DeCosta: “Anquan’s a Raven”

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Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin recently said on Pro Football Talk, “Once a Raven, always a Raven.”

Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta agrees.  “Anquan’s a Raven,” DeCosta said during Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

Boldin has been the subject of speculation regarding a possible parting of the ways, given his $6 million base salary in 2013.

“He’s a great playmaker who played really really well for us down the stretch,” DeCosta added.  “As I said the offseason is really a series of different moves that all kind of depend on each other.  So we’ll see, our intention is to have Anquan on the team next year.  He’s a playmaker for us.  He’s a tough guy.  We love his mentality provides unbelievable intangibles for us in the locker room as a leader and we expect him to be with us next year.”

At that salary?

“We’ll see,” DeCosta said.

Boldin has said that, if the Ravens cut him, he’ll retire.  As a practical matter, that gives the team a little extra leverage in the potential negotiations aimed at cutting his cap number.

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22 responses to “DeCosta: “Anquan’s a Raven”

  1. Now that Lewis has retired a year too late, the Ravens need a guy like Boldin. If he isn’t worth 6 million, he’s worth 5. He earns his receptions and plays angry.

  2. Hey knuckleheads saying the Ravens would be stupid to cut him and he’s worth $6M… It’s not about being overpaid. It’s the fact that the Ravens are tight with cap room and sometimes you have to make painful moves to get under that number. Boldin will get restructured and extended. Ill say 3 years, $12M, back loaded. Possibly less with a larger signing bonus. Either way the heavy year on his contract will be 2015 when the tv deals hit. It’s a no brainer.

  3. smith can’t be a possession wr. if they don’t get boldin pitta is you’re possession wr…..ouch…he’s solid but no gronk/jimmy grahme. garcon is a no. 2 wr om half the teams in the league

  4. Love how red skin fans push garçon so much he’s mediocre at best….I’d honestly say other than your secondary, reciever is your most needed position aha…this from a fan of neither team…but boldin is def a bigger impact player and he’s definitely worth 6

  5. Garcons career high is 70 catches. and never had a 1000 yard season. Ray Rice has put up over 70 catches and over 700 yards twice. Garcon doesn’t belong in the same convo as Boldin. Two totally different Wrs…..and def not a top 3

  6. It’s not that he’s not worth $6M for one year, it’s that the Ravens probably can’t afford to have such a high cap number for him. They’ll probably have to restructure even though Oz implied they wouldn’t.

    Love me some Q.

  7. @logicalvoicesays… Quit trolling Raven threads… Oh, that’s right… Skins suck and your teams irrelevant… Typical jealous Skins fan. Sad actually…

  8. 6 million isn’t a bad deal for Quan, however, his cap number is 7. something million. Again, not bad, but the strapped Ravens will need every penny this offseason.

    I would imagine that after Flacco gets done, they’ll turn to Boldin with a 3 year extension that lowers his cap number, turns salary into bonus and makes sure he really retires a Raven. He can be a dominant force in the slot for at least 2-3 more years.

  9. It’s not a matter that the Raven’s don’t think Boldin is good, or worth 6 million. It’s a salary cap issue. Every position and its associated cost has to be looked at. Often your hands are tied and you have no choice.

  10. The Ravens need to keep Q. The dude is a beast. My hope is that they extend his deal to two years at $4M/yr. That’ll be a win win for both sides.

  11. up until this playoff run his play has been very inconsistent and he struggles to get off good man coverage because he lacks the top end speed and quickness

    people want to talk about his hands but he had a costly fumble in NE in 2011 right before lee evans drop that knocked us out of a 1st and goal from the 3. He also dropped a GW TD in pittsburgh 3 years ago that hit him right in the chest.

    he had a good run, but if he isn’t willing to reduce that number and sign and extension we need to trade/cut him

  12. Not being a Ravens fan I even have to say Boldin got them to the SB with the catches he made in plyoffs, he made even Flaco look great.

  13. “logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 21, 2013 10:35 PM
    Garçon’s a Redskin. And much better/top 3 WR in the sport.”

    Lolercopter year right. 44 catches, 633 yds, 4 TDs doesn’t even make him a top 20 wideout.

    You really need to step away from the crack pipe.

  14. Boldin is the best offensive player the Ravens have behind Ray Rice. 6 million is not too much to pay a guy like this. Flacco will be nothing without Boldin.

  15. the ravens will be doing him a solid by cutting him. The record the next few years will be closer to 4 and 12 rather than 12 and 4. Perfect storms resulting in flukey super bowls happen once every 25 years

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