Bruce Arians not interested in read option QBs


Cardinals coach Bruce Arians might not have his quarterback at the moment, but he doesn’t sound like he’s close to joining the mobile quarterback movement.

Arians said this morning at the NFL Scouting Combine that he was a quarterback “traditionalist,” and spoke in near-dismissive terms about the growing prevalence of read option systems.

“The more you put the QB in harms way, the more harm will come to him,” he said.

That explains that he has, in fact, seen film of the offensive line he inherited in Arizona.

If there is a trend, Arians said, it will be on the other side of the ball, as pro coaches dip into the college ranks for assistants more accustomed to defending mobile quarterbacks.

The Cardinals aren’t dealing from a position of strength at the moment, and can’t limit their search for answers.

But Arians clearly has a specific idea of what he wants, and a quarterback running around isn’t it.

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  1. From being run out of town, to coach of the year – The Pittsburgh Steelers – can’t do anything right without the help of the league or PEDs.

  2. BA would rather run the deep post/bubble screen 4.5 second pass protection offense that got his last two QB’s beat to a pulp…. Oliver Luck may not have lasted to his next contract with the beating he took, and big b got a concussion every other game…. I wish the next guy all the “luck” running the pass game…

  3. Not a lot of people know that Bruce plays upright bass in an up-tempo jazz quartet as seen in this photo taken after a jam session.

  4. He don’t want none because he knows it was a one year wonder just like the wildcat that no teams use now defenses will be ready this year for it.

  5. Who would know more about putting QB’s in harm’s way than Arians, whose system saw Big Ben nearly getting killed with some of the highest sack totals in the league for several years running.

    In fact, by all accounts it was the reason his contract was not renewed in Pittsburgh.

  6. Arians is going to see 3 of the top 10 defenses in NFL 6 times this year {Jags or Titans level are not in this division} That O-line can’t run block & is worse in pass protection. Brown is back right? But if they don’t get it solved if not mobile QB- he will be a NFC West Pinata

  7. This “new breed” of mobile QBs will not last. This is not college where you play against a lot of guys that won’t even be drafted. it’s the NFL where you play against the best of the best. Once defenses adjust, they will all end up like RGIII.

  8. I think Arians has a point here. We’ll see how coaches react after some of these guys get hurt running the read option. I would suspect that they’ll start protecting their qbs again after that. Might be telling to see how Shanahan uses RGIII next year coming off the knee injury. These teams have so much riding on their qbs, I have a hard time believing that they are going to expose them to so many more hits. Might be a different story if there were franchise qbs on every corner, but there aren’t even enough for every team to have one.

  9. Yeah, but the OROY couldn’t play at the end of the season effectively – in the bigger game due to injury. Now, it is up in the air if he will start this season.

    I don’t think your point is well made.

  10. By the way, passing the football used to be a “fad.” Kaepernick and Wilson are two “mobile” quarterbacks who are also incredibly intelligent and capable of making all the necessary throws. To completely abandon a wrinkle in offense because you’re “old school” doesn’t translate to wins. Know your personnel, and go with what works, but it would be ridiculous if Kaepernick, RGIII and Wilson were told to always stick in the pocket, no matter what, because their skills will soon “go out of style.”

  11. Read option QB or not, you want him to be a very good passer. RGIII is a very good passer, as his low interception and high completion rate prove. Olympic speed and eluding the rush just makes him a phenomenom.

  12. There is only one read option ONLY QB in the NFL, and that is Tebow. Guys like Kaepernick, Wilson, RGIII, and Newton can all sling the ball from inside the pocket. The ability to run is just extra. In fact, Luck can scoot as well, Arians would just rather he gets pummeled in the pocket rather than outside of it.

  13. I like watching the read option, but the idea that every team could find somebody to run it is absurd. (And it’s more like finding two guys, since the odds of the starter getting hurt are very high.) It isn’t just running the ball, it’s having an NFL arm and making the throws.

    And does anybody really anticipate RG3 or even Kaepernick will still be running it years down the road, or will injuries and age take their toll causing them to become traditional pocket-style passers?

  14. IR-knee3 is way overated and wont ever win a SB, Luck and tradional pocket qb will always win SB’s and read option qb will always come up short like Copernick n knees tore ip like rg3, theyre frauds

  15. mogogo1 says:
    Feb 21, 2013 1:23 PM
    I like watching the read option, but the idea that every team could find somebody to run it is absurd. (And it’s more like finding two guys, since the odds of the starter getting hurt are very high.)
    Exactly right on all points.

    Although you may not need a backup if your owner and coaching staff is desperate to get a playoff game after years of futility and they sacrifice ong-term potential and health for short-term “success” and keep sending out the obviously injured first string QB so you can “justify” another ticket price increase.

  16. I’m a tad confused by his comments and analysis. What exactly was Big Ben except a very large, mobile, read, run/option/pass QB? Is he saying he didn’t like Big Ben? He sure won a SuperBowl with him. Well, whatever! He doesn’t have to worry right now in Arizona. Because he doesn’t have a QB who can read; exploit any option; run; lead a team; or pass.

  17. He makes a good point.

    Mobility is great – but it should be for the back up plan not the read option – when your entire team depends on the QB staying healthy.

  18. Bruce Arians is a fraud whose claim to fame is riding the coattails of defensive genuis Dick LeBeau to two Super Bowl appearances, including a Super Bowl win in which his offense was outscored, 23-20, against an Arizona defense that was the worst defense in Super Bowl history.
    Pretty impressive.

  19. heyzeus143 says: Feb 21, 2013 12:27 PM

    So have your receivers run exceptionally long routes, and pass pass pass pass
    Yesh, that is the Arians approach. I’m not a big fan, but he makes it work; so good for him, I guess.

  20. Agree…you need a passer first, and having someone who can run to escape trouble should be the goal, not these bunch of running backs that are throwing the ball.

  21. BA will be looking for the same type of QB he had in Pitt and Indy. Roesthliesburger and Luck are both big strong QB’s, capable of extending plays and stepping up in the pocket to sling the ball downfield. – BA wants a QB that is efficient, smart and able to make the adjustments on the fly. Just look at the guys hes coached.

  22. Which is why he will have a bottom dweller team in the division for years to come and won’t have a job in 3 years. Go Seahawks!!!

  23. I’m with Bruce Arians on this one. How many Super Bowls has a read option QB won? That’s right. ZIPPO!! This trend will disappear just as quickly as the Wildcat option, etc., etc.

  24. Wow how closed minded. Just get the best QB available, I wouldn’t care if he was a mobile QB or more flat footed pocket passer just get the best guy available. Also the read option will be used for many years as long as there is a fast QB to run it. Why wouldn’t any coach want to add that to confuse a Defense? RG3 was an injury risk when he got drafted but Kap Wilson and Newton have done pretty well.

  25. Arians is a bit wrong – it is how you use your quarterback and the actual talent he has. The 49ers were smart with their use of their QB and he was head and shoulders superior to either that fraud in Washington and that flash in a pan Russell Wilson.

    As a Redskin fan, I loathe that jerk that we have – he is not a quarterback – if you look at most of his passes, they are short yardage – the Redskins were padding his stats intentionally to cover the fact that he is not a leader and makes poor decisions. He is not an effective NFL quarterback and resorts to running to mask his weaknesses. The ONLY reason he got any attention is because of his skin color. Like it or not, that is true.

    After watching that jerk screw his team in the playoff game where he lingered like an aging dog stool while HE KNEW HE WAS HURT and even Ray Charles (who is dead) could see he was ineffective, that jerk continued to play and made it impossible for his backup to have any chance to win the game. And there is the rub – Griffin KNOWS that there is a real QB on that team and it isn’t him and there is no way he was going to allow Cousins to save the day.

    But Arians should look for someone like the 49er QB has true talent on all levels and who has intelligence and learns quickly within games on how to adapt. Neither Russell Wilson or the Jerk Griffin have that ability mix.

  26. rg3 was one of the top 3 QBs in the nfl as far as passer rating goes…which include NO running stats…i guess they just gave him that ranking because of his ‘skin color”..huh idiot..

  27. logicalvoicesays says: Feb 21, 2013 12:18 PM

    Ask him who won OROY. That’ll shut him up.
    Who will be your QB in three years?

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