Matt Barkley disagrees with criticism of arm strength


Southern Cal quarterback Matt Barkley won’t throw this weekend at the NFL Scouting Combine, but he said that the shoulder issue that’s keeping him from it wouldn’t be an issue for long.

Barkley told reporters he’d be more than ready to throw by his March 27 Pro Day, and he’s already explained to teams his decision to wait until then because of a separated shoulder suffered last season.

Of course, there were questions about Barkley’s arm strength before his decision to skip Combine workouts.

Asked about the suggestion he doesn’t have an NFL arm, Barkley said “I would disagree,” and insisted he was not only going to be healthy enough to make all the throws, but prepared to do more than that.

“I plan to start right away,” he replied, when asked about the possibility of beginning his career as a backup. “My goal is to be playing in September.”

Now all he has to do is perform well enough at his Pro Day to finish convincing someone to give him that opportunity.

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  1. He’s got average arm strength at best. That’s the truth. Same thing was said about Luck last year. Barkley’s intangibles and familiarity with playing in a pro system will make him a first round pick.

    Opening day starter though? Depends on who drafts him.

  2. I would put good money that every single day this guy wishes he came out of USC his junior year. Every. Single. Day.

  3. I think arm strength is more important for pocket moving/mobile QB’s. Of course a pocket passer needs to get it there but in the type of offense you’d run with him he’ll need to make 5-6 planned deep shots, 2-3 off the cuff shots and then mostly within 10-15 yards which is a throw he can easily make.

    His biggest problem will be the label all USC QB’s get hit with lately and haven’t really been able to shake. Surf by day, party by night, play football on sunday….

  4. adamagedbillsfan says:
    Feb 22, 2013 12:29 PM
    I would put good money that every single day this guy wishes he came out of USC his junior year. Every

    You are right about that could he sure would have been a higher pic than what he going to be this year!

  5. I think he’s going to he the best QB in this draft hands down. He should be a week one starter an if not when he gets his chance he will shine I like this kid I think he will be a great NFL QB

  6. Arm strength aside, he’s the most NFL-ready QB in this draft and that’ll certainly get him off the board in the first 32, likely the top 20.

    Realistically, he’s not a bad QB, as USC didn’t struggle to put up points this year, but his decision making is suspect, at times, as his 15 INTs and loads of sacks showed. And he was throwing to a pair of All-World wide receivers and had a decent line in front of him (not as good as in 2011 but still not bad).

    A team like the Jets or Jags could use him as an upgrade, I think. He’s no Carson Palmer but he’s likely better than Leinart.

  7. What a mistake he made going back to USC instead of going pro. I’m guessing he would have went second or third in last years draft. (Luck>Barkley=Griffin) We would have seen three QB’s at the top of the first round. Now, he’ll be lucky to go in the second round. Should have listened to the Scouts across the NFL. Barkley was being greedy though, thought he was going to go #1 in 2013. Greed usually gets you in trouble.

  8. Having watched QBs and evaluated them for decades, I cannot look at Barkley and NOT see Jimmy Clausen.

    Barkely will play in the NFL, but he will not be a star and will be a backup – at best. I don’t doubt he will get a shot to start somewhere, but he will set some franchise back, by getting multiple shots to prove that the drafting GM did not make a mistake. That GM will be fired.

  9. Carson Palmer’s ascension was derailed by that leg injury.

    He may want to start immediately, but unless you’re one of those “can’t miss” prospects ala Luck and Griffin, you’d be much better off starting your career on the bench. Palmer backed up Kitna his first year, and had substantial success the next couple of years. Brady was behind Bledsoe, Rodgers behind Favre, and Brees only played in one game his rookie year.

    Conversely, you can look all around the league for examples of guys who were thrust into the starting role who just weren’t mentally prepared for it.

  10. People forget that if he came out last year he may have gone ahead of RGIII at pick #2. He is a good prospect. I could see the Bills drafting him.

  11. Deedub,

    Carson was a 1st overall pick who’s never won a playoff game…and has only made the playoffs, what, once? Maybe twice? How many winning seasons has he had?

    I think thats a bust.

  12. If he falls to the 4th round it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Seahawks pick him to be their 3rd stringer, perhaps even the backup if Flynn is traded or released.. But if that happens then he surely wouldn’t be playing in September.

  13. Deedub,

    What do you call a bust? Marino never won a super bowl so is he a bust? Everyone wants to get down on USC and Carson Palmer but nobody want to look at the facts. Fact 1 – Only 1 Heisman winning quarterback has more career yards passing then Carson Palmer. Fact 2 – Only one Heisman winning quarterback has more career touchdown passes then Carson Palmer. Fact 3 – no Heisman winning quarterback has been to more pro bowls then Carson Palmer. What to you consider a bust?

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