Gary Kubiak was “impressed” by Manti Te’o meeting

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During his Saturday press conference, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o said that every team he’s spoken to has asked him to explain his part in the girlfriend hoax that has become synonymous with his name.

That includes the Texans, who, along with the Packers, were named as two of the 20 teams that have set up formal interviews with Te’o. The meeting with the Texans has already gone down and coach Gary Kubiak confirmed that the team came at him with questions about the incident. Kubiak said that Te’o handled them and the rest of the conversation well enough to leave the coach impressed.

“Everybody wants to check his sincerity and see if you can trust him,” Kubiak said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “He just said, ‘Here’s my story’ and told us. He answered our questions. He wasn’t defensive. He stood his ground, wasn’t gunshy. Lot of poise. He had it under control. He’s ready to move forward. I was impressed with the young man.”

Te’o seems to have come up with a handle on how to approach questions about his foray into the world of virtual romance. Teams may still find something to dislike about his behavior or decision making or the potential distractions that Te’o now brings to the table, but he’s quieted some concerns on that front. Now he’s just got to iron out any lingering concerns about his play after he and the rest of the Irish got steamrolled by Alabama in the National Championship game.

9 responses to “Gary Kubiak was “impressed” by Manti Te’o meeting

  1. “He stood his ground, wasn’t gunshy.”

    On the other hand when it comes to actual, you know, football, Kubiak probably needs to go watch the national championship game.

  2. Not shocked Teo interviewed well. Seems like a skilled, pathological liar to me…Either way, speed and getting off blocks is concern enough

  3. There’s always some team stupid enough to waste a high draft pick on an overhyped player. Reggie Bush. Mark Ingram. Ryan Leaf. Tim Couch. This guy hasn’t shown he can stand up to NFL caliber lines. Deserves an opportunity but probably wouldn’t spend a first round pick on him.

  4. Can’t see him in first, but next to Cush and hopefully a Jesse Williams type bruiser to clog and press the middle, I like Minter. I don’t get why everyone thinks we should go for wr, but I don’t see that much of a dropoff where they could pick up talent a little later. Don’t forget, we were close to the top for a good part of the season, if we had a lock down defense, we wouldn’t have to put up 30+ every game. I ‘d still like to see them give Brandon Brooks a tryout at the nose he ran a 4.7! He must know all the moves since he defends them.
    I put a bug in Wadesboro tweeter. Lol

  5. Obviously simple things amuse the simple mind of the texan’s head coach. I hope that a team from texas gets shafted drafting Moron Manti. Te’o is just another overhyped player from overhyped Notre Lame. Hopefully the texans will also pick up Tiny Tim Teblow, him and Manti would be perfect for each other.

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