First meeting on Flacco contract coming Friday night or Saturday

Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta said Thursday that the team has “no intentions” of letting quarterback Joe Flacco leave as a free agent and they’ll start the work of keeping him pretty soon.

Mike Florio has learned that the team will have their first face-to-face meeting of the offseason with Flacco’s agent Joe Linta sometime Friday night or Saturday. The two sides will be trying to hammer out a long-term contract ahead of the start of free agency in hopes of avoiding a franchise tag that would eat up cap space the Ravens might like to use to keep other players.

Should the Ravens have to use the tag, they’ll be deciding between the exclusive and non-exclusive tags. The former would cost them more cap space while the latter would leave open the possibility that a team willing to spend two first-round picks could come up with an offer that steals Flacco away.

That possibility was called “negligible” by DeCosta on Thursday. He and the rest of the Ravens brass will start finding out just how negligible in this weekend’s meeting.

30 responses to “First meeting on Flacco contract coming Friday night or Saturday

  1. The Ravens brass are best in the NFL. The deal will get done, Ravens will be fine, and the haters will still hate.

  2. The Ravens are in no spot to be spending $20 M a season on Joe, so this arrogant it won’t happen stuff isn’t reality.

  3. If Newsome is as good as people say, he will either sign him for about $10M a year or tag him and take the picks. Even ten a year may be too much for Flacco.

  4. ravenator says:Feb 22, 2013 9:31 AM

    The Ravens brass are best in the NFL. The deal will get done, Ravens will be fine, and the haters will still hate.

    You are delusional. “haters gonna hate” simply means “I know were an obnoxious fan base that thinks ozzy is the god of GM’s and Flacco is a top 5 elite QB” and the rest of the NFL laughs at you. Ravens win one super bowl and now the ego’s come out. Baltimore Ravens you are now officially the Pittsburgh Steelers. One in the same.

  5. A middle-tier QB that got hot at the right time … and now expects elite money … and will get it. But it’s a ‘team killer’. And whoever signs him will have to ‘dumb down’ the rest of the team to do it.

  6. The Ravens dumping their QB after winning the Super Bowl should become a tradition.

    Anyone who thinks the Ravens will sign Flacco for $10m/year after Flacco passed on $16m/year BEFORE winning the Super Bowl is going to be in for a surprise.

  7. How is he middle tier? Is it the cannon for an arm, the clutch throws or the historic playoff records?

    Joe just had a coming out party. He’s got nothing left to prove. I think you’ll see dominant quarterback play from him for the rest of his career.

  8. Someone please tell me why suddenly Joe’s contract is a ‘team killer’ and puts them in ‘cap hell’ but you never once heard anybody say that about Denver, New England, New Orleans… pretty sure every one of those teams are consistently contending year in and year out and they take the same exact cap hit as the Ravens will for Joe if he gets top 5 money.

    And I’m sick of hearing the whole “he got hot at the right time” argument. Getting hot is 3 or 4 games. Not 7. And look at the timing- Joe didn’t ‘get hot’ until CAM WAS FIRED! I’ll say it for the umpteenth time- after Cam was fired, Joe had an astounding 18-1 TD-INT ratio. That’s phenomenal. Not ‘getting hot.’ Not lucky. And say what you want about ‘his reciever helped him out.’ Pretty sure thats what great QB’s do- put the ball where only their guys can get it, trust their receivers, and not take sacks or put the ball on the turf. Joe did it all, and did so against some pretty good teams en route to his SB MVP. Caldwell has unleashed Joe, and barring any set backs, I expect him to drastically improve in 2013.

  9. Joe has proved that he can play at a high level in this league and HE never loses the game for his team like many other QB’s do. Peyton Manning for one comes to mind for all the game changing picks he throws in big games like he did this year. All the fantasy people love the numbers brady brees and manning put up with there 4 yard passes and 15 yards of YAC. Meanwhile Joe’s yards come in big chunks with BIG time throws like BRADY used to make when Moss was playing with him. Only comparable arm to Joe these days is Arod.

    Joe will get paid and he will be with the Ravens for a long time and if the first 5 years of his career are predictors of the next 5 he’ll be a first ballot hall of fame QB!


  10. Can’t wait for the report on his breakfast today in preparation of the meeting. To be followed by the report on his lunch. To be followed by the report on his dinner.

    Yes, we understand there will be contract discussions forthcoming, for him and every other potential free agent. Wake me when they are concluded and he is either signed or franchised.

  11. Ozzie is an amazing GM. Flacco may not. Have Aaron Rogers numbers or Brees numbers, but he has just as many rings, more playoff wins AND neither Rogers or Bree’s have a RB like Ray Rice so there is no need for Joe to have 5,000 yards passing. As for Ozzie, he remembers the years of not having a franchise caliber QB. Only stats that count are wins/losses: 54-26 in the regular season, 9-4 in the post season. Keep on hating you jealous people!

  12. I don’t have any issue with Flacco honestly but he’s overrated.

    He throws to 3 routes. A deep ball and a curl route or a throw to the flats to Ray Rice.

    Literally nothing else. Kudos to Jim Caldwell for running an effective offensive with literally 3 routes implemented.

    And no one noticed that about 80% of the completions Flacco makes, its cause his receiver made an amazing catch? The Ravens wide receiver coach is the real MVP of the Ravens. He maximized Torrey Smith’s potential and revived Jacoby Jones into a great slot receiver.

    But Flacco? He’s overrated. He’s a good quarterback, but not elite. He was just in the right situation, on the right team, with the right motivation (ray lewis retirement).

  13. Ravens fan here. Even I’m getting tired of your non-stories. Come on – at least five articles on when Flacco’s agent may meet with the Ravens. Post something when something actually happens.

  14. whats going to be awesome is when joe signs his contract and has a low cap number for the next 2 years. he already said he would do this which will allow the ravens to keep ellerbee mckinney boldin etc. trust me folks…ravens know what they are doing. go ravens

  15. Flacco is mediocre at best in the regular season .he plays big in the playoffs though, is he worth 20 million a year ? To me he’s not , he’s a good QB don’t get me wrong but not top 5

  16. @ simmsmatic
    Joe only throws curl, deep, and flats huh?
    Pretty sure the touchdown to boldin in the superbowl was seams, and the one to Pitta was an out. And he killed the patriots with deep ins to Torrey. You have literally no idea what you are talking about.

  17. With 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter. He is ridiculous, Just ask the Patriots, Steelers, and Chargers, and Broncos, pretty much any contender in the AFC, minus the Texans.

    Thats what Ozzie will pay for, Clutch 4th quarter play. Ala Eli Manning, Big Ben. Thats what gets you rings.

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