Leslie Frazier tap dances around (lack of) contract talk


Vikings coach Leslie Frazier didn’t come out and say he was unhappy about the way his contract situation was handled.

But the words he didn’t say might have said as much, as he was careful in talking around the option being picked up on his deal in lieu of a long-term extension.

I moved past it,” Frazier said, via Tom Pelissero of 1500ESPN.com. “It is what it is, and I’ve got to concentrate on getting our team ready for this season, and that’s what’s important.”

After a mistaken report by the Associated Press that Frazier had been given a contract extension, the Vikings announced that they had picked up an option for 2014. Then his agent spread the word that there were no negotiations on a new deal.

Frazier talked around the lack of a mandate the Vikings created, working hard to not make waves. Asked if he believed there were going to be talks toward an extension, he hedged.

“Well, what I believe and what actually is is what you have to deal with — as you guys know, the reality,” Frazier said. “And that’s what I want to deal with, the reality of the situation.

“You guys are well aware of what my situation is. There was an announcement made, and that’s where things are. I’m excited to be the head coach of the Vikings. I like the job that I have, and I like the team that we have.”

Frazier led the Vikings to a seven-win improvement and a playoff berth in 2012, seemingly enough to warrant an extension. But the Vikings apparently had other ideas, and now Frazier is being forced into another prove-it year, and the Vikings are fortunate their coach isn’t making a stink about it.

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  1. I love Leslie Frazier. So happy he’s our coach. While I do think he deserved the extension, it’s a smart move by the Vikes brass to wait one more year after the Childress fiasco

  2. Frazier is a good coach and deserves an extension.

    But, strictly from a business angle, picking up the option for another year, as it was available, makes sense. It gives the Vikings organization another year to evaluate Frazier, and they can then offer (hopefully) an extension after this coming year based on another year well done.

  3. I think the Vikings are silly to not give this guy a 2 more years. Maybe he would walk and go to a place that appreciates him more.

    Yes they did get burned by Childress, but Favre had his hands all over that as well. Harvin waiving a white flag (yet everyone wonders why I don’t think he should get big $).

    This guy seems to have a more stable team, than the one that fell short of a SB trip.

  4. I love Leslie, but there’s no point in extending him now. Let’s see if he can: (1) resolve the Percy Harvin situation, (2) keep Ponder’s development on track, and (3) prove last year wasn’t a fluke. If he does all of that, I’m sure Zygi will wholeheartedly extend him.

  5. Frazier is a class act and a leader. I understand why the Vikings did what they did from a business aspect. If Frazier is 8-8 and above this year, he’ll get his extension.

  6. This is the Vikings fault somehow? One season doesnt make a career. I don’t care if you play the game, or coach it. If Frazier comes out and makes the playoffs or at least makes a strong showing, he is going to get his money.

    Imagine how the Vikings organization would be ridiculed if they gave Les a huge contract extension and the Vikings go 3-13 in 2013. Then everyone would say how stupid they were for extending him for big money after only one good season that turned out to be a fluke.

    Personally, I think Frazier will get his contract and his money. He seems like he has it together and did a lot with a little so far. Get him some talent in the draft and maybe pick up a guy or two off the street, and he will do some good things for awhile there.

  7. I liked it better when profootballtalk used to only report the news and not try to create a non story like they always seem to do now with their last paragraphs with which they try to stir something up.

  8. vikesfansteve says: Feb 22, 2013 2:55 PM

    Before going 10-6 last year he was 6-16 so let him repeat his success before committing long term

    Who do you think he is Jim Schwartz?

  9. Leslie Frazier, win a Super Bowl for the Vikings next year and you can cut yourself any size of check you want. #BankOnIt.

  10. Frazier went 3-13 one season and 10-6 one season. The year he went 10-6 he had the MVP of the NFL, a player that was there before he started.

    I don’t want to take anything away from the guy, but the Vikings should have to extend a coach in his 2nd season already just because he had a nice year. He’s under contract for two more seasons and my guess is that if he does a nice job again this year he’ll likely get that extension.

    Again, nice coach but the Vikings are doing the right thing here. Another good year, extend him. Another bad year, make him play out his 4th season and go from there.

  11. I am not convinced that he deserves an extension

    We went 10-6 because of Harvin’s earlier play and
    Peterson’s play all season

    I saw a lot of poor coaching decisons in 2012

    Get rid of Musgrave!!!

  12. Childress got an extension due to one phenomenal season from Brett Favre, then fell flat on his bald head the next season and got fired. The NFL is a business, plain and simple. Lets make sure that the team continues the upward trend, and the 10-6 record this year wasn’t a fluke. Then give him an extension after the 2013 season is over.

  13. Leslie is a great person and seems like a pretty good coach, but I don’t blame the Viking brass at all for limiting the extension issue to picking up his option. If he wins next year with a tough schedule, he will be the one in a position of power to get a bigger payday.

  14. Hes got two more years left? What else is to be desired? Prove yourself even more. Non story. Omg we didnt give Frazier a 5 year extension. Wahhhhh

  15. The problem is that no one knew that he had an option year in his original contract so everyone was expecting the extension this year. If the option year had been publicized, no one would have been shocked that the Vikings did exactly what they did.

  16. ponderthis- so frazier didnt know he had the option either? lol what does it matter if us fans didnt know? hes got two more years as coach. if you ask me thats more than good enough. That way the vikings arent paying a coach for 5 years down the road that they dont want anymore. That happens all the time. Oh lets give so and so a contract extension and then what happens? they’re paying for 2 coaches because they fired the one with the extension. this whole thing has been blown out of proportion and sounds like frazier is butthurt some too which is strange, hes got 2 years!! come on man!!

  17. When the Vikings finish 3rd or last in the division next year, he’ll be gone.

    Packers own the division for the next 5 to 6 years, and everyone else is just hoping for a wild card.

  18. The Vikings had a great year at 10-6 with that roster. Now next year they will probably go back to a record that reflects their true talent level so 6-10 sounds about right.

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