X-ray machine goes down at NFL combine

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Players began arriving in Indianapolis on Wednesday for the first day of the NFL combine.

The first group to make it to town included kickers, special teamers, offensive linemen and tight ends.

While everyone made it to town in time to register for the event, there was an unexpected hiccup for a group of players on the first day. According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com, an X-ray machine stopped working for 2.5 hours on Wednesday that forced a group of 20 players to sit around and wait while the machine was repaired.

First day activities include registration, orientation, team interviews and preliminary medical exams. Players are also subjected to an intensive medical examination during the week but X-rays are taken care of on day one. With 332 players to get through this week, the X-ray machines will be putting in overtime. The league will have to hope the machines will hold out through the rest of the week.

5 responses to “X-ray machine goes down at NFL combine

  1. It was caused by a faulty relay switched installed a couple of months ago by the Indianapolis electric company in hopes of avoiding just such an outage.

  2. They can recoup lost time by just taking one huge group X-ray, like a team photo and then label the players.

    Back row skeletons L to R: Barkley, Lacy etc.

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