Banner offers some support for Brandon Weeden


Browns CEO Joe Banner said the team intended to give quarterback Brandon Weeden a chance to win the starting job, and that they weren’t likely to use the sixth overall pick on a passer.

Banner told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that taking a quarterback with their first pick “is not the focus of our thinking.”

Banner said the team wants to give Weeden “the best chance to succeed. We see potential there we’re going to try to work with.”

It was more of a statement of support than Weeden got from coach Rob Chudzinski yesterday, though Chudzinski said then the chance to work with Norv Turner should benefit the second-year quarterback.

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  1. exactly. Norvall Turner may lack the nads to be a head coach but, working in small groups particularly QB’s he’s a friggin genius. when left alone to concentrate on the offensive game plan he’s pretty darn good. if Weeden has any chance at succeeding at this level he just met his Yoda..

  2. Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy! More stories about the QB position from the obsessed Cleveland sports media “reporters.” Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy. One wonders if these folks will EVER find ANYTHING else to write about. Probably not after all these decades!

  3. Cleveland did not,I repeat did NOT pass on RGIII. They offered three #1 picks, the same as the Redskins. They offered two #1`s in 2012 and this years, The Redskins offered #1`s in 2012, 2013, and 2014. For drafting purposes a pick in the next draft is commonly considered one round lower than it actually occurs in. Thus the 2013 pick equates to a 2nd round pick and the 2014 pick equates to a 3rd round pick. Therefor, Cleveland`s offer was for the 4th and 22nd pick in 2012 and the 6th pick this year. The Rams accepted Washington`s offer of last years #1 , this years #1 (much lower than Browns #6) and a yet to be determined 2014 pick likely to be in the low to mid 20`s.

  4. Here’s my take on the conflicting statements from Chud and Banner.

    Chud spoke at 10 AM yesterday. Later, Jim Harbaugh said it’s “highly unlikely” that Alex Smith would be released, but admitted they could trade him. The implications are twofold:

    1. Gamesmanship. Harbaugh is trying to boost his asking price. Because of that, the Browns are trying to downplay their interest.

    2. The Browns believe what Harbaugh said, and with a lack of any real options to challenge Weeden, they are giving up on any pursuit of Smith.

  5. @Logicalvoice

    Using your logic, I believe all other teams except Washington technically passed on RGIII as well. If you want to bash anyone for passing on RGIII, bash Indianapolis. They are the ONLY team to really pass up RGIII. But you can go ahead and keep bashing the Browns if that’s what helps you sleep better at night.

  6. logicalvoicesays says:

    Only Cleveland would pass on Robert Griffin. So funny to think about.

    His career may have lasted longer than one season there.

  7. The Browns did indeed blow the opportunity to draft RGIII. Those familiar with Tony Grossi’s reporting in Cleveland, need to go back and read his take on the blown deal.
    In fact, the deal wasn’t blown. The effort made by the Browns was simply inept. The Redskins put their asking price on the table. The Rams met it and the Browns did not. And, Tony Grossi reported that the Browns in reality did not want RGIII. The poor effort made by the Browns was a mere smoke screen.
    The bottom line is, Holmgren and his group had 3 years to land a viable quarterback for the Browns. They did not get it done. They performed terribly. Personally, I’m glad that both Holmgren and Heckert are gone. They apparently don’t realize that the centerpiece of rebuilding a team is a top shelf quarterback. Just filling holes doesn’t get the job done.

  8. Only Mike Shanahan would leave a young QB like Robert Griffin so exposed to serious injury after he had spent the past hour limping on his vulnerable knee.

    So sad to think about.

  9. Yea an RG3 bein a redskin will shortin his career too yea it wld have been nice to have him as our QB not if we had a chance for Luck though an not givin up a ton of draft picks but just like i said 5 yrs he will be done.

  10. The problem with Weeden is his age. Even after he developes you might have about five years before he done. I’m not going to just on the Browns for not taking RG3. I’m a Saints fan and still remember the Ricky Williams deal. Mike Ditka crippled the franchise by giving away the farm. I think the Browns did the right thing by not giving up everything

  11. Hearing the news that Norv was coming to the Browns must have been a happy moment for Wheeden.

    He has the benefit of receiving the kind of QB coaching that will polish his skills. It’s Wheeden’s big chance next season to show his true caliber–for better or worse.

  12. A quick look at Weeden’s 2012 stats…
    …it shows he threw for more yards than Tannehill, Griffin, Wilson…
    …Weeden’s completion percentage was better than Andrew Luck’s completion percentage.
    …Weeden’s QB rating was 72.6, just behind Tannehill’s 76.1 and Luck’s 76.5

    All of the rookie starters are being supported by their teams as the starting QBs for the 2013 season…ALL BUT WEEDEN.

    What support did Weeden receive from the Browns front office…NONE !

    Weeden has been told he will have to complete for the starting job.

    Weeden’s 2012 performance was accomplished with the youngest, least experienced supporting cast in the NFL yet this front office refuses to support Weeden as the starting QB of the Browns.

    Only in Cleveland, folks…

  13. I think the best move is to give Weeden another year. I don’t think he is as bad as he looked and probably doesn’t have the highest ceiling. Still, let,s see what we have and not overpay for a subpar substitute. Don’t trade for Smith!!

  14. To be fair Chud never said anything to make you believe the Browns were looking to get rid of their QB’s. He was asked would the team consider offers for their QB’s and he said “sure if the deal benefited the team” basically. It’s a pretty honest answer which doesn’t clash with what Banner said at all. If some team offered a hand full of draft picks and/or some starters for Weeden or McCoy they’d be dumb not to consider it but that doesn’t mean they’re shoping the guys.

    As for the RGII arguement it makes no sense. RGIII was drafted second and the highest Cleveland could move up to was to 3rd thus Griffin was never available to them. Considering they turned those picks they would have traded so far to a Top Notch running back and a strong armed QB long term they could have nothing to be ashamed of.

    As for OldBrownDawg’s comments. I lived in Cleveland from 2001 to 2006 and still follow the team. You’re 100% correct about the media there’s obsession with the QB position. You would think they were covering the Indians the way they would call for every QB but the one starting. I recall Mangini a few years ago having to remind one of the reporters that he never changed the depth chart and the reason a different QB was playing is because the starter was injured when they were running stories on who the starting QB would be for the weeks game.

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