McAfee has no problem with getting the franchise tag

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No trip to Indy would be complete without a visit with one of the local team’s players.  Especially when he played at West Virginia University, 30 miles up the road from the damp basement in which I usually work.

Punter Pat McAfee joined PFT Live Friday for a wide-ranging discussion that focused initially on the possibility that McAfee will receive the franchise tag between now and March 4.

McAfee said that Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri explained during the 2012 season as other potential candidates for the tag suffered injuries that McAfee likely would get the one-year guaranteed contract that is expected to pay in the range of $2.9 million.  McAfee specifically said that his father would “kick my ass” if McAfee refused to pounce on the opportunity to make that much money for one year.

McAfee also talked about how he became a punter in the NFL.  Initially a kicker at WVU, he later added the rugby-rollout punt to his repertoire, handling those duties for three years.  He had never punted NFL style before coming to the NFL.

When it was time to take a shot at the next level, McAfee planned to be a kicker.  But former Colts G.M. Bill Polian saw McAfee punting at the Senior Bowl and one thing led to another and the Colts picked McAfee in the seventh round of the 2009 draft.Four years later, McAfee is on the brink of free agency.  He’d like to stay in Indy, and if the tag comes his way it looks like he definitely will, at least for another year.This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

8 responses to “McAfee has no problem with getting the franchise tag

  1. He’s not only a great punter, but also provides consistent depth and touchbacks on kickoffs, is a reliable backup field goal kicker, and has used his athletic ability to make several touchdown saving return tackles. On top of that, he has become a well liked and popular Indy personality. We better keep him!!

  2. This kid is not only good for the Colts but he is a great asset to the community. This young man gets it and has grown up from swimming in the Canal. I’ve heard he buys extra tickets to Pacers games and hands them out at a local Dunkin Donuts for making a free throw. Instrumental in the players getting haircuts to support CHUCKSTRONG. He is always seen on the sidelines before the games shaking hands with our military members and standing next to them holding the flag during National Anthem. We need more guys like him in sports. He is one of the best in the league at his position too! Hope the Colts see his value.

  3. Pat McAfee is just awesome, from his actions off the field, to his foundation, his twitter posts and all the other good he does. I would love this guy in Green Bay, Colts fans are lucky.

  4. Just a punter? Check out his 75 yard field goal and 55 yard drop kick on youtube. Tied for team lead in tackles on special teams, solid citizen and he is hilareous. Hell yes tag him until you get a 4-5 year contract signed. A good punter is worth his weight in recycled cans.

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