Elway says it’s not in Clady’s best interests to show up in Week One


With Broncos tackle Ryan Clady making it clear he won’t sign the franchise tender any time soon, there’s a chance Clady will exercise his right to wait until a few days before the start of the season to accept the offer and still earn the full amount of his $9.66 million guaranteed salary for 2013.  Broncos V.P. of football operations John Elway realizes that this risk exists, and Elway said so on Friday’s Pro Football Talk.

“You know, it could happen,” Elway said.  “I don’t think it’s the best thing for Ryan. I think for Ryan to be what he wants to do and what he wants to be as a football player is not good to sit out an offseason.  Especially when you have a small window as a football player and how long you play in the league, to be able to sit back and sit out realizing what the situation is, I don’t think its advantageous to him or us so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen.”

The Broncos have yet to apply the franchise tag to Clady, but they undoubtedly will.  Elway made it clear that a long-term package won’t be offered until Clady has recovered from recent surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder.

“I think we’ll wait and see how that comes out,” Elway said.  “Obviously we don’t want to jump right in because that’s always, especially for a tackle, those shoulders are always tough and we’ll see how he comes out of it.  But we don’t anticipate any problems with that.  My understanding is the surgery went well and our training crew says that things look good so we don’t anticipate any problems but we’ll see how he comes out of it.”

The end result likely will be that Clady will remain a member of the Broncos.  When he’s actually under contract once again remains to be seen.

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  1. You have a 37 year old quarterback a year removed from four neck surgeries with a rookie quarterback who received maybe one practice snap a week and an all-pro left tackle that wants to be paid like one. You have zero leverage, Mr. Elway

  2. Are you aware that your headline and the story itself are completely at odds? This is borderline absurd. Trying to stir up controversy within the broncos organization, or are you illiterate?

  3. Sign him John, and do it quickly. We all know it’s going to happen eventually, so why put it off. He is not the type that slacks off after signing the big contract and LT’s of his caliber are darned hard to come by. Just do it!

  4. dude you obviously can’t read. nothing wrong with headline. Elway is saying it isn’t in his best interest to skip camp only to show up for first game. what are you confused about. I just love how Elway, the worst hold out player in history has the gall to chime in on this. what a hypocrite.

  5. For everyone that can’t grasp the point of this headline, & that apprently have the intellect of a 5 year old child, the point of the headline, & what Elway said, is it’s in Clady’s best intetest to not hold out, participate in off-season & preseason work-outs and activities, rather than to try & show up WEEK 1 & only play the regular season.

  6. Elway sure slipped smoothly into GM mode from player mode, didn’t he? Of course it’s still all about the bucks… now a percentage of his pay may well come from what he doesn’t have to pay players.

    The NFL meat market… it’s something else.

  7. The best thing he can do is show up at the latest possible time. The only reason Elway wants him there for the preseason is to see how well he heals. I cannot see one advantage to Clady by being there without a contract.

  8. onbucky96 says: Feb 23, 2013 2:26 PM

    “Horse face, let him walk. We need a good tackle in Green Bay.”

    You can’t afford him in Green Bay. That’s why you had to let center Scott Wells leave, and that’s why you have to let wide receiver Greg Jennings leave.

  9. There is nothing wrong with the headline: Elway says it’s not in Clady’s best interests to show up in Week One.
    What he is saying through the headline is that it would not be in Clady’s best interests to just show up in week one without following through with a proper offseason.

  10. “You have zero leverage, Mr. Elway”

    Yeah, except for the fact that they already offered him 5/$50M and he turned it down. Now, he’s got a hurt shoulder with a 5 to 6 month rehab and is 2 years removed from a season long knee injury that he got playing basketball. I guarantee you that the offer after his rehab isn’t 5/50 anymore. This and they can franchise him for the next 2 seasons. The Broncos have nothing but leverage. If Clady’s smart, he signs.

  11. maybe paid a ton manning can offer some of his ridiculous 20 plus million to help get others on the team signed….naw he would never do that, that has been proven. maybe he could offer free papa johns 1 topping pizzas for an entire season to entice players to stay or sign, naw he is way to cheap do that too. maybe he could offer free rides in to practice in his buick if they pay to fill it up. that might work

  12. The article headline is horrible. At least change it to “Elway says it’s not in Clady’s best interests to wait until Week One to show up”

    I would hate for Ryan Clady to show up in week two all because of Florio.

  13. Let me get this straight…… he doesn’t want to pay one of the best tackles in the league until he proves he’s healthy..but he had NO PROBLEM throwing $20 million a year at Peyton Manning who is one hit away from a wheelchair. Makes perfect sense.

  14. Um…every football player is one hit away from a wheelchair. Yes, Clady is one of the best tackles in the league. Manning is one of the best QBs in the history of football. Clady missed an entire season, so did Manning. The Broncos’ doctors checked out Manning and said they thought he was good to go (which he was, and he took several hits last season). They will do the same with Clady. I really can’t see how the two situations are any different. For the record, I think they’d be crazy not to re-sign Clady. But to act like the best move for the organization is not to wait and see and franchise him if you have to is just being purposefully obtuse. Elway/Manning haters, the lot of ya. See you in the Super Bowl next year.

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