Dimitroff, Pioli talk shop and reminisce

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Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff and former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli go way back, more than 20 years.

They got together on Thursday to talk shop and reminisce.

Coincidentally, the Pro Football Talk cameras were rolling.  And I was eavesdropping.  While also asking some questions.

It’s a good blend of nostalgia with an assessment of the immediate future of Dimitroff’s team.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

3 responses to “Dimitroff, Pioli talk shop and reminisce

  1. Is there any way Scott Pioli can be banished from all Football related entities, events, News and Commentary??? He ran my team into the ground the last 4 years and shoved Matt Cassel down our throats. He is an Overhyped Wannabe. I can’t believe so many media outlets and football people are still fawning over this Failure of a Football Man.

  2. As a Pats fan I especially loved this segment.
    Great stuff. Even though I’ve read Mike Holley’s fantastic book that talks a bit about their relationship, it’s fun to hear them talking face to face.

    At the risk of sounding like a kissbutt, I love the PFT show. I watch it every day. There’s great chemistry on set (Kuselias is especially awesome, I’e loed his style since he filled in om Mike & Mike)and the hour flies by.

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