John Fox: Rahim Moore feels awful, now he needs to get better


Broncos safety Rahim Moore was the goat of Denver’s playoff loss, allowing Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones to get behind him for a 70-yard touchdown. Broncos coach John Fox is hoping Moore uses that as motivation for a strong offseason and a better 2013.

He feels worse than anybody,” Fox told the Denver Post. “He made great, great improvement from year one to year two. And he’s got to do that again this year.”

Moore wasn’t the only one to take criticism after that loss: Fox took plenty for having Peyton Manning take a knee at the end of the fourth quarter and settling for overtime, rather than trying to get into field-goal range to win the game in regulation. But Fox stands by that call.

“I’d do it again,” Fox said. “Any time you lose, there’s criticism. We understand that. We all signed up for it and we get it. It was a disappointing loss, no doubt, but we’re going to spit that taste out and get on to the next season.”

Fox is right that any time you lose, there’s criticism. But Fox should give some more thought to whether, in the case of running out the clock at the end of the fourth quarter, that criticism is warranted.

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  1. Fox said he’d do it again in reference to taking a knee to go into OT? You have one of the greatest qbs ever plus 2 timeouts and 30 seconds on the clock and you still would take a knee without knowing if you would get the ball back? AND you are in the playoffs where your season is on the line? But yeah…he would do it again?

  2. Manning has been surrounded by some of the most conservative coaches in history. Dungy, Caldwell, and now Fox.

    While coaches like Sean Peyton and Harbaugh take big chances with onside kicks and fake FG attempts in Superbowls to keep the opposing teams on their toes, it seems Mannings coaches are firmly implanted in 60’s style coaching mindset with little flexibility.

    Taking a knee with 30 secs and 2 timeouts with Manning as your QB is about as conservative as you can get. And whats worse is the stubbornness to not even reconsider if it was the right call, especially after seeing what Matt Ryan did in the same scenario the very next day.

  3. How does Peyton Manning feel? I know it’s was January and he’d rather be selling Pizza than winning Playoff football games, but come on!

  4. My sons in Pop Warner and even at that level the defensive coaches preach nobody gets behind you in man to man coverage. How in the world was Jacoby Jones so open at such a critical time in the game?

  5. so let me get this straight. you didnt cut that guy IMMEDIATELY after the game, and you’d still knee on your best chance at winning before OT? looks like you have a long career ahead of you in denver john

  6. The knee was the right decision. Who knows what could have happened? The guy had already thrown an int and had 2 fumbles. The team psychology was flailing at the time. They needed to regroup.

  7. I love how it’s that they threw the game away. Time and time again. It was denvers game to lose. No credit to the Ravens. No way out of it now that we’re Super Bowl champs, though.

  8. He wasn’t conservative on OT when he had Peyton slinging the ball. Why is no blame going to Peyton for throwing the int to lose the game in OT? I thought he was Jesus. Eight first round losses people. Eight!!!!

  9. bartlettruss says:
    Feb 22, 2013 7:52 AM
    Why do people so seldom mention Champ Bailey when they talk about the goats in that game?


    Amen to that. He gave up 2 touchdown catches to Torrey Smith, and would have given up at least two other TDs had Flacco not overthrown Smith. The Ravens were picking on him all game long.

    Of course, my team came out as the winner in that game, so I’m not complaining.

  10. That knee call was as bad as the run on 3rd and 7 with a chance to win the game right there. Conservative play calling eliminated the Broncos from the playoffs.

  11. I guess since he does not have Tim Tebow to pin the loss on this year he has to blame somebody besides himself and St. Peyton right? oh wait a min. Tebow won a playoff game for the broncos last year didn’t he?

  12. @ truthfactory,

    Yet PM had his choice of a lot of coaches, some aggressive ones like Harbaugh and HE CHOSE John Fox. It’s time to stop blaming everyone but PM for every single thing ever. It got old 10 years ago.

    Rahim Moore messed up… no doubt. But you have a 20 million dollar QB there and he turned the ball over 3 times, the last one being at a crucial moment. PM gets more blame in my book. If Tony Romo did the exact same thing, he’d be pounded on until the end of time while no one would even know Rahim Moore’s name. If Tony Romo had a playoff run where he had 3 tds and 7 ints, no one would think he had anything to do with their winning the SB either, much less made him the SB MVP without blinking.

  13. giantsfan82 says: Feb 22, 2013 7:52 AM

    My sons in Pop Warner and even at that level the defensive coaches preach nobody gets behind you in man to man coverage. How in the world was Jacoby Jones so open at such a critical time in the game?


    I’m a Varsity defensive coordinator, and preach it at that level constantly. It seems amazing how often kids screw it up. I think the issue is safety is a pretty critical position (especially at the HS level) so we put kids we know can excel there, who may also be able to play linebacker, but still have linebacker “get to the ball fast” instincts. Most safeties are very good tacklers, and very good tacklers want to get to the ball. It’s hard to sit back and watch the action happen sometimes which is why it’s so easy to get burned on a play fake. Doesn’t mean that we give out a free pass for getting beat bad, but helps explain why it happens.

  14. There was plenty of chances to win that game for the Broncos. I don’t see how this guy could be on the roster next year. Mistakes happen but when the game is on the line and you know the other team needs a quick score, as a NFL player you need to be smarter than to let someone get behind you.

  15. boonevol says:
    His conservative philosophy is one of the reasons he isn’t in Charlotte anymore.
    His conservative philosophy won thirteen regular season game and the AFC first place seed last year.
    Carolina has a very good QB too. So, how did your coach do last year? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  16. bartlettruss says: Feb 22, 2013 7:52 AM

    Why do people so seldom mention Champ Bailey when they talk about the goats in that game?
    Thank you for saying it, my friend. Champ Bailey is a media and league darling who has been living off of his reputation for a decade or more. He was abused all day by Torrey Smith, even on plays when Flacco missed him. Bailey has reputation-ed himself to more than one pro bowl in that time, and may well reputation himself into the Hall of Fame someday. He is just lucky in the case of this game that there are more obvious goats from the end of the game like Fox, Morris, and Manning.

  17. I thought running on 3rd and 7 before punting the ball back to the Ravens was a more conservative call and gave Ravens their only chance.
    Why not give Payton an opportunity to see if there’s someone open, attempt a high percentage pass or if everyone’s covered, take a sack to run the clock down? There’s really no field position difference in punting from opponent’s 40 or punting from 45 yard line (I think that’s where they were on a 3rd down play).
    They brought Payton to Denver to take passing game to the next level (understatement), and everything worked according to plan, but when the game was on the line, Broncos used Payton like Tebow, instead of going for it

  18. There’s absolutely no excuse for what Rahim Moore did on that play.

    It’s so inexcusable that you have to wonder what he’s going to do next.

  19. Jacoby Jones burned you Moore. Next time try not letting him streak up the sideline untouched. Note, he is faster than you and a better dancer.

  20. He didn’t let Jones get behind him. He took a bad angle to the ball and miss played it. He could have easily played the man, not saying the result would have been any different, but most likely not a TD.

  21. 3rd and 7 and Peyton hands the ball off.

    3rd and Inches in the Super Bowl and Flacco audibles to a pass to Boldin and gets the first down.

  22. Go watch the replay on YouTube and then come back and comment on what percentage of the blame should be on Champ Bailey.

    The number should be at least north of 50% if not 85-90%. What the hell was he thinking on that play? They should charge Champ Bailey $150 for the cost of a ticket if all he is going to do is sit around and watch the game.

  23. People dissing Champ need to understand he has done this for a long time at a high level. I’m not a Bronco’s fan but up until the last few years he covered anything his way. I haven’t looked up the numbers but I bet you he is top 5 passes defensed for 10 years straight at least. He earned his rep.

  24. This game was lost on 3rd and 7. You play to win the game.

    PEYTON MANNING is your QB.
    It’s near midfield, 3rd and 7.
    Broncos are winning by more than a field goal.
    Ravens have zero timeouts.
    Getting a first down allows the Broncos to just run out the clock and win the game.

    They run the ball.



  25. You think Rahim feels bad? How about Steelers cornerbacks, William Gay and Ike Taylor, who let Tebow TEBOW! of all people beat them in the playoffs. They became the laughingstock of the football world.

  26. No doubt champ sucked that day but it all goes to coaching. after the second long bomb miss by flacco I was screaming for del rio to move champ to boldin whom he could shutdown. The coaches didn’t react to the ravens game plan well!

  27. When I see that picture I cringe. Fox came from a 1-15 record. The only reason his teams did well is because of talent. It wouldn’t break my heart if Fox is gone soon. The sooner the better.

  28. Bailey was burnt too in that game, I think his play was horrible in that game he forgot to show up. He should of stayed home and let someone else take over.

  29. bartlettruss says:
    Feb 22, 2013 7:52 AM
    Why do people so seldom mention Champ Bailey when they talk about the goats in that game?

    Because despite Champs lack of execution the game was over. No time-outs, 40 seconds and you let that happen. When I was watching the game live I thought the ball was intercepted the way Moore was slowly back pedaling towards the ball. Manning still could have won the game in ot which he failed to do but the game never should have been to that point. The Ravens earned their Superbowl, thats one thing I won’t take away from them, they played great after the Broncos game but they got lucky to beat the Broncos.

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