Cowboys offer to Spencer will be “much less than he is going to take”

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If the Cowboys bring back linebacker/defensive end in their new 4-3 scheme Anthony Spencer back in 2013, it will be because he was willing to give the team a discount.

That was the message from owner Jerry Jones when asked about the team’s chances of retaining Spencer. Jones’ son Stephen said this week that the team hadn’t ruled out a $10.6 million franchise tag, but his father basically did that when he said that he had a contract offer in mind for Spencer that “is much less than he is going to take” home in free agency this offseason.

While Jones didn’t totally rule out Spencer’s return on a “reasonable” contract, he said that teams can’t have it all and that was one of several indications that the team has already started considering other options.

“With what he’s likely to make, we’re going to be able to take that and really help our team either with him or maybe with a couple of other players,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News.

It would take some serious creativity with the rest of the salary cap to find a way to keep Spencer around for another season and Jones’ comments are the clearest sign yet that the Cowboys aren’t going to try too hard to make that happen.

10 responses to “Cowboys offer to Spencer will be “much less than he is going to take”

  1. All along I have felt that Spencer will get an offer in free agency that Dallas can not or will not be able to offer. With an all pro season, Spencer priced himself out Jerry’s price range. I think it means Dallas goes for a DE in the first round. Ansah perhaps?

  2. Buyer beware. Spencer has under-performed for most of his career until he was in a contract year.

  3. Why would he leave a perennial championship contender?
    Sorry, my mind re-wound to the mid 90’s there for a second.

  4. db3300, you’re not quite right that Spencer has “underperformed”. He was a bit raw coming out of college, and has improved steadily over his career. He was a part-time pass-rusher (as expected) his first couple of years, then he developed into a starting-caliber player who wasn’t quite the pass-rusher hoped. Two years ago he took another (subtle) step forward, and he really blossomed this season. His career has be trending upwards from the start…he’s hardly the first player who took time to develop.

    It also doesn’t help that Spencer’s greatest strength (run stopping) doesn’t net the stats that people notice. Scouts knew he was improving even when the numbers didn’t show it, and now we know he’s a very good player.

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