Jerry Jones gives Jason Garrett enough rope to fire himself


Last month, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones strongly suggested that coach Jason Garrett would not call the plays on offense in 2013.  This month, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett strongly suggested that he will.

On Saturday, while holding court with reporters on a bus swanky enough to make John Madden turn green with envy (or possibly due to eating spoiled Turducken), Jones said that the decision will be Garrett’s to make.

“He could have very easily come back to me and say, ‘I’m going to call plays on game day,’ or, ‘I’m going to let Bill call plays on game day and I’ll be on the sideline vetoing or saying OK and let somebody else do the game planning,'” Jones said, via Todd Archer of  “That’s what’s being worked out.  Whatever he comes up with is the way we’re going to go.”

In other words:  If we fail again, it’s on him.

Then again, the “in other words” isn’t really necessary.  Jones used specific words that make it clear that Garrett won’t have to worry about his butt being cold this year.

“There’s a lot of resolve here, but not a lot of patience,” Jones said, via Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News.  “Jason senses that.”

So while what may have been an effort to get Garrett to quit, Lou Gossett-style, apparently has subsided, Jones now has made it crystal clear that, whatever Garrett decides to do about calling plays or anything else, he’ll be accountable for the outcome with his job.

29 responses to “Jerry Jones gives Jason Garrett enough rope to fire himself

  1. I’m so proud the owner of my team saw the light 3 years ago and now lets great football guys like Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan run the show and win/have success. Kudos Mr. Snyder. You are the best owner a fan could ask for.

  2. Why are we going to suffer through another sad season this guy has been calling plays for the past few years and he is horrible. We lead the league in yards from scrimmage but are average at best in points a game and wretched in the red zone. Just cut the cord and fire this scrub

  3. Jones will never win another championship with this team if he doesn’t learn how to let his people do what he hired them to do.

    If he had the knowledge to do this, then why not take the clipboard and whistle and haul his own butt down to the sidelines and call the games?

    Shut up, Jerry.

  4. Wow. Jerruh keeps this up and pretty soon he won’t have the choice but to call the plays himself.

    Can’t imagine many NFL caliber coaches want to be in this kind of situation.

    What a domineering owner!

  5. This guy’s great. Rob Ryan couldn’t get all that defensive talent together. Hope Garrett stays another 10 years because he and Romo are great together… Giants and Eagles fans feel the same way too!

  6. Oh… Same story Florio? I’m sure this is like you’re third time posting the same thing. Then everyone comments the same thing. Jerry this, Jason that… It’s like everyone have nothing better to do, then make a comment about the Cowboys. Honestly, you guys don’t need to write a article everything about the Cowboys. What’s the next article headline? “Jerry Jones seen eating at Outback Steakhouse.”

    If you’re an Eagles fan… how’s the trophy case looking? You guys are probably gonna respond how many playoff wins the Cowboys won since 1995? Well clearly, I would much rather have 5 Super Bowls, then have ZERO. Romo chokes? What about McNabb in the Super Bowl.. throwing up? Must had eaten a 5 big macs and 10 cans of his chunky soup.

    To close, I’m expecting you guys to click the thumb down button. And that would be great. Please dislike my comment, for speaking the truth!

  7. Garrett Needs to go… He has called the plays for 6-7 years and that damn draw play is called about 6 times a game out of the same formation.. It was hot a few years ago but he has not evolved..

  8. The Cowboys are nothing without Owner Jones.
    He will rectify the wrongs of the Cowboys and bring them back to a higher ranking.

  9. Lets see. Dallas ranked 6th in offense last year, 11th in 2011, 7th in 2010 and 2nd in 2009 despite the crappiest front line. Hmmm… You don’t have to be a genius to realize this teams problem is not in getting yards but stopping the other team.

  10. Smart move. He’s getting fired if this season goes bad, I’d rather get fired because I cost myself the job then because someone else did. It’s a challenge. Jason Garrett will either rise to it or he’ll be taking orders from someone else as offensive coordinator somewhere else!!

  11. Micro-management obviously doesn’t work. JJ needs to just ride off into the sunset. It’ll never get any better under his ownership/management.

  12. Derp, This reminds me so much of my Cards last year. Is it not simple math?? Protect your QB + And the QB actually has time to make plays = You look like an infinitely better play caller/HC and you get to keep your job. You can’t put it any simpler then Aikman said it. Protect Romo and your going to win all those games they’re supposed to win that they’ve been losing for lack of an offense that takes too long in the game to find a rhythm with Romo feeling constant pressure back there.

  13. It’s hard to hear people defending Garrett in any context.
    He’s had a job in Dallas for so long and has had no success.
    It has been strange to see Waid and Rob Ryan fired so brusquely while Garrett has escaped accountability.

  14. To the people that are asking when Jones is going to be held accountable for the job he is doing…That is up to the fans. If they fail again, stop going to the stadium, don’t buy any more NFL Cowboys merchandise, ect.
    It’s tough to show the boss the fans are upset when the house is sold out every week and you are helping him pay off that new stadium with a losing team in it!

  15. The only thing that makes sense is arrogance. That is the only reason Garrett feels like he needs to calls plays instead of Callahan. Callahan has way more experience and success and has actually been to a Superbowl and Garrett hasn’t done anything. Glad I’m not a Cowboy’s fan.

  16. If the Cowboys can restore their running game which was 31st in the NFL last season, then Garrett’s play calling will probably appear to improve a great deal.

    Garrett can’t afford to not have a run game again this year.

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