Bills won’t tender David Nelson

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In Sunday morning’s one-liners, we had a note about the Bills talking to the agent for impending restricted free agent wide receiver David Nelson.

The result of those talks is that Nelson will not become a restricted free agent. He’ll be totally unrestricted since the Bills have decided not to tender him a contract for the 2013 season.

General Manager Buddy Nix made the announcement on Sunday afternoon, making Nelson the second wide receiver that Buffalo has decided to bid adieu without so much as a tender offer this offseason. Donald Jones was also set to become a restricted free agent, but, like Nelson, was told that the team would be moving in other directions.

The Jones decision was impacted by a medical condition that kept him unavailable near the end of the season. Health is also a factor for Nelson, who tore his ACL in the season opening loss to the Jets last season. Nelson had 61 catches out of the slot for the Bills in 2011, but the team is obviously overhauling their receiving corps under new coach Doug Marrone and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

Of the six receivers who will be on the roster after March 12, Stevie Johnson and Brad Smith are the only ones with extensive experience while T.J. Graham is coming off his rookie year. Smith hasn’t been used as a traditional receiver all that month in his career, which is another way of saying that the Bills will be in the market for a lot of help at that spot the offseason.

13 responses to “Bills won’t tender David Nelson

  1. Letting go of Nelson is a mistake. He was injured in training camp and should be healthy by now. Another team will get a talented and young, 3rd receiver with good hands and solid blocking skills. He’s not fast, but he’s big and has a good, hard-working attitude.

    He’s not quite starting material, but he’s better than most teams have at their 3rd receiver position, and better than some teams at their 2nd position.

  2. Also, on a somewhat related note – I’d like to thank everyone else for finally catching up to me on Matt Barkley.

    I’ve been saying Barkley lacked the velocity to play in the NFL for several years and have been getting routinely ripped on. Now it’s what everyone and their mother thinks.

  3. “Letting go of Nelson is a mistake.”

    The Bills making a personnel error. What’s new?

    Nelson isn’t the answer on the opposite end of Stevie, but he’s a very good slot guy the Bills could have kept on the cheap. Why not bring him back? Easy answer – it’s the Bills.

    My prediction is that the Bills will pass on Geno Smith (who will be a star in the NFL) and wind up with some late round “project” QB.

    When was the last time a quarterback with the “project” label worked out in the NFL? The “project” label basically means this – “this guy totally sucks, but he has intriguing physical tools and because of that we hope one day he won’t suck.”

    Yeah right.

  4. I like this move even doe some people won’t agree with it,but I think that was the right call. There good WR in this year draft. So Buddy Nix and their rest knows what they doing…. In other words,I wish David Nelson the best of luck in his football career,just not against his old team AKA Bills

  5. @trbowman last time a prohect qb worked out? hmm.. uh… Aaron Rodgers, Andy Dalton, Russell Wilson & Colin Kapernick (sp?). Did I miss anyone? This us just off the top of my head.

  6. He will still be a Bill. He would be getting a significant pay raise on a tendered offer, something that makes sense for the Bills not to do considering he is coming off of a significant knee injury. This gives him the option to test the market and for the Bills to offer something that is a bit more to their liking. I really doubt Marrone and Buddy are cutting ties with him soley because they “are moving in another direction.” If that’s the case, I really question the desire to be succesful of this new regime. You can’t hit reset with guys like Byrd and Levitre hitting the market and guys like Mario tying up a huge amount of cap space. Is this team bad? Yes, but it was alot more about the play from the QB position and scheme alignments on both sides of the ball, and not the other 17-19 individuals that started for this team. The core is here, we got some pretty good guys to roam the sidelines, now lets fill in the blanks and start the upswing.

  7. I think this is also a mistake, a cheap #3 wr in the slot option who produced well 2 years ago. no one thought Nelson was all they needed to compliment Stevie to make a good receiving core. Everyone knows they need a deep threat too, but thats not what Nelson is. I don’t like this move. On another note, saying that they’ll pass on Geno Smith is far fetched. I suppose if any team would be the favorite to do so it would be Buffalo, but everyone and their brother knows Buffalo needs a QB. If the Bills were even lucky enough to have Geno around when they pick, which is a big and fairly unlikely if, I have a hard time believing they would pass on hi,.

  8. Tom Brady will enjoy having him up in New England. Bad personnel move Mr Nix. Nelson is a hard working, tall, sure handed Receiver that can be kept on the roster for cheap. Now he will go to a rival, where he will catch 90 passes for 1800 yards and 9td’s. Bad move Buffalo.

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