Browns think Norv can help Weeden, but won’t commit to him

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New Browns coach knows he’s excited to be in charge of his childhood team, and is certainly glad to have gotten Norv Turner aboard to call his offensive plays.

Who they’ll be calling them for seems to be something he’s less clear about.

Chudzinski was short on specifics about the quarterback position during his time on the podium at the NFL Scouting Combine, but told Browns beat writers beforehand that they’d listen to trade offers for both Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy (such that they’d come).

“We’re looking to improve our team in any areas, by any means of doing that,” Chudzinski replied to a question about moving the two incumbents, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Through it all, the Browns have been hesitant to commit to Weeden. There’s a clear sense that if they can upgrade there, they would, but it’s no certainty they can find one better this offseason.

Chudzinski said his intent was to call his own plays when he became a head coach “if I didn’t find somebody I trusted,” but said that Turner could help Weeden improve.

“He has a really good arm, he can throw the ball, he can make all the throws that you need to throw, he has a good, calm poise and demeanor in the pocket,” Chudzinski said. “Again, he was up and down a little bit and during the season as any quarterback, especially a young quarterback is. You see some things that are there that get you excited about him.”

That may be the case, but it’s also relatively apparent the Browns aren’t in love with their current options.

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  1. I don’t blame them for being noncomittal on Weeden, but I really don’t see what else is out there. The draft and FA market look no better than what they’ve got and all the trade possibilities would be prohibitively expensive. Unless they manage to find a diamond-in-the-rough buried in the late rounds of the draft or the bottom of the FA barrel, they’re better off giving Weeden another shot. Coach him up and focus on improving the team around him.

  2. Atta boy. Keep reinforcing the Cleveland sports media’s obsession with the QB position! If the other 50 guys on the Browns roster are as fed up with hearing ad infinitum about the QBs as I am, maybe they could try answering interview questions from these morons by saying, “Go ask the QB about that.” Maybe THEN these so-called “reporters” would get the point. But, after all these decades of the Cleveland sports media types being one-note-Johnnies as to the QB position, I doubt even that would work!

  3. Only reason I get the NFL Ticket is to watch the Browns. They’re finally moving in the right direction and they’ve got their QB. If they freaking get rid of Weeden or bring in another QB I’m not even gonna bother getting the Ticket this year

  4. Here what the new coach of the Cleveland Browns should say:

    “First and Foremost we as coaches are going to concentrate on establishing the system. Until there is the solid framework to our offensive philosophy then even Aaron Rodgers can’t help us.”

  5. oldbrowndawg says: ”Keep reinforcing the Cleveland sports media’s obsession with the QB position”


    How can you scoff at the crucial importance of gaining an excellent QB? I agree that the other positions are important too, but when was the last time the Browns had an excellent QB? Kosar? I’m a huge Redskins fan, but I hope the team/fans of Cleveland find a great QB [maybe Weeden?] soon.

  6. This reeks of the arrogance of a new regime. Give the guy a shot. We already wasted a first rounder on the guy when I wanted them to go after a guard like DeCastro. But after only one year in the system that was a horrible fit, along with system managers that were a horible fit (Heckert, Holmgren & Shurmur), they want to toss the kid away when he threw for a higher completion pct. than Peyton Manning in his rookie year, same yards per attempt, and 11 fewer INT’s? Give me a break. Give this guy a shot. It’s not like he looked like Tim Couch in his rookie season.

  7. The last thing I would do is cut Brandon. The guy had a good first year and needs more time to develop.

    He can make all the throws, is good in the pocket and made the most out of a bad situation. Give the kid more time.

  8. Just a thought…………give Weeden some top-flight receiving targets and I think he’ll do just fine.

  9. Good luck with that. Half the teams in the league are looking for the same thing. How about the Browns bring in somebody who can coach Weeden up. Chudzinski is obviously not up for the challenge. And here we thought the Browns were headed in the right direction.

  10. Turner is a QB guru. has he had a chance to see more than just film. if Weeden can make all the throws and can rollout then he can succeed in Turners system. which is run, run, run, to set up the play action.

  11. The tune out of Cleveland might change a bit when Ravens resign Flacco or hit him with exclusive tag.

    Actually, this is well played IMO. Browns potential interest in Flacco is a factor in how much Ravens pony up. Browns are really after Ellerbe/Kruger.

  12. Trade Weeds to San Francisco for Alex Smith. He’s a proven starter, which benefits the Browns, and the 49ers get a less-expensive backup quarterback. The big question is whether Norv Turner believes Alex Smith can fit into his system.

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