Ron Rivera on Combine interviews, Cam Newton


The Scouting Combine gives teams an opportunity to meet face to face with plenty of incoming rookies.  Through the formal interview process, teams can talk to up to 60 players for 15 minutes at a time.

But there’s a lesser-known (and less formal) approach that occurs at Union Station, a gathering place in Indy that once served as the local train station.  Panthers coach Ron Rivera explained during a bonus segment of PFT Live that this less structured (and thus slightly more chaotic) interview process can result in fewer canned, prepared answers — and in turn a better chance at getting to the “real” guy.

Rivera addressed plenty of other topics, including the struggles of Cam Newton early in the 2012 season, working with a new G.M., and strategies for improving the league’s recently poor performance when it comes to minority hiring.

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7 responses to “Ron Rivera on Combine interviews, Cam Newton

  1. Did anyone ask him who is the sham coach who shouldn’t have been hired, and who the racist owner is? Was he asked to stand behing his words and name names? Just wondering.

  2. I did not watch the video but did you ask about him being a lousy coach and how winning 6-7 games in a row doesn’t not mean anything? you know the comments you wrote about him on your site? along with the ones with how he can’t win close games and that 2 years was enough to prove he can’t do the job? or do you just ask the softball questions and save the football “expert” stuff for the site?

  3. Newton threw more passes in the second half of last season than the first half. Pokes a hole in Ron’s theory. I think it was just a case of garbage time stats, they were well and thoroughly out of the playoff race by mid season so everyone was playing for their personal stats.

  4. This guys a bum. Chudzinski was the offensive brain, Rivera is a defensive coach with one of the worst defenses in the league. They should have ditched him, and promoted the chud, but now the chud is in cleveland and im willing to bet $ hell have a better offense then carolina. Sad but true. Chudzinski + Norv will have that offense rolling.

  5. Think this will be one of the times sticking with a coach will pay off. Rivera has made a few mistakes as a head coach but his lack of experience as a HC was the cause. The team responded to him when there was nothing to play for and won 5 out of last 6.

    If they can get under the cap and take advantage of the loaded safety FA market and draft and fix the secondary along with a 2nd WR, strong chance the panthers make a playoff run next season. A lot of teams would love to have players like Cam and Luke leading their offense and defense.

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