Ravens, Flacco have “long way to go” (and short time to get there)

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On Friday night, the Ravens and the representative of quarterback Joe Flacco engaged in their first contract talks in months.

Agent Joe Linta called his meeting with Ravens V.P. of football administration Pat Moriarty a “good start.”

Still, Linta said the two sides have a “long way to go.”

They’ve also got a short time to get there, if they hope to finalize a deal before the window closes on the application of the franchise tag.  By 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday, March 4, a decision must be made by the Ravens regarding whether to use the non-exclusive version of the tag, the exclusive level, or no tag at all.

Or the two sides can get a deal done.  The reality, however, is that few big-money, long-term deals of this nature are resolved before the team breaks out the franchise tag.

The biggest question regarding the application of the franchise tag is whether the Ravens will choose between exclusive and non-exclusive.  We’ve got a theory based on information gleaned over the past few days in Indianapolis.  But we won’t bore you with it now.

We’ll bore you with it eventually, just not now.

21 responses to “Ravens, Flacco have “long way to go” (and short time to get there)

  1. That means the ravens will be rushed into an overblown $20 mil/yr deal for a top 15 qb that shares the same ceiling of talent as Brad Johnson. Wish my team was in the afc north…

  2. Flacco doesn’t deserve the Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees ype of money just because he won a superbowl. He needs to have a good team around him in order to be successful. Don’t get me wrong he’s still a good QB though.

  3. Have no fear haters. Oz will do all that is right and the Ravens success will continue. Feel free to keep hating, they’re not going anywhere. World Champs.

  4. Ozzie always says: “Right player, right price”. As such, I just don’t think joe will receive the highest qb money. A consolation prize of extra first round draft picks from the highest bidder via non exclusive tag also fits with ozzie’s philosophy. He covets draft picks.

  5. Being headstrong and even keeled is what got Joe through the first 5 years. He never overreacted or panicked too much to the big disappointments of getting deep into the playoffs only to come short.

    Unfortunately for the Ravens he brings the same attitude to the contract negotiating table.

    If he and his agent thought he was elite and deserved top 5 money before last season and turned down a top 5 contract, what do you think they’ll demand this time around?

    Super Bowl MVPs on the right side of 30 don’t have much hometown sympathy, some may say justifiably so.

  6. nice Bandit reference. that never gets old.

    “boy when I get home, I’m gonna punch yo momma in da mouth!”

  7. Flacco is good, not great. He has a good team around him. His playoff record is better than his actual performance would indicate. This year he has great numbers but they don’t tell the whole story. He hung several deep balls that should have been picked but for colossal mistakes by the defense. If one of those were picked his great streak would be gone. His receivers turned bad passes into TDs. 4 of his playoff TDs were horrible passes. Non-exclusive tag and take the 2 first rounders if he insists on stupid money.

  8. Flacco won on the same field that sll of the so called elite QB’s lost on. He out played Brady for the 2nd year in a row only this year the Ravens won and out played Manning who’s team was in the game only due to 2 special teams TD’s! He has more play off wins in his 1st 5 years than the elites and topped it off this year with a playoff run and SuperBowl win that included 11 TD’s and 0 interceptions! Haters please sit down now! Flacco is about to get paid!

  9. We’ll now see just how average JF is when he’s checkin down to Richardson next year.

    Steelers, Ravens (for 2 reasons) and Cincy would all love that move. And Cleveland of course, but only because they’re dumb.

  10. Ravens will put the lower tag on him and no one will offer up 2 first rounders plus pay him the kind of money he wants and that will put the ravens back in the drivers seat. He will sign a long term contract heavily backloaded with money he will never see unless he really does become a top 5 QB and brings at least 1 more Superbowl to Baltimore.

  11. Joe is about to make Salary Cap hell for the Ravens! If they tag him with the exclusive tag, there is no possible way they could resign all the players that they would like to lock up. If the non-exclusive tag is placed, the Browns will make an offer to him that the Ravens simply won’t be able to match. Don’t forget, Flacco is the reason the Ravens ended up in the Super Bowl.

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