Exclusive Flacco franchise tag would reverberate well beyond 2013


As the Ravens and agent Joe Linta, representative of quarterback Joe Flacco, prepare to talk contract for the first time in months, there’s another important factor to keep in mind regarding the seemingly no-brainer possibility that the Ravens would use the exclusive version of the franchise tag on the Super Bowl XLVII MVP.

At current levels of top-five quarterback pay, Flacco’s tender as of April 19 would lock in at $20.464 million.  That would make Flacco eligible for a 2014 franchise tender of $24.55 million, based on the rule guaranteeing a franchise player a 20-percent raise upon the second use of the tag.

And then, if the Ravens were to use the franchise tag for a third time in 2015, Flacco would be eligible to receive a 44-percent raise.  Which would translate to a franchise tender of $35.36 million.

That’s a three-year haul of $80.37 million.  Which, under the exclusive tag, becomes the starting point on a long-term deal

With the non-exclusive tag, which starts at roughly $14.6 million in 2013, the three-year total would be $57.34 million ($14.6 million with a 20-percent raise will be $17.52 million in 2014, which grows to $25.23 million with a 44-percent raise in 2015).

So while the difference between the non-exclusive tag and the exclusive tag amounts to less than $6 million in 2013, the gap by 2015 will be $23 million.  And the total difference over three years will be $36 million.

Which could force the Ravens to roll the dice on the non-exclusive tag, hopeful that Flacco wouldn’t call their bluff and sign a long-term deal elsewhere.

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  1. You go Joe.

    Hire Rosenhaus, Tom Condon and bring in Scott Boras from baseball to make sure you get every cent owed to you by a team that has continually disrespected you.

    Learn the words: “Show me da Monies”

  2. What a non-story. When was the last time a quarterback was tagged two years in a row? Has it even ever happened before?

    And even if they did, there’s no way he’d get tagged for a third year.

  3. Next headline: “Flacco’s agent seen grocery shopping – what does this mean for his tag possibilities? ”

    Cmon guys! Even diehard Ravens fans are laughing at you at this point.

  4. Why would they care if he signs a long term deal elsewhere? Likely another team isn’t going to give him Drew Brees money.. So they would be matching an offer that is about where they believe his market value to be, avoiding overpaying him, and losing no draft picks in the process.. Seems like a no brainer to me..

  5. I reckon a deal may be done before that even becomes close to being an issue. Spending $30m for one season on an average QB isnt going to happen

  6. Option A: Raven’s pay Joe too much money and are forced to part ways with other important players.

    Option B: The Raven’s go non-exclusive – if Cleveland pays him an insane amount of money, then you have 2 of their 1st round picks and salary cap relief.

    Joe is maddeningly inconsistent and I get the feeling he would look a level or two lower with less talent around him. If I’m Baltimore, I would almost dare Cleveland (or someone else) to use up most of their cap space on him and then part ways with your next 2 first round picks.

  7. He’s just not worth that kind of money. He had a great year, no denying. But the only QBs I’d use that kind of cash on are Tom Brady, Petyon Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rogers – and that’s assuming they’re at their prime. Stats aside we all have an eyeball, common sense test. And Flacco doesn’t pass that test – he’s just a bit below it. If the Ravens pay him that they’ll handicap their franchise… and Ozzie has to know that in his heart.

  8. I still think its highly unlikely that any team is willing to part with 2 first round picks AND pay him a contract the ravens can’t match

    even if Cleveland offered him 30million in year one, he doesn’t have to take it, total value and guaranteed money are more important

  9. Wow.

    Flacco was epic in playoffs but man …

    this past regular season I was looking at my teams stats (raiders, ugh) and seen Carson Palmer was 29th in QB rating, flacco was 26th ….

    You have to be reallllly careful with this flacco contract, they had some tebow miracle stuff in the playoffs at Denver.

  10. The numbers over time don’t lie…

    flaccid lies somewhere between 8 and 12 in the quarterback hierarchy.

    The beauty of this whole sitiuation is that the “genius” oz just backed himself into a corner from which there is no escape. Either he pays flaccid WAY more than he’s truly worth or Burt strolls on down to one of these weak franchises with a ton of cap space.

    All this over a couple of moonshot Hail Mary’s in the playoffs. He’d better send Rahim Moore a HUGE pile of cash once he signs this contract!

    Get your popcorn guys!! As the Nest Burns…


  11. I know that as a player you must look after yourself, but if your salary hamstrings your team so much that they are rendered uncompetitive because of your contract you need to re-evaluate. He needs to work something out between the “hometown discount” and the max, otherwise the team may be bouncing around the 3rd and 4th teams in the division which is bad for everybody. Spending more than 1 year at 3 & 4 is unacceptable for the Ravens, and that is possible if he tries to get $80M over 3 years.

  12. The best thing the Browns can do is let Baltimore franchise him and keep him. The cap will damage the Ratbirds a whole lot worse than Shurmur’s play-calling ever did…

    Go on, Oz…pay the man.

  13. This is a non-story. Did Suggs leave? Ngata? Lewis? Rice? No. Ozzie got the contract done. Every time. I understand you have to have scintillating headlines for web traffic. But everyone knows he’s not going anywhere. Next topic.

  14. He’s not a legit super bowl winning quarterback. He’s an every jerk has his day quarterback. Sign him to the non-exclusive and when the Browns give him a longterm contract, for the Ravens it will be the ultimate kick in the arse…because he will show his true colors with the Browns. Plug and Play…put Alex Smith or Matt Flynn in that offense and you’ll see the same results, if not improvement.

  15. Ravens will not pay him 20 plus million dollars. That you can take to the bank. If he doesn’t sign they will let the free market put a number on his value. And not a lot of teams will pursue him. 2 first rounders and a big contract? No way.

  16. I hear a lot about Joe Flacco being inconsistent. The offense under Cam Cameron has ALWAYS been inconsistent. There is not a single player, not even Ray Rice that has been consistent under Cam. As soon as he was removed Boldin explodes, Joe Flacco becomes a force to be reckoned with. Our running game becomes very solid. Joe has been the epitome of consistent under new OC Caldwell. The Ravens need to sign him asap or his price will drastically increase next year! Congrats Joe you earned it buddy!

  17. A QB goes through the playoffs with 11 TD’s and no picks, tying Joe Montana in the process, and is not a legit Super Bowl quarterback? LOL! O_o If not for Lee Evans, Flacco would have had his team in the Super Bowl in back to back years. If he’s not your cup of tea, fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But don’t dismiss what he did this postseason as lucky or flukey. He balled out. For the third postseason in a row. Period.

  18. Bring in Elvis Grbac again to replace your SB winning QB, worked the last time…right?

    I think there’s a middle ground that Flacco and Baltimore will find. Base numbers should put him in that top 8 QB range with incentives that can make him paid like a top 3.

  19. I love all of these Steelers fans talking mad trash about Joe Flacco. Joe’s on the rise. Ben’s on the decline. Joe’s never missed a start. Ben’s becoming more and more fragile. Joe’s getting more clutch by the year. Ben is becoming Tony Romo of the North. Ben had 3 Touchdown Passes in 3 Super Bowl Appearances. Joe had 3 in one half of a Super Bowl.

    The sooner you guys get that through your heads, the sooner you’ll realize that the Ravens have a GREAT QB for YEARS TO COME!

  20. A. They do the deal or
    B. Ravens tag him nonexclusive and wait for either a deal to match or two first round picks.
    C. No way the exclusive tag is used since the agent would look for 25million per year.
    IMHO ravens can move on with 4 #1s over two years. By the way tyrod taylor was the fastest QB at the combine not colin k and he can run the read option. Just pointing out the ops.

  21. Flacco has to prove that he is consistently good to get elite money. Very good, but not yet at Brady or Rodgers level.
    Putting the franchise tag is a no-brainer for B’,more.

  22. Flacco is not worth anywhere near $20 mil a year. Easy choice here. Non-exclusive tag and hope someone gives you two firsts for a QB with 1 good season under his belt and a history of inconsistent play otherwise.

    Flacco is not top 10, probably not even top 15, top 10 money is a very bad idea.

  23. So awesome that a regular dude like Joe can come win a Superbowl and MVP, a guy who played at Delaware. This isn’t Hollywood these aren’t celebrity’s…..this is football, Ravens football. Pay the man he already took us to the promise land.

  24. pistolpete0903 says: Feb 22, 2013 5:51 PM

    Flacco has to prove that he is consistently good to get elite money. Very good, but not yet at Brady or Rodgers level.


    I don’t get the denial among Raven fans re: Flacco — why do people thumbs down comments like the above as if they’re not true? At least respond and explain why it’s incorrect.

    Year in and year out, Flacco **is** an above-average (albeit not always the most consistent) quarterback. That is not a bad thing to say — he’s better than a sizable chunk of other guys. That also doesn’t make him one of the top four or five over the period of a decade or more, which is what I would think the term “elite” should refer to — I don’t see how any of that is debatable. I don’t think anyone questions the value of resigning the guy, but that doesn’t mean he merits breaking the bank over.

  25. Flacco is getting paid by the Ravens…probably 100 million dollars. Joe Linta and Joe Flaco have already stated that they dont care how the deal is structured…and it will be structured to be cap friendly for the first 2 years until the cap goes up. The
    ravens front office knows what its doing. And next year someone else will come along and get more than Flacco…probably Rodgers. and for all the people who seriously dont think Flacco is good based on his stats….the only stat that counts is wins…and he hwas more wins in his first 5 years then any qb in history…and as many rings as peyton brees and rodgers

  26. Watch Ozzie work the magic. Ravens gamble and give Joe the “non-exclusive tag” the market will set the price and Joe will accept Balimore’s best offer to stay where he is at. Joe’s family is in NJ, a brief drive from Baltimore and his wife is pregnant with #2. Joe wants to stay and Joe wants to get paid. There is still enough leverage on both sides. Deal gets done before exclusive tag is ever played.

  27. The Ravens can avoid all those problems by simply paying the man. Make him the highest paid QB in the NFL. He earned it.

  28. Joe is going nowhere. Next year the qb being debated will be Josh Freeman, not Rodgers…because there is no doubt Rodgers is worth the money.

    Freeman will finally have consistent coaching and a healthy, consistent Offensive Line. He has a 90% rating when the line is consistent. Sullivan will fix the other issues this off season and by this time next year this very same argument will be made concerning Freeman…who ill have just completed a stellar 5th year.

  29. other than being a superbowl mvp and never being in any sort of off or on field trouble….yeah. flacco and haynesworth are exactly the same. seriously where do people get this stuff

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