Tebow cancels appearance at controversial church


Tim Tebow still wants to spread his word, but some churches are apparently too politically hot for him to handle.

Via USA Today, Tebow had been scheduled to appear April 28 at First Baptist Church Dallas, the megachurch of Robert Jeffress, whose views on other religions and homosexuality have drawn fire in recent years.

But rather than add fuel to the fire, Tebow sent out a stream of tweets this morning, stepping politely away from Jeffress and canceling the appearance without refuting any of his controversial positions.

“While I was looking forward to sharing a message of hope and Christ’s unconditional love with the faithful members of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas in April, due to new information that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to cancel my upcoming appearance. I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring Faith, Hope and Love to all those needing a brighter day. Thank you for all of your love and support. God Bless!”

One of Tebow’s greatest gifts, greater than his football ability, is his way of making a point without making people uncomfortable. And in this instance, he recognized the rush and took the sack, rather than risking a turnover that could have sullied a pristine image.

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  1. This is nothing like taking a sack. This is throwing into double coverage, having the DB drop an INT and sheepishly going back to the huddle hoping no one saw.

  2. This whole league might be doing Tebow an unintended favor by not letting him sink or try to swim again. Denver was an aberration and with defenses preparing more and more for his type of offense he’s left with even less of an advantage.

    I say they’re doing him a favor because the legend and potential of greatness is what’s keeping him relevant and the longer that lasts the more permanent his name becomes.

    I’ll be extremely surprised if his career doesn’t lead him into politics.

  3. That last paragraph laughable, beyond ridiculous. How does one quantify such a “gift”? And, the subsequent allegory would make an aspiring teen writer puke. Ridiculous.

  4. But what does Tebow think about the Redskins’ name change, Darin?!?! I bet he thinks they “fumbled” on that issue!!!1!!

  5. When your brother is the one who is in charge of booking, you’re not able to do the proper research.

    It’s all about making the most money with the most opportunity, until the message becomes mixed.

    Tebow doesn’t want to have to answer questions later in life when he comes out of the closet.

  6. Tebow was pretty dumb to accept that invitation in the first place.

    Actually, I find Tebow just pretty dumb to begin with. Have you ever heard him interviewed? No real intellectual depth to speak of.

  7. What new information, Tim? You mean that Jeffress has degraded all religions except evangelical Christian, or that it will cast you in a negative light. Good for him for canceling, but he (or his people) should never have agreed in the first place. Even better, Tebow should condemn the pastor’s prejudices..Of course that will never happen, and the bully in Dallas will continue his hateful ways.

  8. If he made an appearance it would destroy his next “mission” in life, running for some political office.

  9. I love reading all the ignorant Tebow haters. He’s achieved more and inspired countless more than any of the posters who post their hatred for a person they never met.
    No doubt his QB skills lack in comparison to his peers, but because he achieved more out of sheer will and desire more so than talent alone is an inspiration that many can learn from.
    In a league where this website carries an arrest meter, someone that not only talks his talk but walks his walk should be embraced and not frowned upon.

  10. This was the right move for Tebow. Certain bigoted and extremist segments of the population may think it’s ok to selectively take a religious history book literally as an excuse for intolerant bigotry and preaching hatred instead of love (contrary to Jesus’ or Mohammed’s teachings). However, normal and rationale Americans who believe in equality and tolerance reject these mega churches or the Phelps. We don’t need young people looking up to Tebow and thinking it’s ok to bash people like gays.

  11. I don’t share much in common with Tebow but he does appear to be genuine. Very few prominent religious people livein accordance with the teachings of the Semon on the Mount. Tebow actually practices what he preaches.

  12. You’d think that Tebow’s handlers (his parents and brother) would have known that visiting this looney’s church would make their precious look bad.

  13. Yes, Jesus spoke of love but he also spoke out against sin. In fact, he actually got ticked off and chased people out of the temple as I recall.

    All of this having nothing to do with the fact that Tebow is not a modern day NFL QB.

  14. It’s almost comical to watch the overly personal attacks made on Tebow by people who call themselves “open-minded” but who actually hate him because of his public pronouncement of his faith. It’s like a bad reality show. “Athiests Gone Wild”

  15. I wonder if so many Christians would congratulate and defend this young man if he was Muslim and proclaimed his faith so publicly. Never mind, I know the answer to that question. So what they’re really saying is that they like that Tebow proclaims THEIR faith so publicly.

    Regarding the article, I believe the new information that came to his attention wasn’t the track record of the hateful preacher, but rather the fact that there would be backlash from some of his more moderate fans that, in the end, would cost Timmy the opportunity to make more money than what the church was going to pay him to speak.

  16. When Tebow came on the scene with his Bible verses on his eye-black and his saccharine-religious interviews, I rolled my eyes and thought: ugh! another self-promoting, evangelical, small c christian. A dime a dozen.

    But as I continued to listen to him speak in interviews I came to realize that he genuinely believes in what he’s saying and that his actions (and reactions) reveal a certain authenticity.

    So Gantt’s summary paragraph is spot on when he writes:

    “One of Tebow’s greatest gifts, greater than his football ability, is his way of making a point without making people uncomfortable.”

    Tebow is able to do this because he is genuinely a capital C Christian, which is a rare thing to behold these days.

  17. Actually, I find Tebow just pretty dumb to begin with. Have you ever heard him interviewed? No real intellectual depth to speak of.


    Very few religious fanatics have any intellectual depth to begin with anyway.

  18. If the media would have covered Obama’s church (20+ year member) even half as much as PFT just covered a church Tebow was going to speak at, McCain would have been elected in 2008.

  19. I don’t understand the hype with this guy. People act as if he is the second coming, or if he is the first person to truly believe deeply in God. An average football player with an above average heart. What he can give you on a football field and a dollar can get you a cup of coffee.

    I wonder how long it is befofe people actually admit that he has no falue to a football team as a player (only as a draw for the owner, that will dump him when he realizes the kid just can’t play QB). Sadly, he will then jump into the political world when he will be yet another popular, unqualified guy in office. Bush, anyone?

  20. I was glad to see this article, I thought Tebow was gone since nothing had been written of him lately. I will sleep better tonight.

  21. I’m not a religious person at all. In fact I don’t believe in god or any organized religion. To me it is all fake made up stories from thousands of years ago that mankind used to explain life. Nowadays it is used by many people to control groups and individuals. Radical Islam and Fundamentalist Christianity seem to be the main culprits when it comes to using religion as a way to keep people controlled and down.

    However, I have to give Tebow the benefit of the doubt. He honestly tries to practice what he preaches. He probably had no idea this guy at the First Baptist Church is so crazy and hateful.

  22. Just some hick preacher trying to lure in a big name and make his church justified.

    I like Tebow for his kindness as a gentleman!. It seems the media bothers him rather than him bothering them… I would be proud to have a son like him, Christian or Moslem…..

  23. cosanostra71 February 21, 2013, 11:21 AM EST

    His pristine image? The guy is a clown and pretty much everyone knows it
    why is he a clown? because he has different beliefs than you? Or because the media talks so much about him that it annoys us all? Why exactly is he a clown? What have you done in your life that’s so special that you get to judge a guy you’ve never met? Grow up reject.

  24. None of this would ever be written if Josh Mc Idiot hadn’t traded UP to draft a QB that can’t throw accurately, can’t read defenses, can’t get his feet in sink and can’t be a long term leader, because, like it or not, Pros won’t follow a leader that can’t perform his job. Proof? Aside from the statistics, Denver had no shot at attracting valued free agents until they moved TT. Had he been drafted in the correct slot, 5 or lower, he could have had a solid back up 7 year job.

  25. This guy is a smiling waterhead who has never made a definitive statement in his life.

    He can run with a football, and he can’t go three sentences without giggling and saying “Jesus.” So of course all of these zombie eyed christians want to jock him because, well, they checked their ability to think freely at the door long ago.

  26. ceschatz says: why is he a clown? because he has different beliefs than you?

    Why do people act like he is a good QB, because he has the same beliefs as they do? Its funny how that works. According to his fans those of us who aren’t fans of his or who think he is a terrible QB are persecuting him for his beliefs. Yet somehow those same fans see nothing at all wrong with arguing about how great he can be as a QB simply because they agree with his beliefs.

    The truth is i couldn’t care less what he believes, i think he sucks as a QB because he is a terrible passer and that seems to be a fairly important part of being a QB.

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