Terron Armstead, a 306-pound tackle, runs a jaw-dropping 40


Unless you’re a hard-core draft junkie or a fan of Arkansas Pine-Bluff, you’ve probably never heard of Terron Armstead. But he just did something unprecedented at the Scouting Combine.

Armstead ran his 40-yard dash in an unofficial time of 4.65 seconds, which is stunningly fast for a 306-pound offensive tackle. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said he had never seen an offensive lineman finish a 40 in less than 4.7 seconds, and according to NFL.com, the Combine record for an offensive lineman before Armstead’s stunning run this morning was 4.84 seconds, set by Allen Barbre in 2007.

Armstead is a freakish all-around athlete who was also an outstanding shot putter in college, but the question, of course, is whether he can translate that athleticism to playing at the NFL level. And on that score, the early indications are good: Although he didn’t play against high-quality competition at Arkansas Pine-Bluff, he was a good college player who was so impressive at the East-West Shrine Game that he got a late invitation to the Senior Bowl.

So there are signs that NFL scouts think Armstead can play. We certainly know he can run.

UPDATE 12:51 p.m. ET: Armstead’s official time was 4.71 seconds, the fastest ever for an offensive lineman at the Scouting Combine. Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson was right on Armstead’s heels with an official time of 4.72 seconds, the second-fastest ever for an offensive lineman.

89 responses to “Terron Armstead, a 306-pound tackle, runs a jaw-dropping 40

  1. You left out that he also ripped off 31 reps on the bench. Not too shabby at all. I am not too sure how technically sound he is, but athletically he looks great!

  2. News Flash: Al Davis passed away in 2011. The height/weight/speed factor is no longer fodder for you simpletons.

    The RAIDERS have a new owner, new GM and a new HC. All of them embarking on year two of the rebuild.

    It’s time to come up with new material. Your trite nonsense is no longer relevant.

    Bunch of koooooooooks…..

  3. he is too big to run that fast. will cause head injuries. goodell says he can’t play. he has that power since he thinks he is God of the NFL

  4. mullman: decades of bafoonery will not go away overnight. you may want to wait until they actually change/win before you get so defensive.

  5. That’s dumb fast but game film is important too.

    Welcome to the Seahawks son. We always pick players with talent and ability and put you in positions that will make you look good and that will help you take advantage of your skill set even if we convert your into another position.

  6. Amazing! With that kind of speed there are endless possibilities to the type of play you can design using this kid as a lead blocker. Running backs across the league are probably licking their chops thinking about the yards they can cover running behind Armstead.

  7. I hope Reggie Mac builds the Raiders into a Powerhouse so we can beat the crap out of the rest of NFL for the next 10 years. The rest of the League has hell to pay for the crap they been talking about Raider Nation. One day, on the field, you all are going to pay your debt and respects to the mighty SILVER & BLACK.

  8. Didn’t Tony Mandarich run a sub 4.7 at the 1989 combine?

    Anyway, Armstead has a real good shot to be a second-round pick with his freakish athleticism and supreme footwork. Could be a stud LT.

  9. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Pats take him, he’s a classic Belichick Olineman. Great potential, very raw and left in the hands of the best Oline coach in the league, Dante Scarnecchia, will become a major talent if they can get him.

    Vollmer was exactly that sort of player. Huge physical talents but raw and needed to be coached up. In the past we’ve also seen college wrestlers converted to excellent Olinemen and players that would be considered a stretch by other teams.

  10. I’m reminded of a quip from Sports Night…”Any play designed for an offensive lineman to run 40 yards is probably ill-conceived.”

    Still, wow.

  11. deddmunnie says: Feb 23, 2013 9:47 AM

    mullman: decades of bafoonery will not go away overnight. you may want to wait until they actually change/win before you get so defensive.
    It was only one full decade of bufoonery. We are now headed into year two of what we hope is purgatory and not perdition.

  12. Not to be cynical, but can he jump back on the line and run a 4.9 ten seconds later? Cone and shuttle drills will be more important for him…not to mention game film!

    The risk of a really fast o-lineman is that he can be stood up almost immediately and his own speed and momentum used to throw himself out of making a decent block.

    Wishing the kid luck though, I love watching joe staley play LT since he was a phenomenal track athlete who ran 21.low in the 200 when he was 18

  13. WOW This guy seems like Vernon Gholston and Adam Archuleta combined! Can’t wait to see what he can do! Watch the tape GM’s. Use that instead.

  14. pshh..

    Andrew Tyshovnytsky
    6ft 5in
    225 reps: 52 (because he got bored and stopped)

    didn’t get invited to combine because he went to a small school

  15. I’d put him on the D-line, slip a little bacon into the pocket of the opposing team’s QB, and enjoy the show.

  16. Drop him about 15pds. and put him at FB or TE. Doubt he’ll cut it at Tackle in the NFL with the competition he faced during his career, but you never know.

  17. Played well at East-West Shrine Game

    Got called up to the Senior Bowl last minute

    Practiced and Played well at Senior Bowl

    Measured in well at Combine

    Pumped out 31 reps in bench press

    Ran a 4.65 in the 40

    Just made himself possibly the 3rd to 5th Tackle off the board.

  18. This could mean he would be a great asset in the red zone but it’s hard to tell about his overall worth as an OL just by his 40 time and level of competition at APB. I think someone will gamble on him around the 6th round though.

  19. The 40 doesn’t translate directly but the 10 yd which coaches measure also, does.
    This time also indicates good athleticism and quick feet which is very important for OL.

  20. If physical attributes were all that mattered in football Brock Lesner would be a Hall of Famer and Vince Young would be a three time Super Bowl MVP. Unfortunately for those guys, all the physical gifts are irrelevant if you don’t have the proper techniques down (Lesner) or if you have brain power upstairs (Young).

  21. I think these guys should be measured on their momentum. Mass multiplied by velocity. That would be an interesting number to track at the Combine.

  22. Wow! He tied the record set by Allen Barbre! Wow! That guy was a mid round pick who has played in 17 games in 5 years! “Hello, is this Canton? Listen, do you have room two future hall of famers?”

  23. @ dainbramaged

    Your #’s are a bit off.

    Andrew Tyshovnytsky, OT, Fordham
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 317.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.91.
    Bench x 225: 33.
    Projected Round (2010): 5-6.

    3/9/10: Andrew Tyshovnytsky shined at his Pro Day. In addition to running a 4.91 and benching 225 pounds 33 times, he performed well in the positional drills.

  24. mullman76 says: Feb 23, 2013 9:41 AM

    News Flash: Al Davis passed away in 2011. The height/weight/speed factor is no longer fodder for you simpletons.

    The RAIDERS have a new owner, new GM and a new HC. All of them embarking on year two of the rebuild.

    It’s time to come up with new material. Your trite nonsense is no longer relevant.

    Bunch of koooooooooks….
    Somebody’s brown eye a little blue?

  25. @dedmunnie: Ten plus years of buffoonery does not erase thirty years of greatness and 3 SB wins.

    The RAIDERS are one of the most influential franchises in the history of the NFL.

    The hate for the RAIDERS stems from the winning years, not the past ten.

    Being a west coast guy, I hate the Yankees, so I get it.

  26. Cut it out raider fans!! You guys think just because you got mckenzie all your troubles are over? Please you guys are to good at wishful thinking.. Anyways.. This dude is fast for a big boy! Imagine him pulling out for a crack block.. So he can get ahead on a lead block… But can he block?? So far this dude looks solid might climb the board

  27. This guy just went from un-drafted free agent to a late round draft pick because of his 40 time

  28. 30 years of greatness?? Bro the 70’s were not 30 years.. You guys could have had 4 sbs but your team was to dumb to change their play calling while playing the guy who made up that play calling (gruden) just one of the hundreds of mistakes raiders have made this past 20 years.. NFL is west coast bias anyways man… You guys got robbed with the tuck rule and all that in late 90’s early 2000s.. Look at our recent Super Bowl ravens got some good calls and no calls.. 9-2 penalties.. But we will get cheated out of many superbowls before you guys even have a winning season.. Now back to this beast o lineman

  29. If this guy is still available when they pick, he should be a Redskin! With Trent Williams at LT and Armstead at RT, or just for depth, then RGIII will have rock-solid bookends to protect him.

  30. Even if he cant start right away, he’d have his uses.

    Line him up at TE on third and short, or at the goal line. If the player across from him is too small, run his direction. If the player across from him is too big, have him run a route.

  31. coooool, great he can run an amazing 40 yard dash which hell never run 40 yards at once in any game in his career ever as an O lineman… whats his block stance like, does he give up sacks, does he get his QB pancaked..that what ppl want to know regarding a olineman

    this is why scouts shouldnt get paid that much as they do and miss all the time every year on multiple players bec they judge players on the wrong things.. can the guy play the position..not run like a running back!??

  32. What a waste of speed. He is playing a position that will never require him to run more than 5 yards. I wonder how quick he is over 2-5 yards? I wonder can he block Vinnie Wilfork, T-Sizzle, Ware or Nata? If he is that fast, I say the Steelers should draft him and make him Bus 2 or the 18 Wheeler! At least he will have a shot at running more than 5 yards.

  33. mullman76 says: Feb 23, 2013 11:31 AM

    The RAIDERS are one of the most influential franchises in the history of the NFL.
    Yeah, just ask them.

    Why, today you see every team in the NFL move back and forth between different cities, draft fast receivers who cannot catch and QB’s who are 100 pounds overweight, cripple wide receivers, celebrate illegal plays that require rule changes (The Holy Roller), and whine 40 years after a referee’s call went against them.

    I can’t sleep at night with how jealous I am of the Raiders.

  34. tooz72 says:
    Feb 23, 2013 10:16 AM
    Thank Jeebus Al Davis isnt alive..he’d be drooling right now
    Yea, even without knowing about this story.

  35. Didn’t Tony Mandarich run a sub 4.7 at the 1989 combine

    Indeed. I wonder what other similarities they may share.

  36. He’ll be able to get great separation from the linebackers and run over any hapless 200 pound defensive backs. Oh wait. He’s a lineman.

  37. Again, the NFL “Official 40 Times” embarrass the league. I’m just reading this story and haven’t seen the personnel running the timing this year but in recent years they’ve been really old dudes with typically slow reactions.

    Really, how can there be a 4.5 tenths difference between the experienced unofficial timer and the “official” 40 times as there was for Armstead? HOW CAN THERE BE?

  38. johnnyb1976

    He was probably a 4th or 3rd round pick if you read those who seem to be the best at projecting (Brandt, NFL Draft Scout, etc) and I only think this solidifies him as a 3rd or maybe late 2nd round pick. NFL teams knew he was fast and athletic and they already thought pretty well of him before this. I don’t think he rises very much because of this because he was already a likely top 100 pick before this. This workout just confirmed what teams thought. I will say that I think people probably expected more of a 4.80 so he did a little better than expected but it’s not like people expected a 5.0 or 5.2 for him. NFL teams knew he could fly. He ran a 4.81 last spring for scouts at his junior pro day.

  39. I’d probably want to know if he can hold onto the ball and read blocks before I made him a RB, and see if he could run routes and catch the ball before I annointed him a TE. But that’s just me.

  40. The report comment button needs to be moved away from the thumbs up/down on the mobile version of the site. Either my thumbs are fatter than I thought or PFT will find some legitimate issue with four posts on this page!

    Sorry to post here. Didn’t see an alternative.

  41. In the 1960s, the average offensive lineman was 6-foot-3, 251 pounds.
    In the 1970s, the average offensive lineman was 6-foot-3, 255 pounds.
    In the 1980s, the average offensive lineman was 6-foot-4, 272 pounds.
    This guy might end up becoming a 300 lb fullback. Crazy.

  42. You can’t teach size and speed. Everything else?? Ehh—probably. He may never need to run 40 yards in a game, but to repeatedly accelerate his weight puts him in front of a lot of players. If nobody else takes him early, look for the Seahawks to take another flyer. Did the most with his combine work, now for the tough part—guys with close to his measurable’s that know all the tricks in the book, including how to hurt you. Best of luck.

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