PFT Live: Mike Munchak, Jeff Ireland


Mike Florio has taken the PFT Live show on the road to Indianapolis this week and he’s got a pair of guests Thursday with a lot of interest in how the prospects look at the combine.

Titans coach Mike Munchak would like to uncover a few players who will help him get the Titans over .500 and into the playoffs so that he can continue being their coach beyond the 2013 season. While we don’t expect Munchak to just blurt out which players he’s considering with the Titans’ selections, we hope we’ll get some idea of what the team’s direction might be come April.

Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland got his starting quarterback at the draft last year and now he’s looking to surround Ryan Tannehill with more talent. The Dolphins have a slew of free agents at key positions, a lot of cap space to use and a bunch of draft picks at their disposal, a combination that makes them a team likely to make headlines this offseason.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.