Report: No franchise tag for Jermon Bushrod


It looks like tackle Jermon Bushrod is going to find out what kind of offers he can generate on the open market.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Saints will not use their franchise tag to assure Bushrod’s return as the starter on the left side of the offensive line and that he’ll become an unrestricted free agent on March 12. Neither piece of news is a big surprise.

The Saints are trying to create cap space right now and putting Bushrod down for $9.66 million would just require more work on that front. Given the plentiful options at tackle this offseason, Bushrod would probably sign a tender for that amount. The Saints, on the other hand, can probably see what kind of market Bushrod generates before deciding whether he’s worth the price others are willing to pay.

With former offensive line coach Aaron Kromer jumping to Chicago as the Bears’ offensive coordinator and line coach, they could be a possible landing spot for Bushrod. There will be other possibilities for the two-time Pro Bowler with a little game of merry-go-round setting up among the league’s tackles next month.

10 responses to “Report: No franchise tag for Jermon Bushrod

  1. This kid and Brenden Albert in free agency, then draft Zach Ertz….BOOM!!!!!! We’re in business people!!!!!! That’s scary!! All/most of our needs in 3 moves, and its possible!!

  2. I’m a little concerned, we’ve hot a hundred and some million reasons to keep Drew’s jersey clean.

  3. Payton & Loomis have been awesome at finding guys like this during the draft. I have complete faith they’ll do it again…I also hope Bushrod gets his money, he deserves it

  4. I’m hoping he comes to Chicago, but where the hell are they gonna get the $$$? They are already going to be cutting it close if they franchise Melton.

  5. Not a franchise tackle so he doesnt deserve franchise money. Brees helps his stats by delivering the football so quickly. Bushrod is above average, but not elite. I believe his two Pro-Bowls were based on other tackles not participating in the game. So he hasn’t been “1st team” Pro Bowl either time.

    I hope the Saints look at options. For that kind of money, there should be a better player available.

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