Falcons expected to cut Michael Turner

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Michael Turner’s days with the Falcons appear to be numbered.

Turner, the running back who turned 31 last week and who is coming off a season in which he averaged a career-low 3.6 yards a carry, is likely to be released, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

That’s no surprise: Turner’s contract calls for him to make $6.9 million this season, and his production doesn’t even come close to justifying that kind of salary. In fact, it’s hard to see any team paying Turner anything close to that: Running backs whose stats are down and whose 30th birthdays are in the rear-view mirror just don’t get much money in the NFL anymore.

So Turner will probably become an unrestricted free agent, in an NFL environment in which he doesn’t have much leverage to command a high salary.

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  1. In a passing league having a pass-catching running back, or at least someone that has serious wheels and the ability to catch out of the backfield, the guy who barrels ahead to grab 4 yards is not a hot commodity. Once that RB hits sub-4 YPC he’s gone, old or not.

    Protip to dads: if your kid wants to be a running back, still toss him the rock in the backyard.

  2. Ok Jets new GM Shonn Greene is not the answer so it seems…save the money you would pay for him and sign Turner as your featured back until you get one in the draft…Start making decisions to get the “circus” label off your teams back…through the draft and a mixture of free agents…would also bolster the clubhouse as a leader

  3. For the benefit of the organization, I am ready to see Turner go. However, I cannot thank him enough for providing a boost to the franchize and tremendous entertainment for the fans.

    Good luck, Mike. I definately put you in the top 3 runningbacks in Falcon’s history.

  4. Unless the Bengals have a blockbuster RB in their sights at the draft, I’d be happy if they took a chance on a one year vet minimum deal with Turner. I think he still has some use on the field and Ben-Jarvis is not an every down back. I like Bernard Scott, but I don’t know what the Bengals’ plans are to resign him.

  5. Turner is an old school back unfortunately you have to catch the ball.Good luck mike you have always come thru in fantasy, even last year in alot of spots -Giants fan

  6. jwil007 says:
    Feb 22, 2013 9:06 AM
    Pitt, Arizona, Miami, Denver (share the load), Detroit and the Jets

    1 of them will bite!

    Pitt, Miami both have between the tackle runningbacks. Arizona is letting go a slow “power back” who is much younger than Michael Turner. Denver has shown they have an assortment of backs plus McGahee still has something left in the tank. Your comments makes no sense.

  7. ravenator says:Feb 22, 2013 9:11 AM

    They should cut that choke artist Matt Ryan. The ice has melted and Joe Flacco supersedes you.


    You are absolutely right. The fact that Matt Ryan is better statistically in almost every catagory means nothing. The only true way to judge a quarterback is SB wins. That is why Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino.

    Excellent point, Ravenator.

  8. “Running backs whose stats are down and whose 30th birthdays are in the rear-view mirror just don’t get much money in the NFL anymore.” I believe “any”would have been a more appropriate word choice than “much.”

  9. Turner can work great somewhere he can share the load. Theres no way the Steelers should sign this guy though, for anyone who thinks they will. At this point, he’s no better than Dwyer.

  10. If Rodgers doesn’t lobby enough to get Benson back with the Pack next year, a guy like Turner could be an option. The only thing I keep coming back to is the fact that Ted Thompson nearly never signs veterans in free agency. Draft and develop, draft and develop.

  11. Its really amazing how quick RBs in the league are thrown on the scrap heap after they have the best seasons of their careers and raved about by everyone in the media….LT, Portis, Alexander and now Turner

    Once they turn 30 its like old yeller to the bush

  12. Share the load with Murray in Dallas and/or short yard specialist (so they don’t throw 25 yard fades on 3rd and 1 numerous times). They passed on him once, maybe they will pick him up this time.

  13. He’s at the point in his career where he’s not as quick to the hole as he used to be and needs to go to a team with some beef on the O-line to help him get to the second level and beyond. Safeties still aren’t going to want to tackle him without help.

  14. jwil007 says: Feb 22, 2013 9:06 AM

    Pitt, Arizona, Miami, Denver (share the load), Detroit and the Jets

    1 of them will bite!

    I don’t see the Lions going after him. They are looking for a Speed back, i.e. Reggie Bush. They have Mikel LeShoure and Joique Bell as the “power” backs. The other teams you mentioned all could use some RB help. Jets love older RBs.

  15. Turner’s a goner, but Falcon fans owe him plenty of props for helping to turn the franchise around.

    In addition to releasing Turner, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Falcons try to restructure Abraham’s contract. Otherwise, he might get cut. After all, Atlanta has a good deal of money tied up in Abe, Dunta Robinson, Asante Samuel and Roddy White. It’s time for Thomas Dimitroff to get younger and better on the fly. We’ll see if he can pull it off.

  16. He lost his step from a few seasons ago. He was great coming out of San Diego. I remember drafting him as my main sleep in fantasy his first season in Atlanta. Kid did not disappoint.

    It however is evident, of the players who have little career security, RB is at the highest. Before, one RB lasted a good 6+ years with their team. Now, you are lucky when you get 3.

    Players get larger and faster, 50% of the time aiming at the RB…shows the new toll such abuse takes on players compared to before. RB by committee and major injuries are here to stay. Your favorite RB, minus beasts like AP…simply have a 3-4 year window and after that, it’s memories of what they used to be able to do.

    Still serviceable, but not a full time starter. Atlanta will make an offer for Chris Ivory. And I think in a full time role, barring injury, he could have a similar impact as Turner had coming over from San Diego.

  17. id be sad to see him leave but he was a major role to what atlanta falcons are today which i think i can speak for all falcons fans that we’ll always appreciate what hes done and wish him well wherever he goes. id like to draft ball from wisconsin as a replacement since he have his old teammates that blocked for him in konz n ewing

  18. Loved him but you could tell last year (2011) that he was slowing down. Forever thankful for him and Ryan turning the franchise around. Bring on Lattimore

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