks like he’s ready to step onto an NFL field and start right now.

11 responses to “Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker rapidly losing weight, down to 339

  1. Normally not a good sign if they’re rapidly losing weight for a combine in my opinion…probably means they’re going to put it back on once they don’t have to worry about getting drafted high haha. You never know, though.

  2. Hear and read good things about this kid. I wouldnt mind the Giants taking him at 19 and plugging him in at RT for next decade. If his feet prove to slow to handle spped rushers, he can be useful inside at guard after Snee retires.

  3. People enter the league in the best shape of their lives then most go down hill from their after they get that check.

    He will balloon back up and have weight issues once he thinks he has arrived could be 5 seasons could be 2 but you don’t get that damn big eating properly period unless he changes his life he will not change for the long term.

  4. They sure grow them big down South! What a massive human being. I remember Joel Buschbaum (RIP) in his draft reports using the phrase “a ten dollar cab ride to go around them” when describing offensive linemen with large wingspans. Sure applies here!

  5. Scouts were happy that D.J. went from 355 down to 339 pounds. But they were a bit concerned that his arm length went from 37″ to 31.5″. They want to be sure he loses weight in the right places.

  6. This is a major red flag when players suddenly lose weight or can “suddenly” develop coverage skills just before the draft. Nah, he’ll be close to four hundred come fall camp.

  7. Losing 16 lbs in a month is easy and not unusual for someone of his size if they diet and exercise. I have lost more than that in a month by doing just that. When I read the title of the article, I figured he lost over 30 lbs.

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