Cheesecake analogy could lead to quarterbacks going earlier than expected

Getty Images

With no clear-cut franchise quarterbacks at the top of the draft pool, the talk in league circles continues to be that quarterbacks won’t go highly in 2013.

Some, including Chiefs G.M. John Dorsey, have suggested that none of the current crop of quarterbacks are worthy of being taken in round one.  (With the Chiefs holding the top pick in round two, we can understand why Dorsey would prefer to see all 32 teams pass on the passers.)  Other opinions vary widely and wildly, with many believing that only West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith has a shot at being taken in the first round.

We think it’s easy for teams to say that now, but things will change once the picks start being made.  Like a guy insisting throughout dinner that he won’t get cheesecake for dessert, it becomes all talk once they wheel out the cart.  I ran that theory by Mike Mayock of NFL Network during Friday’s PFT Live, and he didn’t immediately call me a lunatic for suggesting it.  (Then again, maybe he was being polite.)

Still, plenty of teams will need quarterbacks in round one, and when it’s time to make the picks the question of whether there’s better “value” in using the pick on someone else and waiting to get a quarterback later won’t matter.  The teams will need quarterbacks now — and they’ll go get them.

Just like that cheesecake.

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