Elway gives Peyton an A+ for 2012

Quarterback Peyton Manning had a great year in his first year with the Broncos.  And in the eyes of his boss, V.P. of football operations John Elway, it can’t get any better.

Elway told Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk that Manning gets an A+ for the 2012 season.

Not bad for a one-and-out playoff appearance.

That said, the Broncos won 11 straight games by seven or more points.  And Manning had a lot to do with that.

Elway think Peyton has two or three years left in the NFL.  With $40 million due over the next two years and a cap number of $20 million in 2013, Elway said that the team’s cap situation doesn’t compel a reshuffling of money.  Still, Elway knows Peyton would re-do his deal if a new deal was needed for cap relief.

“I just know that if we got in a situation I wouldn’t have a problem going to Peyton and asking him and I don’t think he’d have a problem with me coming and asking him about it,” Elway said.

He’s right.  Peyton wants to win, and he’d gladly move money around if needed to help the team win.

55 responses to “Elway gives Peyton an A+ for 2012

  1. where was that willingness to move money around to help the colts last year? not that they needed him this year just sick of colt fans whining about awful it was for the colts to let him go when he could have restructured to help them but didn’t. glad to hear he is healthy and happy leading another team to great regular season success. very impressive playing in such a tough division like the AFC west.

  2. Before people mention that the Broncos lost their opening playoff game, remember that Manning was the best quarterback in the NFL at age 36 and coming off 4 neck surgeries and a possible career ending injury. And if Elway could make the move he did in getting rid of Tebow for Manning, he’d to it 100 times out of 100, anybody who can’t see that is either a troll or a moron.

  3. he sold his soul to get him, and of course peyton did his one and done in the playoffs, no way the broncos are SB contendars, peyton chokes in the cold and playoffs

  4. Elway gives Peyton an A+ for 2012

    Peyton gives Elway an A+ for the 2012 contract

  5. What do you expect Elway to say, that he made a mistake? And Manning’s back-up QB is a stiff named Osweiler.
    Tebow was not Elway’s addition so he had nothing to lose.

  6. Doubt Manning gives Elway an A+, what with Johnny spending a premium pick on a clipboard (Jack’s roommate) instead of picking a useful player for Peyton’s twilight.

    That pick made a difference against the Ravens. No doubt about it.

  7. What’s with all these players being big competitors and all about winning taking massive cap gobbling contracts? Even if they restructure all that does is kick the problem to the next year.

  8. @tonyugoh:

    The only moron on here is you jack@ss.

    Manning was a good QB this year but no where near the best. So get over yourself Bronco freak.
    That weak ass pick in the playoffs was the throw of a weak armed, worn out, old QB who looked an awful lot like the old Peyton making dumb-ass decisions when under pressure

  9. Lol at all the PM haters. He is a proven champion. And by proven champion, I mean he has a ring AND the stats. And if any moron tries to say “yeah, but he played bad that postseason” then they are just that, morons AND predictable. You are the same people that let your hate/jealousy/envy blind you from recognizing other proven champions i.e. LeBron, Mickelson, the Admiral, Maddux etc.
    Stay blind if that’s what you must do to feel good about yourself. But I prefer to keep my eyes open.

  10. All year I said he’d lose game one in the postseason and he didnt let me down. He’s the biggest choker in NFL history. 9-11 in the playoffs and he stunk on his one SB run. Sorry kids, truth hurts.

  11. I’d bet Denver’s receivers give Peyton a very high grade as well! Still should have kept Tebow for the playoff run!

  12. Bewildered as to the pass Manning is getting on his much-worse bone-headed pick which lost the game, compared to Favre’s against the Saints in 2009 which only sent the game to overtime. Manning also blew the Superbowl with a boneheaded pick. Still, nothing from the media. Where is all the same pathetic, seething hatred from the “fans”? Why does Favre send the average loser into a rage of jealous hatred, while Manning gets praise for killing his team’s season? Is it because the average guy identifies more with Peyton’s goofy giant balding forehead?

  13. @rexryanstoecheese

    I’m not even a Broncos fan @sshole, and if he wasn’t the best QB this year then who was? Cause last I checked he was 1st-team all-pro and runner-up for MVP. And how did Tom Brady play against that same Ravens defense?

  14. I never heard of a “VP of Football Operations” job before.
    And because a SB winning QB has that job, he is the only:
    1) Guy we will ever see on TV with that job.
    2) Broncos exec we will see on TV.

    Do the Broncos even have an owner? If so, I have no idea what he looks like. Unless it’s John Elway.

  15. jonesjack says:
    Feb 22, 2013 10:32 PM
    John resembles Gary Busey more and more as he ages.
    Now you know that Busey could play Elway in the biopic: Elway; The post Super Bowl Years.

  16. Seemed like Manning played well right up until he, you know, couldn’t throw the ball more than about 3 yards in that playoff game.

    Sorry but doesn’t look like he has the physical stamina anymore to throw with strength and accuracy for a whole season and the playoffs as well. Too much damage to his neck and its definitely taken its toll on him.

  17. Most of the Manning trolls are fans of teams who Peyton turned down in the free agency circus. If he had gone to their teams they would be a fawning and saying he’s the second coming of Joe Montana.
    With only eight to ten top tier QB’s and thirty two teams that leaves a lot of bitter fans who suffer year in and out with their sub-par teams. It softens their pain a little to rag on a future Hall Of Farmer.

  18. pay a ton wouldnt give up a dime to get any free agent. he is the biggest moneyhog alive. he wouldnt even give away free papa johns pizza for the entire season to his teammates, and that pizza sucks like he does

  19. Manning is a “proven champion” with the same amount of rings and career playoff wins as Joe Flacco.

    He hasn’t won an outdoor playoff game since the Super Bowl in 2006.

    Since 2006 he has two playoff wins, a Super Bowl loss and 4 one and dones.

    He’s a superb regular season QB, one of the greatest of all time, but he’s also one of the games greatest chokers, a dome babby and a guy who’s chief rival has 3 rings and 5 Super Bowl appearances.

    Brad Johnson is a “proven champion”, Trent Dilfer is a “proven champion” by your logic.

  20. Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter!

  21. Manning did more than enough to win the playoff game against the eventual SB champs. Its not his fault the Ravens completed a 70 yd pass with 30 seconds left. That game was over. Blame the Bronco defense that is who lost them the game.

  22. How could he not give him an A+? And even though they lost the playoff game, That was not Mannings fault.

    All that said, 9 – 11 lifetime in the playoffs including a sweep the year the Colts won it all.

  23. Manning is a Hall of Famer of course…but he will not get another SB victory. All his stats and great games mean nothing once the playoffs start.
    Against the Ravens it actually got to the point where he aged right in front of our eyes. He actually looked like he did not even belong on the field.
    Would like to see him get another one…but he is now too old, too slow, too past his prime, and as usual is horrible in the playoffs.
    When it goes – it goes quick. I think we are going to be seeing a big drop in performance from him very soon.

  24. Elway went all in and lost, now the team is screwed.

    I guess they can always circumvent the salary cap again, like they did when they won both their Super Bowls.

  25. Yea and I used to get A+’s for effort all the time…..Didn’t get me a playoff win either!

    How ironic is it that the QB nobody wanted got a playoff win with that team last year and the QB everybody wanted couldn’t….

  26. I can’t believe people say Peyton Manning sucks. If he wasn’t the best qb this year, he was still top 5 again. People can talk all they want, Peyton Manning is a first ballot hall of famer. I’m like 99.5% sure of that much.

  27. I feel bad for any Denver fan who cannot appreciate what Peyton did for them,,,,outstanding year. Only one team wins in the end,,,its tough but you should appreciate your team being elite, even if they fall short

  28. I’ll be honest unlike trolls who make snide remarks that have no substance in the name of hating someone and say I HATE PM very very much but he did have a very good year last year, regular season, no doubt. Best QB in the NFL though is the same guy it’s been for the past few years, Aaron Rodgers.

    One thing I will say for PM though, his postgame presser after that playoff loss showed a lot of leadership and that’s not something I’ve ever said about him before. He owned up to his bad decisions which has never happened in any other postgame he’s played poorly in that I know of. Good for him. Maybe now that he’s late in his career he has been humbled by not having the game to play for a year and his own declining skills making him feel more mortal. And before I get picked on for saying he has declining skills, all players at that age do (maybe not kickers 🙂 ). I’m not slamming him. It’s a fact of life.

    To the people complaining about taking a knee and the run plays, I’m guessing you don’t realize that PM himself audibled to that run on 3rd & 7 by his own admission and taking a knee was also a joint decision if I remember right. So stop complaining about Fox/McCoy for those.

  29. Privately You had to believe Elway was getting indigestion from watching Tebow QB with his anemic passing rating, and as we know, he is one of the best passes of all time. Thank goodness he was able to land Peyton at Denver, someone worthy of being the Crown Prince to his Kingdom. We understand.

  30. 9-11 lifetime playoffs, Including a postseason sweep with the Colts.


    Enjoy your creation media.

  31. An A+ for what?? Christ, if he had won the super bowl would have have given him a happy ending during the post-game show? “Yea, he gets an A+ for beating the Chiefs twice…and beating the Ravens during the regular season!”. Will enjoy watching Denver choke again next year.

  32. I feel bad for any Denver fan who cannot appreciate what Peyton did for them,,,,outstanding year. Only one team wins in the end,,,its tough but you should appreciate your team being elite, even if they fall short

    yea, every fan loves a great regular season followed by a one and done in the playoffs… hell Colts fans were the happiest people ever for the last decade by that logic.

  33. Great movie! I like the part when the young hero won more playoff games than the boss’s hand picked ringer. Lesson #1 – backstabbing didn’t make the fans feel good nor did it deliver any results. Lesson #2 – mobile QBs dominated the league. No wonder those bitter old alcoholic restauranters Namath and Elway hate Tebow for bringing in a new style that makes their glories obsolete.

  34. A+, smh…really? So what grade did tebow get for winning a playoff game—= an apple and a road map.

  35. packmanfan says: Feb 23, 2013 12:02 AM

    I never heard of a “VP of Football Operations” job before.
    And because a SB winning QB has that job, he is the only:
    1) Guy we will ever see on TV with that job.
    2) Broncos exec we will see on TV.

    Do the Broncos even have an owner? If so, I have no idea what he looks like. Unless it’s John Elway.
    You never heard of it because it’s not in any pop up books. Just because you’re a moron don’t expect the rest of the world to slow down for you.

  36. You manning haters are just plain ol stupid. Kit would take tebow lightyears to put up the numbers Peyton did in 2012. You’re not gonna take a team far completing 40.4% passes in the playoffs. Tebow stunk against brady, he could never beat the elites, broncos wouldn’t have made the playoffs last season with tebow. The 20 teams that didn’t make the playoffs would love to have manning under center. The teams who are looking for a QB now would snatch him up in a hot second. You would ne the dumbest owner in the world if you didn’t pursue manning. The colts cut him because they too like others thought manning wouldn’t play again. I would trade tebow and all draft picks for two years to get manning.

  37. @YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou please don’t pick and choose parts of my post to reply to. Can you put the phrase “AND stats” behind Dilfer and Johnson’s championships/careers? Didn’t think so. Bottom line is PM played good enough to win, but didn’t win. It happens. The pick six in the 1Q was a PI, the tuck rule wasn’t called when it should have been, and he had one bad pick in a moment of the game shouldn’t even of been a moment had his teammates played better. That loss was on a lot of people, but PM is way down on the list. And by the way, champion does mean champion, even if its only once. Just ask Dan Marino.

  38. Yes. IMO, Peyton Manning does get an unbelievable pass by not only the media (media members that seem to just love to kiss up to Archie and his kin), but also from the fantasy playing geeks, as well as the Madden playing geeks.

    There is no question that Manning can put up stats, but when the pressure is on more often than not he comes up short. His overall playoff record doesn’t lie.

    It is a shame that more people don’t look at his stats, instead of sitting there on just swallowing everything that the pro Manning media spews out.

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