Johnny Patrick was a popular waiver-wire name


For a recent third-round pick who couldn’t get on the field for the league’s all-time worst defense (as measured by yards allowed), cornerback Johnny Patrick was popular yesterday.

After being released by the Saints, he was claimed off waivers by the Chargers. But according to Adam Caplan of, the Seahawks and Colts also put in claims for the former Louisville corner.

Patrick being popular (primarily because he’s cheap) illustrates the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” nature of the business, which is worth remembering as teams obsess over the measurables of mid- to late-round picks this week.

13 responses to “Johnny Patrick was a popular waiver-wire name

  1. I don’t care how much he makes or where he was drafted, the dude is an embarrassment to the position and the game of football. Just glad he’s not our problem anymore

  2. Unless he’s got a ton of money coming for a roster bonus or offseason workout bonus, it’s easy to take a flier on a waiver claim to give him an offseason audition. Not like they have to pay him game checks yet, or cut someone other than another camp body to pick him up.

    As Titus Young showed, one man’s trash can still be another man’s trash after a close-up inspection. But it’s still pretty much a free look, so why not?

  3. Fuglyflorio ” roided up ”

    Dude it was leaked to be adderall not like he was proven guilty for taking something and said adderall to cover his butt. He denied the result. Why would anyone who illegally leaks information give him a pass. On Roids? They would simply say what it was because there had been no further illegal Ness to it.

    People say PEDs for damage control it weakens Roids and HGH and regular illegal drugs and helps to emphasize simple over the counter drugs like adderall and other creatines with a little bit of testosterone.

    Also he clearly has ADHD he cant stay quiet nor shut his mouth he could easily get a prescription for adderall.

    But don’t let the facts miss you!

  4. The worst CB on the worst defense in the history of the NFL is a hot commodity?? Something doesn’t make sense here..

  5. allidoiswin55 … Adderall is used to mask the steroids. It’s a common technique, and that’s why it’s banned. Think about it … why are all these professional players on Adderall?

  6. The fact that this was an article tells you how slow football news is. Not sure I’ve ever read three different articles about a 3rd round DB getting cut, chased & signed. In fact, if he hadn’t been with the Saints, I wouldn’t know his name or even care.

  7. I have been watching football a long time and he may be the worst defensive back I have ever seen, and I saw all 16 of the Saints games this year….

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