Doty shoots down collusion case, again

On the day after the 2012 regular season ended, Judge David Doty rejected an effort by the NFLPA to pursue a collusion case based on the notion that the NFL had a secret salary cap in the uncapped year of 2010.

On the busiest Friday to date of the offseason, Doty has denied a separate effort by the NFLPA to pursue those collusion charges.

Without delving too far into the always-fascinating legal technicalities, the NFLPA attempted on two fronts to reopen the 2011 settlement agreement that otherwise waived any collusion claims for events occurring in 2010.  The December 31 ruling defeated one of those efforts.  As to the other effort, the parties failed to file paperwork in compliance with the court order setting forth the deadline for submitting the paperwork.

Judge Doty has now blocked the second effort, based not on the fact that the parties failed to submit paperwork but on the merits of the argument.

While the NFLPA understandably will be upset and likely will appeal the decision, Judge Doty once again has avoided issuing a ruling with language that would embarrass or chastise the players.  And he once again has slipped the ruling through the media’s five-hole at a time when there are plenty of other more pertinent NFL stories.

16 responses to “Doty shoots down collusion case, again

  1. rabbdogg says:
    Feb 22, 2013 4:10 PM
    man can the nflpa put in a lawsuit in any other part of the country/district?…because this doty dude sure seems paid off….

    You could have said the same thing about the NFL and the State of Minnesota with the Star Caps case – I’d call it even and move on.

  2. logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 22, 2013 4:04 PM
    Redskins did nothing wrong and were SCREWED PERIOD. I hope Mara enjoys as RGIII and the Redskins win the Superbowl in his own house this season.


    blah blah blah – the Redskins or whatever they decide to call themselves next won’t even make the playoffs next year….. they’ll probably slip back to last in their division (like usual)

  3. This is ridiculous, how ignorant do you have to be to not see that there was collusion in the uncapped year. Otherwise how can you say the Redskins violated the cap when there was no cap? The NFL signed off on every move the Redskins made, and then come back and say you violated the cap? That’s just ridiculous. And how is it not a conflict of interest when the guy who made this ruling is the owner of a team in the same division as the only two teams that were penalized? It’s complete bull, the Redskins should get 36 mill back and Mara should be penalized.

  4. I think it might be time to move these cases to a new judge. I think it is also time to investigate this judge for probable corruption as that can be the only reason he is not finding collusion.

  5. The NFL wins these cases because the PA agreed to throw out any claim to collusion damages when they signed the CBA. NFLPA should have never even filed this suit. It only embarrasses them.

  6. You don’t get it – he is sympathetic to the players; if there was a way he could fairly rule in their favor he would. The case is just too weak.

  7. Wow. The lack of reading comprehension is ASTOUNDING. The judge isn’t saying there was no collusion. The judge is simply saying the NFLPA waived their right to sue over it when they signed the new CBA. Which they did. It’s pretty straightforward and anyone who is surprised by the judge’s ruling is a fool.

  8. The NFLPA signed off on this last year, in order to increase the cap number. The cap space taken from the Cowboys and Redskins was split up evenly amongst the other 30 teams. That is why the NFLPA agreed to it, because the players weren’t losing any money out of it. They only try to sue again because De Smith doesn’t have a clue at what he is doing. Only Smith thinks he can sign off on an agreement and then have it changed whenever the mood strikes him. I am waiting for him to try and somehow blame the league now for the players constant legal issues. (ie. vehicular manslaugher, dwi, assaulting a police officer, possession of firearms in a carry on bag, etc.)

  9. I have no idea why the NFLPA keep demanding the owners over pay players just to claim collusion. Another perfect example is the NFLPA claimsing collusion when teams refuse to pay restricted FA’s top money AND a high draft pick.

    The reality is that doing this is that teams are simply not finding this a good methodology to build a a strong team. Last year the Bills and Bucs were 2 of the biggest FA spenders last year and they both flopped.

    You can blame the owners for a lot of stupidity, but overpaying and killing their caps shouldn’t be one of them.

  10. The players should be asking how much money did DeMaurice Smith cost them by agreeing to punish the Redskins and Cowboys.
    How does he still have his job?

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