Jeff Fisher: Things “look good” with Steven Jackson

Getty Images

Rams running back Steven Jackson can void his $7 million option for the 2013 season and move to any other team that makes him an offer in free agency, but he’s given no indication that he wants to leave St. Louis.

There also has been a lot of noise from the Rams side about keeping Jackson around, although they’d like to do it at a team-friendlier salary than $7 million. Coach Jeff Fisher reiterated the team’s desire to remain in the Jackson business on Friday at the combine and said that talks are underway with Jackson’s agent to make that happen. Even better, those talks are apparently going well.

“We’ve had discussions with Eugene Parker, and thus far things look good,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I think it’s identifying what both sides want moving forward. ‘Jack’ knows how I feel about him and that we want him back. But we’ve got time. We’ve got a few more weeks and we’ll see where it goes.”

If Jackson is going to give up $7 million, he’ll likely be looking for a commitment beyond the current season, although the Rams probably don’t want to go too far with a guy who turns 30 in July. Given the interest on both sides, though, it seems like an agreement is there to be made to keep Jackson in the only NFL uniform he’s ever worn.