Jacoby Jones will dance with the stars


Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones won a Super Bowl and arguably should have been named the MVP of the game.  For his encore, he’ll join the cast of Dancing With The Stars.

The announcement was made in a commercial break during the Academy Awards of the Oscars or whatever in the hell they want us to call it now.

Jones and the rest of the cast for the upcoming tournament will be announced on Tuesday.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Ravens react to the situation.  If Jones is successful, he’ll miss a big chunk of the offseason program — which could make the Ravens at least consider dumping his $3 million salary, if they don’t like the idea of Jones missing “voluntary” offseason work.

Last year, Giants receiver Victor Cruz opted not to join Dancing With The Stars in order to avoid any distractions from football.  And then he said “yes” to pretty much every other off-field opportunity.