Jim Harbaugh: Tim Brown should be ashamed of what he said


San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh was on Bill Callahan’s staff in Oakland when the Raiders played in a Super Bowl that receiver Tim Brown recently accused Callahan of throwing. Suffice to say, Harbaugh thinks Brown’s accusation is hogwash.

Harbaugh told Bob Glauber of Newsday that Brown “was not factual at all and I really think he should be ashamed of what he said.”

Brown claimed last month that Callahan changed the Raiders’ offensive game plan at the last minute just before the Super Bowl 10 years ago because he wanted to lose to his old boss, Bucs coach Jon Gruden. Callahan refuted Brown’s claim in strong terms, and Harbaugh absolutely agrees with Callahan.

“I totally concur with everything Bill Callahan said,” Harbaugh said.

Brown backed off his claims about Callahan after he was harshly criticized for them. But Harbaugh’s comments suggest that for some of the coaches on that Raiders staff, it’s far too late for Brown to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

58 responses to “Jim Harbaugh: Tim Brown should be ashamed of what he said

  1. As a Niners fan I love the success that Harbaugh has brought to the team because we were terrible. But I see why people don’t like him. I still love my team but he’s kind of a goon.

  2. Why don’t you talk some smack to Rice who agrees with Brown. Or you can take a cowardly stance and avoid ruffling your fans by pretending his statement towards Brown isn’t directed to Rice as well.

  3. didn’t Jerry Rice agree with Tim Brown? isn’t Jerry Rice’s reputation sacrosanct in the Bay area? should you maybe think before speaking, oh coach of the 49ers?


  4. MDS: “Brown backed off his claims about Callahan after he was harshly criticized for them. But Harbaugh’s comments suggest that for some of the coaches on that Raiders staff, it’s far too late for Brown to put the toothpaste back in the tube.”

    Good call – reminds me of this exchange from Seinfeld:

    Jerry: Excuse me I’d like to return this jacket.

    Teller: Certainly. May I ask why?

    Jerry: ……..For spite…

    Teller: Spite?

    Jerry: That’s right. I don’t care for the salesman that sold it to me.

    Teller: I don’t think you can return an item for spite.

    Jerry: What do you mean?

    Teller: Well if there was some problem with the garment. If it were unsatisfactory in some way,then we could do it for you, but I’m afraid spite doesn’t fit into any of our conditions for a refund.

    Jerry: That’s ridiculous, I want to return it. What’s the difference what the reason is.

    Teller: Let me speak with the manager…excuse me ………….Bob!
    (walks over to the manager and whispers)

    Teller ……..spite…..(Manager walks over)

    Bob: What seems to be the problem?

    Jerry : Well I want to return this jacket and she asked me why and I said for spite and now she won’t take it back.

    Bob: That’s true. You can’t return an item based purely on spite.

    Jerry:. Well So fine then ..then I don’t want it and then that’s why I’m returning it.

    Bob: Well you already said spite so……

    Jerry: But I changed my mind..

    Bob: No…you said spite…Too late.

  5. If Rice wanted to get in the middle of that, there is certainly no reason Harbaugh should stay out, and I don’t member myself as a Harbaugh fan. Of course, it is all part of he said-he said smack, a prominent feature of today’s culture, with very insignificant value.

  6. niners816,

    why is he a goon because he disagrees with timmy brownie? get a grip u undercover raider fan, we dont care if the rest of the league doesnt like harbaugh. Hes here to stay and the rest of the league has to deal with it.

  7. Tim Brown’s an idiot. Rich Gannon has been clear on that since this all came out.

    Who in his right mind throws a Super Bowl game because the other H/C is a buddy>? Brown is an idiot. Jerry Rice – not far behind.

  8. REALLY?
    Hey harbaugh, when will you learn to shut up?!?!
    You should be ashamed of yourself and the way you act on the field, speak (complain when things dont go your way, nd make rediculous statements about your players being the best. Take a look in the mirror, that who should be ashamed of himself!

  9. I’m sure Harbaugh thinks Rice is full of it too. Big deal. Does not “ruffle” my feathers whatsoever. Rice isn’t above being called out.
    This is old RAIDERS news, not 49ers.
    Every coach on that staff should have been insulted.

  10. Jim Harbaugh hating is becoming a certified mental disorder that more and more people are going to be suffering with as he continues to be a successful head coach over the years. In fact, it has it’s own acronym, HHS (Harbaugh Hating Syndrome). We can stop the scourge of HHS in its tracks if we act now. All you have to do is become a Niner fan. Won’t you help?

  11. Tim Brown ..the player…was unique in his own right. Tim Brown…the analyst …is too rough around the edges…His comments on Sirius radio regularly are disrespectful to current players…seems they forget where they came from..and you would figure that the NFL is a fraternity or brotherhood…Amani Toomer is like that too…too bad

  12. That’s interesting because given the last 4 play calls it sure looked like Jim might have been throwing the game so John could win. I guess it was just Callahan incompetence rubbing off on Jim after all.

  13. I guess the media is just going to try to forget that Jerry Rice backed those crazy claims and should also be ashamed of himself along with Brown. Because he is Jerry Rice.

  14. I’m surprised that harbaugh has time to comment on this. I would have thought that he would have still been on the horn to godell crying about how the last play of the Super Bowl was interference but not the last play of the NFC championship game. Whine whine whine

  15. Put an asterisk next to the Tampa Super Bowl win. The fix was IN! Come on Goodell, do your job and suspend the Buccaneers for a season. Smh

  16. shut up and go crawl back whatever hole you have been hiding in since your brother made you look like a horse’s arse in the superbowl,LITTLE BROTHER!!!!! none of your business what happened back then,so shut up and go home!

  17. So… Hairbow is denying that the game plan changed just before the game?
    Or is he saying that Callahan didn’t change the game plan with the intention of making it harder to win the game?

  18. So it doesn’t clarify on the tweet. Was Harbaugh asked about it or did he outright say it?

    Also kinda like how players have each other’s backs coaches do the same because you never know when you might need help from said coaches.

    Ya know what would have made this entire story moot? Al Davis not wanting a more vertical passing attack and in turn extending Jon Gruden. So really Tim Brown should have called that move because that hurt them more than a change in gameplan for the super bowl.

  19. Jim Harbaugh should be ashmed he did not have the nads to give cbs an interview after his 49ers choked in the super bowl!!!!!!

  20. dude when you want to talk about being ashamed, look in the mirror…boo hoo, snibble snibble, whine whine…brown made a comment , the media blew it up, but the FACT remains callahan never changed the playbook, or the playcalls that gruden used….callahan should be ashamed of that, which has to be the dumbest coaching blunder ever, and could even be perceived as sabotage.

  21. I think that it shouldn’t matter which gameplan Callahan went with, Its still up to the players to execute the plays no matter which of them is called. That is the story too, the players didn’t do what was needed in order to win the game. Quit blaming the Coaching staff. The game is 10% planning and 90% execution.

  22. Man look at all these jealous fans that wish Harbaugh was their coach. He has a right to speak about Browns comments because he was part of the Callahan Raiders team. Get use a HC that has passion and speaks his mind because SF will be a top contender for many years to come!!

  23. No professional athlete is ever going to admit that he was outplayed by an opponent. NFL players are notorious for being in constant denial…
    I’m sure the 2012 49ers will go through life thinking (and saying) they simply “ran out of time” against the Ravens.

  24. …this coming from the guy who lost the superbowl to his brother, and still had bad things to say about the reffing. Suck it up Harbaugh, I used to think you were alright, but now you’re just a crybaby…

  25. Jim is right and Raiders fans that defend Tim and Jerry are helpless and hopeless, like their team (sorry for the low blow but well deserved). Rice’s comments were a joke too and I lost tremendous respect for him, but I also know that his ego is very large as is Tim’s. Ego can be a great motivator, but it can also lead to great delusions as failures are being rationalized.

    We love to build people up and tear them down don’t we Harbaugh haters? Its all ego based too, so its very understandable. Harbaugh does 2 things that annoy me 1) He’s too emotional on the sideline (at times) and by being so emotional he is not fully utilizing his ability to reason which the team needs and 2) I don’t admire his complaining about officiating. It doesn’t do anything for anybody except himself. He is still young and will learn; Harbaugh has in no way peaked. So hate him all you want but respect him and the 49ers because it won’t be an easy day at the yard.

  26. Sorry harbaugh but the proof is in the pudding. You don’t change a whole offensive game plan a day or two before the SB. It will be a long time til I can write your name w/ a starting capital h.

  27. Jim is still mad cause his brother beat him in the Superbowl.
    Everybody knows Bill Callahan threw that game. It’s funny the media like PFT and ESPN like to not mention it’s not just Tim Brown who thinks this but it’s also JERRYT RICE!
    ESPN hates that so much, nothing was better than seeing Trey Wingos face when Rice told the wordls the superbowl was FIXED

  28. Dungy put together Tampa’s defense.

    Gruden, however, built that Raider’s offense. He knew the players, their tendencies and the plays.
    Callahan changing the plays that got them to the SB was the only hope he had of beating that great tampa D that now belonged to Gruden.

    Even that didn’t help. Want to blame anyone, blame Al Davis for letting Gruden know he intended to let him go at the end of that season, causing Gruden to ‘convince’ ol Al to let him go early.

  29. Why don’t you say something about Jerry Rice too then. Come on now!

    Also who was Tim harshly criticized by that people didn’t expect to say something other than those who worked with Bill so wouldn’t say a thing due to the “blue line” being in effect.

  30. I used to like Jim Harbaugh, up till the Super Bowl. He seemed like an all around good guy until I seen how he acted after losing to his brother.

  31. Who cares how Harbaugh act’s on the sideline, it’s that emotion that got him where he is at. His play calling (or acceptance of calls) is what got them to the Superbowl and will more than likely land them back there or in the NFC Championship game next year.

    Lastly, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown are idiots for insinuating that Callahan sabotaged the Superbowl because he was friends with Gruden. There is no evidence of it and if it was incompetence so be it, but I, and any coach, would own up to bad play calling/game planning over sabotaging the entire team.

  32. It’s funny ,how everybody hates harbaugh, but you know what haters only come out when someone’s doing good, take Richard Sherman I hate, I mean I absolutely despise him, truth is he’s insane at what he does, I could see how you could hate harbaugh, if your team lost to the niners or something like that, but the truth is, every nfl fan hopes their coach has passion, fire , and is super competitive, just admit it.

  33. This man Jim Harbaugh is making me dislike the 49ers.

    Always had a neutral stance on the 49ers, liked a couple players and was happy to see Alex Smith step up and also was happy that Colin played extremely well….

    but now, I think I will be rooting against this team…. not classy at all. Especially with the way they handled the super bowl loss.

  34. Tim Brown is a joke! Any head coach would want to have a super bowl victory beside there name.. Callahan did not want let my bucs beat them, they just had trouble going against a defense that is somewhere from the 5th – 10th best D of all time.. our stats that year prove it. Even though as a bucs fan I dont have anything really special to brag about in the recent years, but I know forsure that we earned that super bowl in 2002

  35. You know Jim Harbaugh is speaking on it because he was on the Raiders coaching staff that year…he does have a right to speak his mind..hes not speaking out of nowhere, he was probably asked what he thinks since he was an assistant that year. I think Tim Brown used the wrong choice of words..nonetheless, it is what it is. As a raider fan, im tired of the last 10 years, the busted super bowl loss and tuck rule.

  36. Jerry Rice was miked up for the game. Before things fell apart for the Raiders, Jerry Porter was sitting next to Rice on the bench and stated to Rice (paraphrasing) “We need to start running the ball.” I think Barrett Robbins situation is what really hurt the Raiders. He was the best Center in the NFL at that time. I don’t believe Callahan threw the game, that’s been the NFL’s job since the days of the “Immaculate Reception to the Snow Job.”

  37. Harbaugh is a good coach. I have yet to see a coach and think I’d like to be his friend. Joe Gibbs, Bill Parcell excluded

  38. Can’t believe how many people are backing Brown. Harbaugh is 100% right and I wish more people would call Brown out.

  39. As a Niners fan I LOVE coach Harbaugh.
    Not a big fan of Jim Harbaugh the man, however.

    If he wasnt my teams coach I would pretty much hate his guts. Luckily we are just paying him to coach up the team and win football games.

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