McKenzie says Raiders will have competition at quarterback, and every position


The Raiders have one quarterback with (for now) a $13 million base salary and another with a third-year minimum base salary.  G.M. Reggie McKenzie said on Friday’s Pro Football Talk that either could be the team’s starter this year.”

We’re going to have a competition not only at that position, we’re going to have it up front on the O-line, we’re going to have it everywhere and that’s why we want to open this thing to, we want to open the doors for everybody, just come out and compete, whatever happens happens,” McKenzie said.

Asked to clarify whether that means Terrelle Pryor could be the Week One starter over Carson Palmer, McKenzie minced no words:   “Well if he wins the job, he could be and that’s what competition is all about.”

Since both players are under contract for 2013, McKenzie and the Raiders don’t have to worry about using the franchise tag on either guy in the coming nine days.  McKenzie opted not to talk about which of this year’s eligible players could be tagged.

“I’m gonna have a poker face on that one,” McKenzie said.  “I’m not a great poker player, but I can play Old Maid.  We’ll continue to meet on stuff like that but we kind of keep those things kind of internal and we leave it at that.”

Ultimately, they’ll be able to make it harder for at least one player to leave.  Along the way, plenty of others could be asked to do so voluntarily.  Including Palmer.

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  1. Palmer will restructure and be the starter. I’m not sure what the cap hit would be for releasing Palmer, but the Raiders would get no value for the 2nd rd pick Palmer is costing them in this draft either. I doubt you could trade Palmer with a $13m salary as well. Were it me, I’d play either Palmer, Pryor, or both and let those two get beat-up. With a bare cupboard, we aren’t going to the playoffs this year. Build up the lines/secondary/rb. Next year, when we are drafting Top 10 we can get our franchise QB when the crop is much better. Teddy Bridgewater ain’t no joke.

  2. Pryor should be the starter anyway. He has the athleticism, all he needs is good coaching. Give him a chance Raiders!

  3. I love that Reggie is opening all positions open to competition including QB where I hope Terrelle Pryor wins and is the Raiders starter for 2013. 1 we could cut Carson save a bunch of $ from the cap and 2 w Peyton in Denver we aren’t competing for Division w Palmer so in a weak QB draft class only makes sense to play Pryor this whole season see what he has w an offense tailored to his strengths. If he doesn’t pan out then we can draft a QB in next years draft which experts are saying will be a strong QB draft class. Just my opinion. Go Raiders

  4. Competition will only work if you have good players competing for the positions.
    If you have garbage players competing, well…
    It’ll be like a tallest midget competition.

  5. Brilliant strategy, Reggie. Start your best players, surely none of the other GMs or coaches will think to do that. Super Bowl bound!

  6. not sure if that is saying much, but hey when you get dealt a crappy hand you make the best of it. To bad it’s not a game of poker where you can try to bluff.

  7. Palmer has one foot out the door already and this just confirms it. I don’t know what the cap situation is for his contract but if the Raiders aren’t penalized for releasing him then they should do it. It is obvious that he is not the QB of the future, so they should just do the right thing.

  8. I know people are thinking it’s obvious that the Raiders are having an open competition since they’ve been so bad. But really, what else is there?

    I know most people don’t believe in them, but a good sign of change is the fact that so far this Reggie regime hasn’t made any egregious decisions in free agency and no major reaches in last years draft.

    I know Raider fans want good things to happen right away, but Reggie is working things for the long haul. That’s how good organization work.

  9. McKenzie is taking the same approach as his mentors in Green Bay, Ron Wolf, and Ted Thompson. Replenish the roster with young talent and create competition at every position so that none of the veterans get too comfortable, and the young additions feel they have a legit chance to secure starting jobs. Competition brings out the best in the players, and will be reflected in performance on the football field…

  10. Im a Raider but I hate McKenzie. Mark Davis is not a football guy so he listened to guys he thought were cool with his dad and that guy was Ron Wolfe. Little did Mark know that Wolfe hates the Raiders and wants to Raiders to fail. So he pushed a guy in McKenzie that he knew was as dumb as a box of rocks and Wolfe went on to the Chargers!
    Mark Davis needs to step in now and fire McKenzie and the whole coaching staff and bring in Gruden and Madden

  11. Hey now…

    At least their specialists are above average, when their long snapper isn’t concussed anyways. But then again if you have that much cap room wasted on ST they better perform, like beating the worst team in football with 3 FG’s.

  12. I don’t know that there is a player on that roster worth tagging. Wheeler isn’t. Bryant played well, but the franchise number for defensive tackles will be north of 8 million. If McKenzie tags anyone it will probably be Myers, but what he should be doing is working to whittle down Palmer’s number. 13 million salary, 15.3 against the cap for a team that will likely be drafting top 10 next year is way too much money.

  13. Yeah, I’m sure as he closes in on 80 years of age, John Maddeen really wants to spend 70 hours a week rebuilding the Raider. Reggie is doing what needs to be done!

  14. What does Palmer have to throw to??

    You gotta give Palmer a guy like Greg Jennings. These young receivers DESPERATELY need mentoring. If they’re not running the wrong routes or dropping balls they’re getting hurt.

    Reggie’s #1 priority in FA should be to court Jennings and get him signed. Otherwise expect much of the same this year from the receivers.

    How do they expect Palmer or anyone else to succeed at QB when Darrius Heyward-Bey is your #1 receiver? That’s atrocious.

  15. Reggie has nothing else to say,cause the Raiders have no other players to talk about.You can blame Reggie the bottom lipped retard for that.He has destroyed this team cause he is way over his head.Sure hope Al’s son has inherited some of his fathers genes and fires this bum now!

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