Marquise Goodwin aims to break Chris Johnson’s 40 record


Former Texas receiver Marquise Goodwin was an Olympic long jumper and may be the best athlete at this year’s Scouting Combine. But he wants to be more than that: Goodwin wants to be the fastest man ever to run at any Scouting Combine.

Goodwin told reporters today that he thinks he can break the 40-yard dash record, which Titans running back Chris Johnson set with a 4.24-second time in 2008.

I want to run the fastest [40] ever,” Goodwin said Friday. “That’s my goal.”

Goodwin didn’t have to be prompted to say that Johnson’s record is what he’s aiming for.

“Chris Johnson, 4.24, fully automated,” he said. “So . . . that’s my goal.”

In his final college game, Goodwin was the MVP of Texas’s Alamo Bowl win over Oregon State. In that game, Goodwin had a 64-yard touchdown run and a 36-yard touchdown catch, but he said he wants NFL teams to know that his football skills are not limited to his speed.

“I’m looking to run the fastest, but I want to prove that I’m more than a speed guy,” he said. “I can run routes. . . . I’m definitely not a track guy playing football. I’m a football guy that just happens to jump really far. . . . I want to show I can catch the ball away from my body. Anyone can run a 40. . . . Track guys just really have linear speed. I have proved I have more than linear speed. Track guys are known for not being able to catch, for not having good hands. I run routes, get out of my breaks. I can run other routes other than just running the nine. I’m tough. I have taken on hits, I’ve blocked. I even got MVP for blocking one game and I didn’t even touch a ball that game. I don’t think a track guy could go out there and get MVP for blocking.”

For NFL teams, Goodwin’s body of work on the field will mean a lot more than his 40 time. But a 40-yard dash record would certainly open some eyes.

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  1. Been touting Marquise all year, and now everyone will know him this weekend…. Datone Jones is also going to be on everyone’s lips as well as Markus Wheaton.

  2. Maybe after he breaks Chris Johnson’s “record time”, he’ll realize that Bo Jackson holds the record at 4.12 seconds from the 1986 combine and that Deion Sanders is second with a 4.21 from the 1989 combine. Third place is the new first apparently.

  3. Good for him if he does, but let’s not pretend Chris Johnson’s 4.24 is even close to the best 40 time of a pro prospect. Bo Jackson, Darrell Green, Bobby Hayes, and Bobby Mitchell all torched that number with ease.

  4. Chris Johnson might be dumb as a rock but the man is ridiculously fast. No way this dude breaks the record.

  5. Raider comments are so true on here.. There he is raiders fastest guy can’t catch .. Take him.. O no they have new management.. They will turn it around(sarcastic) lol

  6. He’s too fast for the Raiders new regime. They like slow, unathletic “football players” Thats why they basically froze DHB out of the offense in favor of Rod Streator. Oh, and they destroyed their best player’s career in Darren Mcfadden. Nice job Reggie.

  7. those times weren’t electronically timed like Chris Johnson’s was.

    I find it very hard to believe Bo Jackson ran a 4.12 and then nobody has come close since. I realize he was a great athlete, but he’s not freaking superman.

  8. I guess you missed the part where he says “Chris Johnson, 4.24, fully automated,”

    All of the other guys you have listed ran their 40’s when they were hand timed back in the day.

  9. spedracr15 says: Feb 22, 2013 5:41 PM

    Maybe after he breaks Chris Johnson’s “record time”, he’ll realize that Bo Jackson holds the record at 4.12 seconds from the 1986 combine and that Deion Sanders is second with a 4.21 from the 1989 combine. Third place is the new first apparently.
    40 measurements only became truly accurate in the 90’s, but Bobby Hayes, Bo Jackson, and Darrell Green both clocked in the low 4.1’s; although both Jackson and Green have unofficial sub 4.1 times. Using the same, now considered “unofficial” measurements, Sanders had a 4.25 in 1989, by no means second place. Bobby Mitchell and Don Beebe were clocked “unofficially” in the high 4.1’s. More recently Joey Galloway, Donte Stallworth, and Willie Parker ran 4.18, 4.22, and 4.23; respectively. So while I agree that Goodson isn’t shooting for first, he definitely isn’t shooting for third either.

  10. Cause the Raiders only draft fast guys… (Sarcastic) You do realize that a number of those “Fast guys who end up being busts” are actually quality players and if another team had drafted them, they would have been called playmakers, but because it was the Raiders, they are just “track guys”. Darren McFadden has injury issues, but he is a Top 10 back when healthy. Tyvon Branch is a great SS. Michael Huff is a versatile DB. Mike Mitchell is a stud. Stevie Brown is now an All-Pro for the Giants (unfortunately). Jacoby Ford is a game-changer. Denarius Moore is a star in the making. I can name just as many busts on any other team but the Raiders get laughed at. Whatever. Also, to the guys who say that other players have run faster at the combine, remember that those were HAND TIMED. Not nearly as accurate and almost always faster. That’s why at the combine when the UNOFFICIAL time is announced it will look like 4.35s and then the OFFICIAL time will be released a while later and will look like 4.43s. Darren McFadden ran unofficially a 4.27s and then officially a 4.33s. The official times are electronically timed. Always more accurate. Unfortunately we will never know what Bo Jackson REALLY ran for a 40.

  11. Bo Jackson, a man destined for greatness, cut short by a fluke injury. He sure was a pleasure to watch in football and baseball. I’ll never forget him running sideways along the outfield wall. The whole stadium was stunned for a second and then erupted in a massive “whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”.

  12. Attention fools who do not pay attention: Al Davis died in 2011. The RAIDERS are under new ownership, a new GM and new HC.

    In 2012 (a lost year) Reggie had to right the “fiscal ship”, so to speak. They are now headed in the right direction.

    You silly haters are going to have to come up with some relevant material. Your trite nonsense is no longer valid.

    The RAIDERS will be back and the haters will be gone-looking forward to it.

  13. Sadly, Al Davis is RIP. Probably in a cryogenic freezer with a few days of life left in him. The Raiders will slowly become just another NFL franchise again that operates as usual. The clumsy,over-the-hill Raiders we loved to hate will probably fade.

  14. Based on his self-assessment, he sounds like a smart kid who has done his homework preparing for a shot at the NFL. I’m officially intrigued.

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