PFT Live: It’s all about finishing games for Bengals

Marvin Lewis joins Mike Florio to talk about how the Bengals can improve upon their 10-6 record from a year ago, and Lewis says it all comes down to finishing games and calling the correct football plays. Lewis also breaks down Cincinnati’s tough competition in the AFC North, and who is on his list of top three QBs.

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3 responses to “PFT Live: It’s all about finishing games for Bengals

  1. Hey Marvin,

    Try having your OC not outsmart himself a little. Use the biggest weapons you have early (such as Green), and maybe you won’t have to worry so much at the end of games.

    Terry Bradshaw was once asked what his favorite play was for the last two minutes of a game, and he answered (in a rare moment of lucidity), “Watching [backup QB Terry] Hanratty hand off.”

  2. You could make an argument that Ben is a top 3 QB (along with Rodgers and Brady). Peyton and Brees may put up better stats (usually), but Peyton is a playoff choker and Brees throws a ton of INTs. Neither have as many playoff wins as Ben. If I were starting a franchise, and could have any QB in their prime, it would go:

    1. Rodgers
    2. Brady
    3. Peyton
    4. Ben
    5. Brees

    This from a Bengals fan.

  3. I was glad to see Gruden signed as OC last year. After 2 years of seeing him in action……………………………he needs to go. His play calling makes absolutely no sense. Everyone keeps blaming the players on games lost, but the’re only running the plays called. Fire Gruden!!!!!!!

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